Join me, Jack Butala, as I interview Seth Williams of Seth has been a long time rural land real estate investor in the Midwest. We talk about sending letters to property owners of unwanted land and getting a great response and great deals.


    • Why we get the best deals in land and why its so easy now.
    • Seth’s 15 warning signs not to do a deal.
    • What have learned from Pat Flynn.
    • What we get out of helping students.
    • Send the right mailer. Seth and I do it differently
    • Get the right data.
    • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
    • Don’t quit your job, yet. It will happen soon enough.
    • Buy land cheap, sell it for more.
    • BiggerPockets is a great learning environment.
    • Asking “Why” to get the truth.
    • Mr Money Mustache Blog – .
    • Helping people and making enough money to live well is our goal.



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  1. Great podcast Steve! Super glad you were able to interview Seth. I\’ve been a follower of his for sometime and it was great listening to the banter back and forth and comparing notes. Great show that I\’ll be adding to the reply list. Thanks again for the content and look forward to the academy opening up!

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