LandWatch Signature Account Update

After a few months of quiet enjoyment and success by all pro-members, management at LandWatch declared this no longer available to us, citing that a “membership” account is not acceptable within their company policy.

They admitted no wrongdoing on LandAcademy’s part, and that their in-house account representative went rogue against the LandWatch company policy.


We have prepped LandStay (our e-commerce land sales website for years and years) to receive LandAcademy members’ available properties. Eight LandAcademy members were invited to post their properties as of 10/5/2016 and are doing so nicely.

When it is complete, all pro members will be invited to post their properties on our LandStay site as a benefit of LandAcademy membership. We are preparing to drive increased quality traffic to the site via Facebook, scheduled banner ads on LandWatch and LandAndFarm, plus many other places all over the internet.