Offers2Owners is LIVE & Ready

For those of you who have sent mailers through Land Academy, you will be happy to know that LetterStream is still our print/mail service provider. We all appreciate the quality and speed of their service and that is not changing.
So what is changing?
Offers2Owners, the industry’s leading offer-to-print-to-mail provider, is now here and ready to help you. Our original agreement with LetterStream was always for Offers2Owners to be the hub for all customers and to provide assistance with all aspects of printing/mailing your offers.
  • ZERO set up fee!
  • Document Ready – $0.53/unit (You are 100% ready with your PDF file *OR* need help getting your ready data and mailer merged.)
  • Full Service – $0.99/unit (We pull assessor DATA & complete document for you. Cost of data INCLUDED!)
Are you 100% ready to submit for printing now?
1. Register for a FREE account (HERE) 
2. Upload your documents
3. Submit your online payment
4. Watch for email confirmation
Feel free to call 800-725-8816 or drop us a note at