Profile of Land Academy Members with Sr Manager Erin Spence (LA 1091)

Profile of Land Academy Members with Sr Manager Erin Spence (LA 1091)


Steven Butala:                   Steven here. Welcome to the Land Academy Show, entertaining land investment talk. I’m Steven Jack Butala broadcasting from sunny Southern California. Today I talk once again with our Senior Manager for Land Academy, Erin Spence and we catch up with what matters to our current Land Academy members this week, anyway. Hello Erin.

Erin Spence:                       Hi.

Steven Butala:                   I see you have some notes written down. What crazy interesting/pain in the butt stuff has happened this past week with our Land Academy member?

Erin Spence:                       I know I spent a lot of last week complaining about members, but I don’t have anything this week. It’s all been really, really positive.

Steven Butala:                   Good. Excellent. I’ll tell you listener, Erin and I had done not talk before the show. So whatever she says is just as much of a surprise to me as it is to everybody listening or watching which is pretty much par for the course because the owner of these companies, which is me shouldn’t really know what goes on.

Erin Spence:                       I agree. I think it’s easier for everyone.

Steven Butala:                   All it does is create more work. If I know what goes on and I’m like, well maybe we can solve it this way. And everyone just puts their head down and says, “What is he going to say next? What do we have to do next?” So what’s going on with our members this week?

Erin Spence:                       Well, there are lots of things happening. I think, I know we talked about this a little bit a couple of days ago, but I think between the live event and we had an influx a couple of months ago, some people signing up, so I think they’re finally getting everything in gear. But we have had, customer service is at an all time high, but in a very positive way. People are doing things, there are people who hadn’t logged in in awhile that are needing help getting back on track with everything. Aaron and Amy, their phones have been blowing up, but it’s all great. There’s nothing we have to complain about.

Steven Butala:                   That’s great. Maybe your little talk worked?

Erin Spence:                       I hope so. Our staff told me on the side that they were very proud of it. So I’m glad.

Steven Butala:                   If you as listener, don’t know, we just came off of our live event last weekend or I guess it was two weekends ago was it two weekends ago?

Erin Spence:                       Yeah.

Steven Butala:                   Wow. Yeah. So we had a fantastic response. I wrote a little bit about it in the newsletter and I think this is our first time recording since then because we try to get ahead. But man, we had a great positive response from all the members there and I guess we, we let out on social media a little bit what was happening there. We got a real positive response there. So I’ll tell you the truth is when I go into something like this, especially a live event, there’s not a lot of rehearsal that goes on. We had a lot of other speakers from our membership group. I don’t know what they’re going to say. I don’t know how bad it’s going to be, or good it’s going to be. It really came out really well this year away. My gauge is was it better than last year and it was.

Erin Spence:                       Absolutely, with a resounding yes.

Steven Butala:                   What’s the positive and negative feedback that you’ve gotten from our members through your channels?

Erin Spence:                       So positive has been just been so much. Everyone got a whole lot out of it, especially building your business and the technology aspect. I think that the advanced member Q&A was probably the most valuable for people and we also broadcasted about half of that live. So we allowed other people see the advanced Q&A too which was great and we’ve had a lot of people who aren’t members even messaging in just saying thank you. I know that the connections were the big thing or was the big positive thing-

Steven Butala:                   As always.

Erin Spence:                       Which is what we told, whenever people asked us is if it’s going to be the same as last year and things like that. I mean first off the answer’s no, it’s very different. But then also the connections are the big thing and the business partnerships. There are people who are working together already and sending mail out that never would have met.

Steven Butala:                   Right. One of my big takeaway from the whole thing in listening to the advanced member a Q&A is how different all of our business models are. Joe and I have this very, what I think is a very specific business model actually two types of property, maybe three that we specialize in and buy. After listening to what our advanced members, what these guys are talking about, I’m like, well wait a minute, we could add this product line to our whole thing pretty easily. We’ve got this stuff in place. Then I obviously identified like everybody else there where the holes are in our existing operation and how to plug them based on what the advanced members are talking about. So I didn’t expect to get anything out of this. I expected to be the ringleader and it’s was exactly the opposite. I think that, I think we all as a group, including Joe and I, I can’t speak for Joe, but for me for sure, got more out of the advanced membership talk then they probably got from us.

Erin Spence:                       I learned so much. It was incredible.

Steven Butala:                   So what’d you learn?

Erin Spence:                       Well Joe Martins’ thing, I know we all thought was incredible. Just the way he does data and I can’t wait to incorporate that in some way. That’s incredible. Also seeing Luke Smith’s walk through and see how he does things differently and then the Matt Rogers agent aspect, that’s not something… I’ve never really thought about doing things that way. Our staff in particular was very interested in Mike Marshall’s development deals actually.

Steven Butala:                   Yeah, yeah, I’m interested in that also. Joe, to just really just summarize, Joe Martins’ whole concept is do one deal or two deals, one or two deals a month, but make them count, make them make between 30 and $80,000 net and so you multiply that times 12, it’s a great living. Matt Rogers whole thing to summarize again, is only buy property that’s been reviewed and approved by a local real estate agent that knows the market way better than you and then give the guy the listing and it has to be a land broker. Then who’s the third person you just mentioned that was?

Erin Spence:                       Luke?

Steven Butala:                   Luke, so I don’t know, I never really don’t know what goes on in Luke’s brain. If you don’t know Luke Smith has a very, very popular land sales YouTube show, you should check it out actually. It’s called But what was his pull point do you think?

Erin Spence:                       I think the JIRA walkthrough was really helpful for people, even though we don’t use JIRA, but everyone’s trying to find the right a system that works for them.

Steven Butala:                   CRM, yeah.

Erin Spence:                       So I think just seeing another example is very helpful.

Steven Butala:                   It’s a classic example of something that I never thought would be a problem for anyone. There’s Salesforce out there, there’s all these pre-packaged CRMs and they’re just never enough for what we do. Because we buy these properties, on the buy side there’s a whole set of things that you have to do on the buy side on the acquisition with a set of different people. Then on the sell side you have to go do it, it’s not like a regular product sales scenario, like an eCommerce scenario. It’s two sided. So the regular CRMs just never seem to, especially for people who are running a lot of properties through there, there’s just not a [inaudible 00:06:52] commerce let’s say solution.

Steven Butala:                   So our advanced members, many of them just like, well Luke’s a great example, took a product that was designed for IT management, project management and made it work for, or so we think, it looked like it. It looked like it. It really did look like that. So what else is going on in the front? Like let’s say this week-ish? Has the week cleared?

Erin Spence:                       Not yet.

Steven Butala:                   Really?

Erin Spence:                       No. People are still going hard at it. I’m sure you’ll hear it from Omar too, but [inaudible 00:07:25] customer service and Land Academy customer service are crazy right now, but all positive, there hasn’t been anything negative where I have to step in and help. It’s all been… people have been very nice, just trying to get mail out, it’s awesome.

Steven Butala:                   I know, I looked at, not our numbers, I watch our numbers every day and all the lines and companies and offers to owners and Land Academy itself are both way up way. Way up from last month and I figured last month because the live event and all the hoopla and all the social media, just the buzz. I thought it would be, I thought we’d have a calm month, but that’s just not what’s happening.

Erin Spence:                       I’m thinking it might be an end of the year type of thing too because that’s how I am with our land business right now. I’m trying to kick it up a little bit, so can definitely see that.

Steven Butala:                   Well that’s good. Well my takeaway from that is the live event motivated people.

Erin Spence:                       Absolutely.

Steven Butala:                   So in a sentence or in one sentence that’s what I wanted. That’s what we were going for. I asked every person that I spoke with individually, I asked him some version of this like, are you getting out of this event what you want? Everybody overwhelmingly said yes. I don’t know, it didn’t seem like they were blowing smoke.

Erin Spence:                       No. We put a survey out, like an optional survey and we’ve gotten awesome things back.

Steven Butala:                   Okay great.

Erin Spence:                       [inaudible 00:08:43] English just sent one that I’m going to send you guys who was really sweet and super positive.

Steven Butala:                   Awesome. Join us next time for another interesting episode and we answer your questions posted on the online community,, it’s free. You are not alone in your real estate ambition.

Steven Butala:                   Anything else you want to add in the after show Erin? Any PSAs or anything?

Erin Spence:                       No. I think that’s it. I’m happy with how it went this week.

Steven Butala:                   Awesome. Hey, wherever you’re watching or wherever you’re listening, please subscribe and rate us there. I’m Steven Butala. Information, there’s not much inspiration today without Joe to buy undervalued property.

Erin Spence:                       Thanks!


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