Land Academy Intensives





If you have ever wanted to work alongside Steven Jack Butala and Jill DeWit to really focus in on the areas that they’re best at, this is the place.

Each program is three weeks of intensive training. Check out each session’s focus and weekly agenda below, featuring live demos and more. 

Steven Jack Butala’s “Get Your Mailer Out”

Starts November 3rd at 3 pm PT. Runs weekly (Wednesdays) at the same time for three weeks.
  • Week 1 – Choosing a County Updated for 2021 – November 3rd
    • What’s possible? Let’s do the math for financial outcome.
    • Targeting a market according to our desired financial outcome… (Featuring trolling for viable markets in and, the updated RGY Test, and adding “Market Hotness.”)
    • Testing County or Zip Code viability in DataTree.
    • Adding Counties or Zip Codes for diversification.
  • Week 2 – Mailer Set Up, Getting Everything Ready to Send – November 10th
    • Basics of a “Mailer Merge.”
    • Setting up your mailer using our tested template
    • Difference between constants & variables in your mailer
    • Trolling your dataset for potentially helpful exceptions
  • Week 3 – Pricing, Get it in the Mail! – November 17th
    • Assigning for zip codes to each property (Featuring a demo on converting GPS to zip code)
    • Finding “For Sale” and “Sold Comparison” Values (Featuring a demo on scraping Zillow using VAs)
    • Putting the Retail Pricing into your Mailer
    • Pricing Your Mailer by zip code
    • Testing for Reason

How Jill DeWit Gets Deals Done

Starts November 2nd at 3 pm PT. Runs weekly (Tuesdays) at the same time for three weeks.
  • Week 1 – What’s important here (when talking with sellers) – November 2nd
    • What are we trying to accomplish?
    • Quickly forge a relationship with the seller – they need to trust you.
    • Find out “if” owner wants to sell property.
    • Get details of property and get on the same page about a sales price.
    • (Demo on what to ask + my scripts!)
  • Week 2 – Calls Deconstructed – November 9th
    • Listen to Jill’s REAL calls. We will deconstruct them together so you can learn how to be a phone superstar. (Live demos!)
    • Point out seller tone, mood, signals that will help you.
    • Chat about how to react and use that information to reach an agreement
    • This is arguably more important than selling, as you first have to “buy it right.” (Makes selling much easier!)
  • Week 3 – How You Can be the Ultimate Jill (Selling!) – November 16th
    • What do I do that is different from everyone else?
    • Scripts and wording tips
    • Is this property even a good fit for this buyer?
    • How to Jillify ANY situation. (My formula and practice goals for you.)
    • Walk away prepared for any callss.