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You are Not Alone in your REal Estate Ambition


packaged for success

Membership includes the Land Academy 1.0; Cash Flow from Land (CFFL) & Land Academy 2.0; Infill Lots Professional Education Programs with supporting tools. Together they are all you need to succeed.

results driven

We believe learning with the tools yields better and faster results the same way a musician learns to play the guitar with one in his hands, rather than reading about it or watching someone else do it.

tools we use

Our Tools include an ever-growing collection of acquisition, engineering and sales resources. We have been using the exact same tools to buy and sell property for decades, and now alongside our members.

support you need

Hundreds of our members are buying and selling unwanted vacant rural land this week along with our real-time online community support.

Choose the perfect plan



Land Academy Pro 1.0; Cash Flow From Land

Land Academy Pro 2.0; Infill Lots

Podcast (The Land Academy Show)

Online Community – LandInvestors.com

Continuing Education – Training Videos

Weekly Webinar w/ Steven & Jill 

Data Access – RealQuest Pro*, TitlePro 24/7*, ParcelFact.com

Acquisition Tools – CountyWise, DealBoard, InfillReports.com*

Sales Tools – LandPin.com, DeedPerfect.com

Admin Tools – PatLive Phone Service, Heartland Credit Card Processing

Discounted Mailers – Offers2Owners.com

Discounted Consulting w/ Steven & Jill*

Coming Soon – LandTank.com* **, TitleMind.com* **, House Academy**, and more!


Our Entire Business Model


Basic Access

Basic Access

Invitation to One Beginner Webinar

Land Academy PRO

1.0 + 2.0 Educational Programs

($2,400 one-time + $250/mo***)

Pro Access

(coming soon!)

* Access to the product is included with check marked membership level. An additional cost is associated with the use of the product and is not covered by monthly membership. For example, included with all paid membership levels is access to national RealQuest Pro. There is an charge of .10 cents per downloaded record (this is the additional cost associated with use).

** Check websites to sign-up for notifications about release dates.

***This is a 12 month rolling subscription contract. You are committing to 12 months of membership.

Frequently asked questions

The Land Academy 1.0; Cash Flow From Land (CFFL) education package has been combined with the tools that you need to succeed in this business to make what we call “Membership.” As of November 23, 2018, the newest educational program, Land Academy 2.0; Infill Lots is also included in Membership for new and existing members.

We have created two levels of membership: Green and Pro. Green is free. Pro is $250 per month.

Each level includes more professional grade tools to help our members complete real estate investment transactions effectively and efficiently. They are designed to save you time and money, (i.e. replace staff and software fees). We do not provide the tools without the education and vice versa. New members must purchase 1.0; CFFL with the monthly subscription tools bundled together and called “Membership.” If you have purchased the 1.0; CFFL program already and want to become a member please contact support@landacademy.com.

Land Academy membership is a monthly subscription service that provides you with access to the real estate data the pros use along with deeply discounted mail services. It includes RealQuest Pro access, TitlePro247 access, DeedPerfect access (generate deeds instantly and automatically), Offers2Owners mailer discount (the cheapest mailings for our business type), a LandInvestors upgraded account, DealBoard access, free ParcelFact.com access with unlimited pulls, an account on LandPin to list unlimited properties for sale, access to a credit card processor, PatLive answering service discounts, and access to CountyWise and InfillReports. In addition, it comes with advanced level support via weekly calls, property discounts, and deal opportunities.

Yes, property flipping has proven itself to be a lucrative investment time and time again. We have completed 15,000+ documented purchases and sales of property since 1999. You need professional grade education, tools, and support. Land Academy provides all three in a no-stone-left-unturned approach, and all of the tools we use every day are made available to our members. So yes, property flipping works as long as you have the education and tools to succeed.

Yes. See the Land Academy online support community LandInvestors for real time examples of our members flipping property for themselves under our umbrella and direction. Please feel free to reach out to them individually or post on the site. You can also view Member Testimonials HERE.

We have completed thousands of transactions since 1999 and this is our way of giving back. The more we work together, the more profitable and enjoyable this way of life is for all of us involved with the Land Companies. One of our goals is to create educated partners so we can do more real estate deals – we want to work with you!

We all have a different take on the best way to find/sell land. Our strategy is to make this a business, not send out small batches or hand write letters and deal with individual counties one by one. Over the last few years we have created and provided tools for everything from the best data on the planet, cheap in-house mail, parcel finding tools, and everything in between. These are the same tools that we use to be successful – and we want to share them with you!

See our Mission Statement.

More Questions? Click the Buoy Icon in the lower right corner or Send Us A Message in the lower left corner. More FAQs.

Our members say

"Flipping land and doubling your money sounded crazy but the more I read into it I realized other people were doing it successfully and with general ease. I decided that this business is the ultimate real estate model. It is mobile, the model itself is extremely straightforward, it can be applied to other types of real estate, and the profits are abnormally large for the low amount of risk taken. With how much of the work that is easily delegated to others, the creative ways to do deals, and the amount of deals that can be done (scalability), the earning potential really has no ceiling."
Christian Stahlberg Land Academy Member
Christian stahlberg
JM Land Solutions, LLC
"The first few steps of any journey are always the most daunting... A map can help show you the way, but a guide stays with you until you reach your destination. With Land Academy, I found not only my map, but Steven, Jill ...and a few hundred successful, former, student members on their forum; willing to help, partner, and collaborate with me and one another towards everyone's mutual benefit and success. Short of choosing to pursue my wife, joining Land Academy may be the best decision I ever made."
Neil Palmquist Land Academy Member
Neil Palmquist
Premier RE Investments, Inc.
"To put it short and sweet - I have taken several different land investing courses, so I think I'm qualified to say Land Academy's course will get you up and running way before any other course out there. To be clear, when you sign up [for membership] you get a lot more than just the course. You get access to the best tools in the industry, for the cheapest rates you can find in the industry, and you get that and much more, only if you are a member of Land Academy."

Noam Ofan
Real Estate Investor
"Thank you to Steven, Jill and the whole Land Academy staff. I have always believed in real estate investing but could never seem to figure out how to make it work for me. That all changed when I got involved with Land Academy. In the 13 months that I have been buying land, I have purchased 111 properties, sold 73 and have 38 properties in inventory. I have a god day job that pays very well, and I have made more money in the first 6 months of 2018 than I will all year at my day job. Thanks, Steven & Jill. You have changed my family's life more than you can imagine."
Curtis Eickenloff
Shelby Land Deals

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