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Steven Jack Butala and Jill DeWit, known professionally as “Jack & Jill” are founders of Land Academy and the BuWit Family of Companies. Together with 20+ years of experience and over 16,000 completed transactions, they’ve paved the way for Land Academy members and now share their business processes and methods for easily making lots of money. Jack & Jill have dedicated their careers to building an elite group of land investors that are well educated, well informed, and well supported.

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"Today I went to the bank and wired in the PAY-OFF amount for my home mortgage (30 year loan, paid off in 8 years.) I pulled the last few thousand $$ I needed from my land business account. Thank you everyone for your support and information to enable me to do reach this goal!"

Frequently Asked Questions

We get this question a lot and the answers are extremely individualized. Depending on how much time you dedicate to the education and creating and sending a mailer, you could be making money very soon! Once you’ve sent your first mailer, you can expect to start receiving responses in approximately 3-4 weeks. Remember, for those deals you can’t yet afford, the Land Academy community is always willing to help with funding!  

Other than the education, one of the most valuable resources included in the Land Academy membership is 24/7 access to your peers through the Land Academy channel on Discord. If you cannot find the answer in the education, you can find the answer on Discord. Members support one another and provide feedback on various topics. Any time you hit a bump in the road, your peers and Land Academy staff are there to help you through!  

Yes, you can start land investing on the side and keep your full-time job and many of our members do just that until they feel financially stable and confident enough to let go of their nine to five. There is a learning curve in the beginning that you’ll want to dedicate some time to but once you get the hang of it and have your business processes in place, you’ll spend less time working.  

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