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  • I was blown away by the amount of authentic, genuine, real-world expertise Jack and Jill provided on their podcast and free education. But what they provide and continue to update inside the membership is absolutely priceless. In my first month implementing their land investment program, I have purchased 7 parcels worth over $35,000 for only $5950!

    Tom Deeter
  • Land Academy is an amazing and life changing resource for someone who wants to be his own boss and loves real estate. I was lucky to find Jack and Gills podcast. I immediately purchased their $10 000 for month cash flow for life program, which will show you exactly how to start in this business. Jack and Jill’s podcast motivates me to keep going daily. I’m in the middle of finishing my first four 40 acre land deals. This guys are amazing pros and motivators! Thank you Jill and Jack!

    Milan Stolicny
  • For many of the real estate courses on the market, you are left with missing pieces to the puzzle. I was introduced to you all by my best friend and business partner (different venture), in our first 2 months involved with LA, we have acquired 7 properties between the 2 of us and have only slowed down to catch our bearings on the process. People laugh at me when I say how easy it is… while they laugh, I’ll keep buying property!

    Justin J. Sliva

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