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Land,, Using Membership Tools and How to Get Help

New Name – Same Great Education and Tools

The Cash Flow from Land (CFFL) education program has been combined with the Data2Doorstep tools and renamed “Membership.”

We have created levels of membership: Green and Silver. Green is free. Silver is $250 per month and replaces data2doorstep (you don’t need both, they are the same). Details are here.

Each level includes more professional grade tools to help our members complete real estate investment transactions effectively and efficiently. They are designed to save you time and money, i.e,(replace staff and software fees).  We no long longer provide the tools without the education and vice versa. New members must purchase the Land Academy Education Programs with the monthly subscription tools bundled together and called “Membership.” If you previously purchased the Cash Flow From Land program and want to become a member please email for the link.

The Big Picture

Yes, property flipping has proven itself to be a lucrative investment time and time again. We have completed 15,000+ documented purchases and sales of property since 1999. You need professional grade education, tools, and support. Land Academy provides all three in a no-stone-left-unturned approach, and all of the tools we use every day are made available to our members. So yes, property flipping works as long as you have the education and tools to succeed.

Yes. See the Land Academy online support community LandInvestors for real time examples of our members flipping property for themselves under our umbrella and direction. Please feel free to reach out to them individually or post on the site.

Yes. There are tens of millions of parcels of land for potential purchase. We teach how to identify the unwanted ones and contact the owners with an offer to purchase. There is no real competitive overlapping among our group.

I had this question when I started out also. Years of research has resulted in these facts: there are tens of millions of properties to purchase and in 15+ years I’ve only spoken with a few owners who say that they have received other offers.

We release new products frequently. All of them are at our existing customer’s requests including the first one “Cash Flow From Land.”

We have completed thousands of transactions since 1999 and this is our way of giving back. The more we work together, the more profitable and enjoyable this way of life is for all of us involved with the Land Companies. One of our goals is to create educated partners so we can do more real estate deals.

We have successful members who have started with $500-$1000 and we have members who have access to limitless financial resources. Both seem to end up in the same financial position at the same time. It’s about ambition more than money.

Members can submit deals to Land Academy to see if Steven would like to partner on it. We review transactions from members just the same way we review them from any source and in the order they are received. Please post the deal on the Land Academy DealBoard. This can be found by visiting, and selecting the “DealBoard” menu item. To post, select the posting button in the upper right. Fill in the title and posting. Make sure that you make it clear that you are looking to partner a deal, and include the state, county, GPS coordinates, APN, acreage, purchase price, budgeted sale price, and any other pertinent information. Any submissions lacking vital information will not be reviewed. Land Academy will review deals, and this also makes your deal available to the many other members who are looking to invest and partner deals. Please update your posting if you find someone to partner your deal. Members, feel free to reach out to posters if you are interested in partnering the deal.

Many members want to have Steven look over a deal or their data for approval or advice, or have some other consulting need. Deal Reviews and Data Reviews are available to Land Academy members for a discounted rate. All of this can be done here. First, you will need to “check out” for the consulting. After submitting the page, you will book a time slot with Steven that fits your needs. When you are entering details, make sure that you enter the full information (state, county, APN, size, purchase price, budgeted sale price, other pertinent information) and include as many details as possible. Also include any specific questions you may have. The call will be done via audio Skype, and may be recorded.  Then look out for contact from Steven at your scheduled time! You can also reach Steven’s consulting from the LandAcademy website by hovering over “Resources” then “Education” and selecting the “Steven’s Deal/Data Review” option. Please note that consultations with Steven are available on a first-come, first-served basis and that he conducts them on Thursday mornings.

Many members also wish to do consulting with Jill, and tap into her specific expertise. Consulting with Jill is available to Land Academy members for a discounted rate. This can be scheduled here. First, you will need to “check out” for the consulting. After submitting the page, you will book a time slot with Jill that fits your needs. When you are doing the booking, make sure you include all of the information necessary for the call, and any questions or topics you would like to discuss with Jill. After submitting, watch for contact from Jill at your scheduled time! Some topics that Jill would love to talk to you about are: dealing with sellers, buyers, city/county representatives, creating options deals, running a business, and other support/guidance questions. You can also reach Jill’s consulting from the Land Academy website by hovering over “Resources” then “Education” and selecting the “Jill Consulting” option.

There is absolutely no advertising or solicitation of any kind permitted on Land Investors or the DealBoard. Any persons found soliciting or advertising services, products, etc. on any LandAcademy venue will be immediately removed.

The best way to ask just about any question is in, our online forum community. We have found that it’s a great way for land investors to share ideas, successes, failures, work-arounds and more — those who’ve been around longer like to help because they remember what it was like to be the new kid on the block. So, make sure you have an account and don’t be shy about posting any question! Another great way to get answers is by listening to our weekly calls and daily podcasts! We also have different consulting options available, as explained above.

Land Academy Education Programs & Membership

All Land Academy Education Programs are online! You get instant access through your Land Academy Dashboard as soon as you check out.

We have several educational programs: Land Academy; Cash Flow From Land, Land Academy 1.0; Rural Vacant Land, and Land Academy 2.0; Infill Lots. Please check our websites for the release of new programs. We produce and release them based on customer request.

Great! You’re learning a lot of new information and we expect questions. The best place to go for questions is This is our online learning community. It is very active, and many of your questions are probably already on there. Feel free to sign up with an account (it’s free!) and post your questions in the forums. You can also ask these questions on the weekly member calls that you are invited to as part of your membership. This is your time to ask any questions to Steven and Jill in an open forum Q&A setting.

We are happy to help and offer one on one consulting at discounted rates for our members. If you feel like you need more individualized support, you can schedule consulting with Steven or Jill. Please see the consulting and deal review/data review information above for how to schedule.

We are committed to your success and want to make sure you are satisfied with our products. We do also offer a buy-out option for the Membership program contract. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, our first step is to work together to get you what you need to ensure we meet your expectations. Simply email us at For details on this and more, please read our LandAcademy and Customer Mutual Agreement Terms and Conditions.

Member Call

We hold a live, free, weekly call for all Land Academy members. Every week Steven and Jill are there to share successes, cover hot topics, and provide extensive Q&A support. They are audio and visual along with visual aids. Go to a few minutes early to log in.

Every Thursday at 3pm Pacific Time for Land Academy members.

The weekly member call is open to all active Silver members. If you are interested in purchasing the program but haven’t yet, it’s possible to obtain a one-time invite to listen in on a call by submitting a request HERE.

Each member is provided access for one login. Of course, we understand you may have a partner or spouse involved and we welcome them to listen in with you, so long as they are all on your account logged in as the account holder, such as on a conference call.

Absolutely. All calls are recorded and made available to members in Land Investors in the “Member Calls” area. Recorded calls post the next day.

If you have a specific technical issue, contact They have a team that can troubleshoot very quickly and get you on the call.

Within the call, make sure that you are connected to the audio but that your microphone is muted. To communicate, simply type comments or questions into the text box on the right side of your screen, and make sure that it is directed to everyone. If Steven and Jill determine that your topic fits the flow of the call and should be discussed further, they might ask you to unmute yourself and talk with them! Otherwise, they will read questions from the text box out loud and answer as many as they can.

Membership & Tools

Land Academy membership (formerly Data2DoorStep) is a monthly subscription service that provides you with access to the real estate data the pros use along with deeply discounted mail services. It includes RealQuest access, TitlePro247 access, DeedPerfect access (generate deeds instantly and automatically), access, mailer discount, Land Investors upgraded access, DealBoard access, and Platinum Sellers Club Newsletters. In addition, it comes with advanced level support via weekly calls, property discounts, and deal opportunities.

Once enrolled in LA Membership, you’ll receive instant access to your Land Academy Dashboard. All logins and the educational programs can be found there.

If you are a PRO member and your account has not been upgraded, please email with your account information and we will be happy to upgrade it.

When you first sign up, you will be charged for your first month. Every month thereafter the monthly subscription fee will be automatically charged to the card you provided at the time of sign up. When you sign up, you agree to a twelve month contract. More details can be found in the terms and conditions.

We bill for RealQuest data/records downloaded every Monday using the credit card we have on file.

When you are pulling records, you can get pretty far before you are at the point where you pay for them. After you put in your search parameters and hit “continue” it will bring up your records. This is one place where you can scrub your data if you would like to. Then once you hit continue, you are taken to the screen where you can export the data. This is where if you continue past this and export your data, you will be charged. The program is still the same as when Steven goes through it in the Cash Flow from Land program, so some people find it helpful to look back and rewatch this section. When using RealQuest to look up specific properties, there are other things that you can purchase, such as the vesting deed. These documents are all billed directly by RealQuest when you are pulling it, and it will ask you to enter your credit card each time, as opposed to the records that are billed directly by Land Academy. If you haven’t exported any data (records) and you haven’t input your credit card (reports), you haven’t been charged anything.

Nothing is billed by LandAcademy for TitlePro24/7.

For TitlePro24/7, your membership entitles you to ten free property reports and three free online record downloads every month. Anything above that will be charged by TitlePro directly, nothing is billed by us. You can choose to put in your credit card each time or to purchase “data dollars”. Either way, it will give you a total and ask for your approval before every purchase. Again, if you haven’t input your credit card or purchased anything with “data dollars,”  you haven’t been charged anything.

All of the instruction needed can be found in the program. Membership is the collection of tools we use to purchase undervalued property. Like all tools, they come with instructions. The instructions are within the Cash Flow from Land program. Only with that foundation can RealQuest, bulk mail printing, and the other benefits of membership be effective. If you follow the DVDs (or videos online), Steven shares his screen and shows exactly how to pull lists and what options he selects. He goes over all of the optimal settings and information that pertains to what we teach at Land Academy. We’ve even had members who play the video on a screen next to them so they can pause and follow along and complete each step. There is a lot of information in there from students who have gone through the same thing (and us at Land Academy) and have shared their tips, steps, and even screenshots and videos. If you search key words like “RealQuest” or “CoreLogic” it brings up all pertinent postings. For example, this posting has a lot of information from some of our most successful students when they were just starting out with membership, and there are even videos posted and various tips and tricks. Feel free to post your own questions too! There is also a lot of information on YouTube and other places online if you want even more resources.

Instructions for Changing Membership Login Information

1. After logging in, click on “My Preferences.”
2. Choose the radio button that says “General.”
3. Click “Change Password for the current username logged in.”
4. Follow the prompts to change your password.

This error message simply means you have run out of the free reports that Land Academy provides each month for you. You can still use TitlePro24/7 in the same way, you will just be paying for the reports instead, so you will need to use the “Premium Reports” and “Premium Leads” sections instead of the “Property Search” and “Farm” sections. You can choose to either put in your credit card each time, or you can purchase “data dollars” to use so you don’t need to take your card out each time. Either way, it will give you a total and ask for your approval before every purchase. For TitlePro, if you haven’t input your credit card or purchased anything with “data dollars,” then you haven’t been charged anything. You can read more information about this in your New Member Guide.

If you aren’t receiving enough leads when you are trying to pull records from RealQuest, this is a setting you can change yourself. Instructions are below.

  1. Log in to your RealQuest account.
  2. Select the “My Preferences” tab on the top bar towards the right.
  3. Under the blue “Search” heading, find the bold “Select Your Map, Custom, and Foreclosure Search Options” section.
  4. Directly below that, change the “Maximum number of records to retrieve per search” field to a higher number. The max you can choose is 25000.

If you have problems with the data, the quickest solution is to contact the data vendor directly and to utilize all of the great information available within the data site. They have teams in place that can help you with most of your issues. They are the most knowledgeable since they work directly for the vendor, and are standing by waiting for calls so they will definitely provide the fastest solution. From technical issues to more specific questions to “How do I do…?” questions, they should always be your first point of contact. Also, review the basics from your Land Academy Education Programs. Many of your potential questions are covered in there, so make sure you review the sections you might be having issues with. is the next option for questions on the data because many members are actively using the data every day and can offer very helpful input. Search for questions similar to your own, and if you can’t find anything then feel free to post for help.

The source of the problem is not RealQuest, it’s MS Excel and specifically “Auto Scientific number formatting.” If you go to any given cell and get in edit mode (F2 in Windows) you will see the real value of the cell. Put this character ‘ in front of the value. It’s the apostrophe character next to the enter button on the key board. It formats the cell as “text” not a number so you can see and now use the data correctly.

BEFORE: 5.01E+11 (they are all like this in the sheet).

AFTER: 500734000000 (they are really all different).

Try downloading in CSV format or ASCII instead of the XLS*. With already downloaded data, there needs to be that apostrophe in front of the number in all of the cells. Take a look in Youtube about how to auto update excel fields using Macros.

The problem with this is rooted in Excel’s automatic conversion from ACSII delimited data to scientific formatting and then back to currency. To fix this, import the ASCII data from RealQuest into a .CSV file and NOT a .XLS file. Never convert to .XLS during the entire data dump to mailer process in Colorado.

Here is a graphic example:

Scientific formatting

If you have problems with SuccessPlant or PRO member, DealBoard, first check the announcement in the “Message Center” of your LandAcademy Dashboard. If there are any technical difficulties or problems that we are aware of, we’ll post about them in there first. Also make sure you log out and log back in and other simple solutions. If the problem persists, email us and we will get back to you with a solution.


Our members who use to complete their own deeds frequently ask some version of this question: I’m completing my deed and its says: “For good and valuable consideration of Ten Dollars ($10.00), the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged,” I or we…

“Consideration” in US legal terms is quite simply “something of value,” usually money. Believe it or not, we have seen “For love and affection” the receipt and sufficiency of which… and it is construed as valid “consideration.” It really was recorded.

In exchange for something of value, we are conveying this property to you.

The fact is this: You may include 1 (one) dollar, 10 (ten) dollars, or the actual price of the property and they are all acceptable the same way love and affection is acceptable as they are all “Good and Valuable Consideration.”

The actual price is not included on the deed simply for privacy reasons.

It’s rooted in tradition. 10 dollars has become the norm over 100s of years of property conveyance.

This day and age it’s simple (and legally required public knowledge) to find out any given property sale price. Back in the day, the deed was the only recorded document on county file to acknowledge the transfer of real property and laws and customs varied widely.

Disclaimer: This is Steve’s summary based on experience, research and opinion. You are encouraged to complete your own research and derive your own take-away.

Great! Please email with any problems you find, and we will work to get them fixed.