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"Land Academy has given me the ability to be financially free from the 9-5 rat race. After doing this full time for 15 months, I can say with confidence, that learning the business has given me more time to be involved with life outside of a job, and the confidence to know that I can make as much money as I possibly want."

"You are not alone in your real estate ambition."

"You are not alone in your real estate ambition."

"Thank you to Steven and Jill. I have always believed in real estate investing but could never seem to figure out how to make it work for me. That all changed when I got involved with Land Academy. In the 13 months that I have been buying land, I have purchased 111 properties, sold 73 and have 38 properties in inventory. I have a good day job that pays very well, and I have made more money in the first 6 months of 2018 than I will all year at my day job. Thanks, Steven & Jill. You have changed my family's life more than you can imagine."

Curtis Eickenloff
Curtis Eickenloff
Shelby Land Deals

"Flipping land and doubling your money sounded crazy but the more I read into it I realized other people were doing it successfully and with general ease. I decided that this business is the ultimate real estate model. It is mobile, the model itself is extremely straightforward, it can be applied to other types of real estate, and the profits are abnormally large for the low amount of risk taken. With how much of the work that is easily delegated to others, the creative ways to do deals, and the amount of deals that can be done, the earning potential really has no ceiling."
Christian Stahlberg
Christian Stahlberg
JM Land Solutions, LLC

"The first few steps of any journey are always the most daunting... A map can help show you the way, but a guide stays with you until you reach your destination. With Land Academy, I found not only my map, but Steven, Jill ...and a few hundred successful, former, student members on their forum; willing to help, partner, and collaborate with me and one another towards everyone's mutual benefit and success. Short of choosing to pursue my wife, joining Land Academy may be the best decision I ever made."

Neil Palmquist
Neil Palmquist
Premier RE Investments, Inc.

Hear Their Stories

Land Academy member, Luke Smith, talks about cutting out the middle-man, his first "yes" and what got him hooked on land.

Land Academy member, Neil Palmquist, shares how he first came across Land Academy and why he recommends signing up for the course.

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No need to hire staff - we did it for you.

Land Academy PRO is the brainchild of founders Steven Jack Butala and Jill DeWit. Designed at the request of Land Academy members who are ready for a higher level, we’re excited to continue to provide the tools and support needed by professional investors.

Each level comes with a preset amount of included data, Concierge Mail service, and postage. For example, the Green level includes 6,000 units of completed-for-you mail completely out the door at no extra cost to you.

All levels include a PatLive introduction and preset script (we will set up your phone answering for you), use of Land Academy’s personal Transaction Team to manage your deal flow, an AirTable (CRM) base setup managed by our (and your!) Transaction Coordinator, personal weekly consulting, weekly office hours, and includes your Land Academy subscription cost.

If you’re making this a business, Land Academy PRO takes the work off of your plate so you can focus on the things that matter – like running your business.



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per Month



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per Month



per Month

Concierge Data+ (with data) Included mailers each month (data + concierge + mailer + postage). Our team will do your data for it and get it out the door.
6,000 mailers 9,000 mailers 12,000 mailers 15,000 mailers 18,000 mailers
PatLive introduction at no cost We will help you establish your first script and get PatLive set up on your behalf to answer your phones.
$500 value $500 value $500 value $500 value $500 value
Transaction Coordinator Use of our personal Transaction Coordinator team to manage your deals. Trained and ready to go!
$7,500 value $7,500 value $7,500 value $7,500 value $7,500 value
AirTable Ready-for-you CRM managed by your personal Land Academy Pro Transaction Coordinator
$100 value $100 value $100 value $100 value $100 value
Personal Consulting 1 on 1 personal consulting with our Transaction Coordinator each week.
- - $1,000 value $1,000 value $1,000 value
Weekly Office Hours Weekly office hours with Jack and Jill + our staff. Private for LA Pro Members Only. (Think Career Path Office Hours)
$2,500 value $2,500 value $2,500 value $2,500 value $2,500 value
ParcelFact ParcelFact is included in your LA Pro membership with unlimited pulls.
$150 value $150 value $150 value $150 value $150 value
FREE Career Path Access
$23,000 value $23,000 value $23,000 value $23,000 value $23,000 value
Land Academy No more separate charges - Land Academy is included with LA Pro Membership. This includes all education, tools, support, and future releases.
$300 value $300 value $300 value $300 value $300 value
Subtotal: $8,550 value $8,550 value $9,550 value $12,050 value $12,050 value
Mail Value: $7,500 value $11,250 value $15,000 value $18,750 value $22,500 value
Total Value: $39,050 $42,800 $47,550 $53,800 $57,550
Apply Now Apply Now Apply Now Apply Now Apply Now

Disclaimer: *We have a monthly “use it or lose it” policy with mail and data – Land Academy PRO is designed to keep you on-track and consistent.

To cancel, all packages require a 30 day notice to move you back down to regular Land Academy membership.



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