Members Tell Us Their Biggest Struggles

By Erin Spence For Land Academy

March 05, 2019

Hey, Erin here! Long time staffer, first time blogger. 

I’m here to tell you all about one of my most recent pet projects – our Land Academy Member Survey! We put this out to all of our members last month and we received an OVERWHELMING response. We have a lot of information from this that we want to share with you, but I’m going to start with some of my huge takeaways – our members’ biggest challenges, what’s most helpful for them, and ADVICE for fellow investors. Newbie or seasoned investor, we have some great feedback for you. 

To start us off, 75% of our users said that they use LandInvestors. If you don’t know what that is, LandInvestors is an incredibly valuable tool for users to bounce ideas off of each other, ask questions, share concepts, etc. It’s a remarkably symbiotic community that we all get quite a lot out of. Not only is our staff there answering questions, but it is a prime example of how the Land Academy community is stronger together. Of those that don’t use it, the number one reason that they aren’t active is because they’re too busy doing deals and working. This is huge, because it really tells us that people are getting questions answered and moving forward! Whether you’re a Land Academy member or not, I highly recommend you get involved in LandInvestors and take advantage of all the information and help there. 

One question that we posed to members was “What has been your biggest challenge so far?” 

The crazy thing is that we didn’t get ANY answers about not understanding data, struggling with talking to buyers, or any of the things that we had most expected. Our top three responses all had to do with “personal life,” “getting in my own way,” and “consistency.” Wow.  

Another question that goes hand in hand with this was “What is your biggest piece of advice for people just starting out?” Here were our top answers –  

  1. Take action; just do it. 
  2. Mail, market, repeat 
  3. Don’t overthink anything, and avoid analysis paralysis. 

This tells us that our members spend the biggest amount of time getting over their own roadblocks. Knowing that this is the #1 biggest hurdle our members have faced can help newbies and existing members alike – just get past the things in your personal life and the things that you’re spending too much time thinking about, and we’re here to help you with the rest. Whether it’s a job, kids, or whatever else in your way, you really are your own worst enemy. If you can find the dedication to just keep moving, keep your head down, and send some mail – I personally have no doubt that you will find your success.

This also helps us here at Land Academy, because now we know that further developing tools and items that can help streamline your businesses should be at the top of our priority list – and it is.

We have all other kinds of information that we can’t wait to share from this survey, including how quickly members recouped their initial
investment and complete their first deal, but I can’t give away ALL of my content just yet. 

Until next time, happy LANDing! 

Erin Spence 

Land Academy Senior Manager