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Land Academy: Investors Newsletter – Volume 45
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After receiving the feedback you all provided – We made some much needed changes, removed some products, and simplified options to improve your experience!

  • Simplified products
  • All in one service with Concierge Data (Multiple options)
  • Updated account dashboard
  • Smoother experience with My Documents
  • New member guide on Getting Started
  • Refreshed look and feel
  • More to come soon!

Offers2Owners Numbers:

as of January 2023
Mail Sent
Properties Purchased
Data Pulled

Offers2Owners Quick Facts:

  • Members are sending an average of 7200+ letters per mailer.
  • Mailer balances (new feature) coming soon!
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Save 10% on all Mailing Orders (Docs Ready & Neighbor Letters)

With Code: “FRESH10”

Last Day to save is 4/30/2023!

  • Scheduled mailings are accepted
  • Prepayments are recommend
  • Discounts cannot be combined

Where are First Class options?

All First Class options are now postage upgrades for Docs Ready, Neighbor Letters, and Concierge Data.

Do I have to fill out a form and wait for a call For Concierge Data?

Nope, we simplified the process now you may submit your data an order all at once!

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After the launch of Concierge Data it’s been our goal to make the process easier to use tailored specifically to what each of you are looking for!

Concierge Data & Concierge Data Plus = Is now just Concierge Data

We’ve added more service options for all steps of completing a mailer:

Here’s a list of options we have:

  1. Pricing Only (comps) (Bring your own list)
  2. Pricing Only (comps) + Data
  3. Pricing (comps) + Scrubbing (Bring your own list)
  4. Pricing (comps) + Data + Scrubbing
  5. Mailing + Scrubbing (Bring Your Own List)
  6. Mailing + Scrubbing + Pricing (comps) (Bring Your Own List)
  7. Mailing + Scrubbing + Data + Pricing (comps) (all in one)

Weather you need pricing or looking for a ready to go mailer

– We’ve got you covered.

Want to learn more about Concierge Data?
Have questions or want to learn more about Offers2Owners?

Podcast Corner

We hope you have enjoyed our new weekly podcast format that go live Wednesdays at 5pm PST. Thank you for your support!

Check out some of our favorite recent ones!

We appreciate you!

Team Land Academy

No need to hire staff - we did it for you.

Land Academy PRO is the brainchild of founders Steven Jack Butala and Jill DeWit. Designed at the request of Land Academy members who are ready for a higher level, we’re excited to continue to provide the tools and support needed by professional investors.

Each level comes with a preset amount of included data, Concierge Mail service, and postage. For example, the Green level includes 6,000 units of completed-for-you mail completely out the door at no extra cost to you.

All levels include a PatLive introduction and preset script (we will set up your phone answering for you), use of Land Academy’s personal Transaction Team to manage your deal flow, an AirTable (CRM) base setup managed by our (and your!) Transaction Coordinator, personal weekly consulting, weekly office hours, and includes your Land Academy subscription cost.

If you’re making this a business, Land Academy PRO takes the work off of your plate so you can focus on the things that matter – like running your business.



per Month



per Month



per Month



per Month



per Month

Concierge Data+ (with data) Included mailers each month (data + concierge + mailer + postage). Our team will do your data for it and get it out the door.
6,000 mailers 9,000 mailers 12,000 mailers 15,000 mailers 18,000 mailers
PatLive introduction at no cost We will help you establish your first script and get PatLive set up on your behalf to answer your phones.
$500 value $500 value $500 value $500 value $500 value
Transaction Coordinator Use of our personal Transaction Coordinator team to manage your deals. Trained and ready to go!
$7,500 value $7,500 value $7,500 value $7,500 value $7,500 value
AirTable Ready-for-you CRM managed by your personal Land Academy Pro Transaction Coordinator
$100 value $100 value $100 value $100 value $100 value
Personal Consulting 1 on 1 personal consulting with our Transaction Coordinator each week.
- - $1,000 value $1,000 value $1,000 value
Weekly Office Hours Weekly office hours with Jack and Jill + our staff. Private for LA Pro Members Only. (Think Career Path Office Hours)
$2,500 value $2,500 value $2,500 value $2,500 value $2,500 value
ParcelFact ParcelFact is included in your LA Pro membership with unlimited pulls.
$150 value $150 value $150 value $150 value $150 value
FREE Career Path Access
$23,000 value $23,000 value $23,000 value $23,000 value $23,000 value
Land Academy No more separate charges - Land Academy is included with LA Pro Membership. This includes all education, tools, support, and future releases.
$300 value $300 value $300 value $300 value $300 value
Subtotal: $8,550 value $8,550 value $9,550 value $12,050 value $12,050 value
Mail Value: $7,500 value $11,250 value $15,000 value $18,750 value $22,500 value
Total Value: $39,050 $42,800 $47,550 $53,800 $57,550
Apply Now Apply Now Apply Now Apply Now Apply Now

Disclaimer: *We have a monthly “use it or lose it” policy with mail and data – Land Academy PRO is designed to keep you on-track and consistent.

To cancel, all packages require a 30 day notice to move you back down to regular Land Academy membership.



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