Handling the “Haight”

What to Do When You Inadvertently Offend…

Not to be confused with the famous San Francisco hippie haven, the “Haight” is how Jack Butala describes the ill-mannered, often explosive reactions we sometimes encounter  when offer letters reach unreceptive property owners.

As land investors, we send out thousands of offer letters to property owners all over the country. These offers are generated by pulling specific data about unique property types and are strategically and thoughtfully priced to be competitive at wholesale purchase prices.

We’re aware that some property owners will be unimpressed or perhaps even offended by our offer price. After all, these are unsolicited offers and everyone likes to believe that what they own is priceless. So, when confronted with what they see as an indecent proposal, some property owners will fire back to let us know, in no uncertain terms, precisely what we can do with our “offer”.

Of course, it is never our intent to offend or irritate anyone, it’s just an unfortunate consequence of our business protocol. What’s critical, though, is how we handle those owners we’ve upset.

Respect and good manners typically work wonders to calm Haight-spewing, offended land owners. So, too, can explaining why the offer was generated in the first place.

We find that if we take the time to listen to their grievances and calmly describe our objective, we can mend fences, maybe even further discuss the terms and – yes, possibly even strike a deal.

Bottom line? Anticipate the Haight. It’s going to happen. Andm understand that what should also happen is a well-mannered, gracious explanation and a calm smoothing over of affronted sensibilities.

After all, you need to keep the big picture in mind: While you endure a small percentage of “haight”, you’re also reaching a large percentage of offer receptive sellers who’re genuinely grateful to have received your correspondence.

15,000+ transactions later, we know this philosophy works. Now you do, too.