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“I have always believed in real estate investing but could never seem to figure out how to make it work for me. That all changed when I got involved with Land Academy. In the 13 months that I have been buying land, I have purchased 111 properties, sold 73 and have 38 properties in inventory. I have a good day job that pays very well, and I have made more money in the first 6 months of 2018 than I will all year at my day job. Thanks, Steven & Jill. You have changed my family’s life more than you can imagine.” – Curtis Eickenloff

Christian Stahlberg Land Academy Member

“…Land Academy has allowed me to become independent from a 9-5 job, provided a wealth of information that if applied and acted on will bring me enormous financial wealth, and given me the confidence to take ownership of a robust, mobile, and all-around great business. My eyes have been opened to more opportunity than I ever could have imagined and truly, the sky is the limit. This has been a game changer for me.” – Christian Stahlberg

To put it short and sweet – I have taken several different land investing courses, so I think I’m qualified to say Land Academy’s course will get you up and running way before any other course out there. To be clear, when you sign up you get a lot more than just the course. You get access to the best tools in the industry, for the cheapest rates you can find in the industry, and you get that and much more, only if you are a member of Land Academy.” – Noam Ofan