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  • How to find unwanted vacant land and resell it.
  • LandAcademy provides Education, Tools and Support.
  • Because You are Not Alone in Your Real Estate Ambition.


I was blown away by the amount of authentic, genuine, real-world expertise Steven and Jill provided on their podcast and free education. But what they provide and continue to update inside the membership is absolutely priceless. In my first month implementing their land investment program, I have purchased 7 parcels worth over $35,000 for only $5950!

Tom Deeter

Land Academy is an amazing and life changing resource for someone who wants to be his own boss and loves real estate. I was lucky to find Steven and Jill’s podcast. I immediately purchased their $10K for life; cash flow for life program, which will show you exactly how to start in this business. Steven and Jill’s podcast motivates me to keep going daily. I’m in the middle of finishing my first four 40 acre land deals. This guys are amazing pros and motivators! Thank you Jill and Steven!

Milan Stolicny

Properties sell everyday, it is hard to keep track of them all. This one I bought about a week ago for $11K sold with online check out. The buyer put it on his credit card on Thursday. Today, Monday, I spent the money on a new 160 acres I hope to sell for $50K plus. It’s easy to start with the smaller ones and parlay it into the bigger ones. Thank You Land Academy for teaching me how.

Luke Smith