Offers Academy et al

Mission Statement

Founders Jack & Jill

Est. 1999


To inspire, prepare, and empower ambitious asset investors to equity end, regardless of background.

By implementing founders’ methods, the few invest in unison; resulting in concurrent prosperity.

No rogue. No whining. No B.S. No short-cuts. We find our way.

1) Purchase unwanted, undervalued assets using sophisticated database methodology,

2) implement the submission of unsolicited undervalue offers to owners,

3) Resell for more in the name of creating and income stream.

We thoughtfully send offers to asset owners for a less than current wholesale value.

Some owners sign, return and thank us. Some negotiate and some loathe.

Small-in-number, large in ambition, talent and execution. We come from varied educational background, diverse culture and differing monetary circumstance; drawn together by ambition, motivation and commitment to financial independence and peace.

The Result: Tens of thousands of completed deals. Tens of millions of dollars of equity created.