NeighborScoop Changed My Life

Last Friday we released one of our most exciting new tools to date, NeighborScoop, and it truly has changed all of our lives here at Land Academy and House Academy. If you’re in our world, I’m sure you’ve seen us using it in demonstrating it and to be frank – teasing our members with it for quite a while. It’s finally here and released to the public, and it really is “ParcelFact on steroids” as Steven likes to say. 

Here are some of the things you can now do with NeighborScoop – 

  1. The ability to draw a polygon ANYWHERE in the country and download 300+ property details INCLUDING owner name, address, and phone number. 
  2. Immediate owner phone numbers. 
  3. Full parcel map outline for all covered parcels – no more guessing at property boundaries! 
  4. The ability to click around and write down all neighbor information as well – including phone numbers. 
  5. FEMA flood map overlay. 
  6. KML to Google Earth Pro feature. 
  7. Multiple map views and layers. 
  8. PLUS – we’re constantly adding new features! 

One of the most incredible never-before-seen items we included in NeighborScoop is phone number access. You can type in any address or APN and get the owner (and/or renter!) phone number information immediately. You can also click around to all of the neighboring parcels and instantly get the phone number information for them as well – for free! (up to 1000 phone numbers free/month). This is huge. 

We’ve also introduced the KML to Google Earth feature so you can instantly plot all property points in Google Earth. NeighborScoop also has an expanded FEMA flood map overlay, map views and layers, and the same full parcel map outlines that you loved in ParcelFact. 

While access to phone numbers is definitely the most popular new feature, my favorite has to be the polygon data download ability. With NeighborScoop access you quite literally do not need to use RealQuest, DataTree, or TitlePRO any longer. Now you can draw a polygon around an area (no limits to how small or big) and instantly download all of the property facts into an Excel sheet. It will have owner name, address, phone number and over THREE-HUNDRED other lines of assessor data information. This is huge. Over at Land Academy we love neighbor letters – and they’ve never been easier to send out.  

As I’m sure you can imagine, the uses for NeighborScoop are endless. We’re constantly discovering new ways to use it, and our members are showing us even more ways that it is changing their lives. One thing that we’ve discussed internally is using NeighborScoop before passing on any deal – now it’s too easy to pull up the neighbors of a property that might be deemed less than desirable and offer it to them first. This tool is quite literally changing how we do business – and as a byproduct our lives. 

Check out NeighborScoop if you haven’t already and let us know what you think! We’re constantly adding to it and updating it with more exciting features, and we would love any feedback you have to continue to better it. If you haven’t tried NeighborScoop yet and want a special deal for your first month, email me at and I can “hook you up.” 

Happy landings!