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Jill DeWit, Author at Land Academy
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Jill DeWit

Five Ways to Increase Land Value 

Five Ways to Increase Land Value

Five Ways to Increase Land Value  By: Jill DeWitJanuary 20, 2023 If you’ve gone through our educational modules and purchased property the Land Academy way, chances are you’re going to make money when it’s time to sell. But are there…

Getting Rich in 2023

getting rich 2023

Getting Rich in 2023 By: Jill DeWitJanuary 13, 2023 I love starting a new year and I am so excited for 2023. It’s not that 2023 is different from 2022, but we tend to set and measure our goals in…


The drawing for a FREE CONSULTING SESSION with either Jack or Jill (from the recent new member promotion) was held LIVE today on the zoom member call. And the winners are… *****Heidi & Dan Connor + Blake O’Byrne**** Congratulations! You…

OOPS! Weird Receipts Showing up Today

Several customers have reported receiving invoices for charges from previous years. We’ve looked into this and have determined that no actual charges are being processed. It seems there is a glitch in our payment system and old invoices are being…

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Effective today – Offers2Owners is officially back to using our original #10 white envelopes.Nothing changes on your end – You may continue to place your orders as usual!If you have any questions or concerns, please us at support@offers2owners.com.Thank you, Offers2Owners Team

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