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  • $10K for Life;

    Cash Flow From Land

    Unwanted Rural Vacant Land

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  • Sourcing SFR Flips;

    Get Buyers First

    House Wholesale to Flippers

    (RealQuest Pro)

  • Your Next Home/Cabin;

    For Half Price


    (RealQuest Pro)

  • A Listing a Day;

    Make Offers, Get Listings

    Real Estate Agents

    (RealQuest Pro)

  • Career Property Acquisitions

    Source Off-Market Commercial Property

    (RealQuest Pro)

  • $10K for Life;

    Cash Flow From Mobiles

    Unwanted Mobil Homes

    (National DMV)

  • Cars for Dealers

    Source Used Cars for Dealers

    (National DMV)

  • Yachts for Brokers

    Source Yachts for Brokers

    (Coastguard + Vessel Databases)

  • Airplanes for Brokers

    Source Planes for Brokers

    (FAA + Private Databases)

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  • Tools allow you to focus on "deal making," not back office management.


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  • More education is always better. From us or anywhere, learn the business or expand on what you have started.


  • From peers to pros, get your questions answered. Real people doing deals in real time.

    Community Online

  • Several hundred downloads later, Jack & Jill cover every aspect of data centered offer making.


  • Watch Jack use these very tools to purchase undervalued assets.

    Training Videos

  • More resources rooted in experience.


  • There is no replacement for live current events.


  • Costs vary per event.

    Live Events**

  • Access (Land Academy Community) Pro area.

    Community Pro Access Area

  • Open Q&A format

    Jack & Jill Weekly Call

  • Collect buyers who live for buying undervalued assets. They will find you.

    Online Marketing

  • Sunday investors and full time career acquisition VPs alike use this to stay on schedule.

    Success Calendar

  • Make money when you buy, not sell.


  • Access the best data anywhere for a fraction of the price as a single user.

    Data Access

  • Nationwide access is available with membership. Property records dowloaded are billed by Land Academy on demand (as downloadedat the rate of $0.08/record. There is a a 3.5% credit card processing fee applied.


  • Nationwide access is provided for free. We provide ten free property reports and three free online record downloads per month. Additional items can be purchased directly online via the Premium Reports and Premium Leads sections and are payable directly through TitlePro.

    TitlePro 24/7**

  • One-on-One Skype call with Jack to discuss your contemplated direct mail offer campaign. An additional fee is charged. For details, see website menu.

    Data Review**

  • 143.4 million parcel polygons to interact with in Google Earth.

    PARLAY 2.0

  • Single Family Residential data from CoreLogic..


  • Real time SFR foreclosure data.


  • Current motor vehicle ownership spanning the entire US


  • Mobil Home Ownership data from 3 verified sources.

    Mobile Homes

  • Intentionally Left Blank

  • The most efficient, reliable, expedient, economical bulk mail print delivery anywhere.

    Bulk Print Mail

  • Bulk Print Mail. Send 100 or 100,000 offers for the price of a stamp. Included free mail merge service, all paper, envelopes, postage. Access is free for members. Prices for data & bulk mail billed separately (To be released by 12/31/2016.***

  • Professional Bulk Mail Printer for the price of a stamp. Discount**

  • Know exactly what you are buying sight unseen.

    Acq. Research

  • This resource is available to the public. We provide education on how to use this valuable tool in land acquisition/sales.

    GoogleEarthPro (free)

  • One-on-One Skype call with Jack to discuss your contemplated deal. Designed to avoid costly mistakes. An additional fee is charged. For details, see website menu.

    Deal Review**

  • This resource is available to the public. We provide education on how to use this valuable tool in land acquisition/sales.

    Census Map Library (free)

  • Find GPS coordinates from street addresses or Accessors' Parcel Numbers.

    GPS Finder PARLAY

  • Find out all the property an owner owns nationwide.

    APN Finder PARLAY

  • Input State, County and APN for acquisition decision making level information.

    3 Input Research

  • Acq. Services

  • Complete deeds online automatically in minutes. Normally $98 but free to members.

  • Find a notary to close your deal in just about every part of the country.

    Notary Location

  • We complete the deal for you (we've done it 15,000 times before).

    Deal Completion

  • Us our title company to complete your deals. We know investment property.


  • Jack review's your deal as your partner and completes it with you.

    Partner Review

  • Professionally present assets online for resale.


  • Pictures say 1,000 words.


  • We arrange to have the assets shot professionally and locally while you are on to the next deal.

    Nat. Picture Service**

  • We arrange to have your assets professionally shot with a drone. Your assets stand out from the rest.

    Nat. Drone Service

  • Google Earth Flyover Videos on your behalf. If maps say 1,000 pictures, then videos of maps say... say it all without words.

    GE Video

  • If pictures say 1,000 words, maps say 1,000 pictures.


  • Locate GPS and property boundaries in seconds (County / APN)

    PARLAY 2.0

  • Our expert opinion on your properties physical and legal access.

    Access Research

  • Find out exactly who lives in the neighborhood and what they had for breakfast.

    Census Tiger Mapping

  • We conduct a survey of your real property on your behalf.

    Nat. Survey Service

  • We tell your assets story.


  • Professionally written descriptions tell stories and sell assets.

    Pro Descriptions

  • We automate your sales process


  • Web Posting

  • Your property on our website.***

  • Take advantage of our history on LandWatch.

  • Your property on LandandFarm.

  • We create your industry specific eCommerce website.

  • eBay Buy it Now exposure.

    eBay BIN

  • We arrange to include your property in a local/syndicated auction.

    Auction Service

  • Your property listed in the MLS


  • By far the best way to sell property.

    Social Media

  • We expose the asset to millions of our followers.

    LA Followers

  • Composed of opted in career asset buyers, your asset exposed.

    FaceBook Groups

  • Property owners near your assets get "for sale" notice. This is extremely effective.

    ZipCode Mkt.

  • We highlight your property on our weekly/monthly live internet show(s).


  • Email

  • Post your properties for sale. No commission or fees.

    Sellers Club

  • Buyer's Base

  • The rancher next store always wanted that land.

    Direct Mail

  • We send letters to owners of like kind property around your new asset.

    Immediate Area

  • China, Canada are the #1 & #2 buyers of us property. Americans are #3


  • Your asset exposed to opted in buyers in both markets.

    Asian & Canadian Buyers

  • You are a deal maker, not a paper pusher.


  • Our "secret" to success is turning deals fast.


  • Interactive access to all available tools and information in one spot.

    Member Dashboard

  • Your acquisitions only website.

    Web Dev. Acquisitions

  • Your sales only eCommerce website.

    Web Dev. Sales

  • Login and access the most up to date software in the world.

    MicroSoft 365

  • By far the most valuable tool in membership. Jack spent $250K to have this developed.

    CRM Access

  • Our team is doing it everyday anyway. We can do it for you.


  • 24/7 live phone answer messaging

    Live Phone

  • 24/7 live web chat response.

    Live Chat

  • Use our virtual mail box. Recieve your signed offers every morning in your dashboard or email.

    USPS Mail Scan

  • Financial

  • Better than Stripe or Paypal, we manage your asset based credit card processing.

    Credit Card Processing

  • We setup and manage your payroll.


  • Take advantage of our banking relationship. Real fee-less banking.

    Fee-less Banking

  • Money to do more deals. We provide asset based lending on the right property.

    Land Lending

  • Get answers/contracts quickly.


  • We incorporate you and the state of your choice.


  • We have arranged for legal counsel to answer member's questions..

    Legal Advise

  • Other

  • Custom pictures in or near your home for your website.

    Head Shots

  • Business / Asset Insurance


  • Silver

  • Complete a few profitable deals. Learn the basics. Capture data, send offers & see what is possible.


    per month

  • 228/250

  • $0.08 per record download. Billed separately from membership. The entire Silver Membership is priced substantially lower CoreLogic's single person price.
  • Per record downloads apply. Substantially less expensive than a one-off subscription.

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*** To be released by 12/31/2016