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  • The tools you need to succeed in land investment.


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  • More education is always better. From us or anywhere, learn the business or expand on what you have started.


  • Instant Access - 15 hours of online, self-study program. No stone left unturned. View Chapters

    Land Academy; Cash Flow From Land (Program)

  • Updated for 2018 with better tools & feedback from hundreds of members! View Chapters

    Land Academy 2.0; Infill Lots

  • Land Academy 1.0; Rural Vacant Land is an update to the original Cash Flow from Land program. The Cash Flow from Land program still provides the basics of running a land business, and you should still use this program. Land Academy 1.0 is an updated approach to buying and selling land using the tools that we have created and released since the original program's production. View Chapters

    Land Academy 1.0; Rural Vacant Land

  • Land Academy's own online community. Peers & Pros helping each other 24/7.Online Community -
  • Daily show featuring Steven Butala & Jill DeWit to answer your real estate investment questions.

    Podcast (The Land Academy Show)

  • Ongoing training to further aid your growing business.

    Training Videos - Continuing Education

  • Weekly Members-Only Webinars with Steven & Jill

    Member Calls

  • Weekend investors and full time pros use this to stay on track.

    Equity Planner

  • Same tools that we use to buy and sell land every day.


  • Access the best data anywhere for a fraction of the price as a single user.

    Data Access

  • Nationwide access to property ownership information and online recorded documents. Property records downloaded are billed by Land Academy on demand at the rate of $0.10/record. There is a 3.5% credit card processing fee applied.

    RealQuest Pro*

  • We provide ten free property reports and three free online record downloads per month. Additional items can be purchased directly online via the Premium Reports and Premium Leads sections and are payable directly through TitlePro.

    TitlePro 24/7*

  • Acquisitions

  • Members only access to transactions, partnerships & financing.


  • Our personal, professional printing service. We complete your mail merge and get your offers in the mail. Send 100 or 100,000 offers for about the price of a stamp. *Special* member pricing $0.55 per 2 page mailer.

  • Complete deeds online automatically in minutes. Normally $98 but free to members.

  • 148 million parcel polygons to interact with in Google Earth with full assessor parcel data. $35/month for members.

  • Get your deals funded with a "qualified money partner" who knows the ropes.* **

  • Our team is doing it everyday anyway. We can do it for you.


  • Our credit card processor is your credit card process. Less expensive than Stripe & easy check out solution for ALL property types.

    Credit Card Processing (Heartland)

  • 24/7 phone answering solution - members receive 20% discount.

    PatLive - Phone Service

  • Consulting

  • One-on-one Skype call with Steven to discuss your contemplated direct mail offer campaign or deal analysis. An additional fee is charged. For details, see website menu.

    Steven's Deal/Data Review*

  • One-on-one call with Jill. Topics include: dealing w/ sellers, buyers, city/county reps, creating options deals, running a business, plus other support/guidance questions.

    Jill's Consulting*

  • Green/Free

  • Get involved. See if buying undervalued real estate is for you.


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  • Basic Rates

  • a la carte pricing

  • Professional Membership

  • Complete a few profitable deals. Learn the basics. Capture data, send offers to owners & see what is possible.


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  • $2,400

  • Included Free - Released November 2018

  • Included Free - Released January 2019

  • Pro Access

  • Pro Access

  • $0.10 per record download. Billed separately from membership. The entire Silver Membership is priced substantially lower CoreLogic's single person price.
  • Per record downloads apply. Substantially less expensive than a one-off subscription.
  • Member Rates

  • Member Rates

  • Member Rates

  • Member Rates

  • Member Rates

land academy membership tools included

* Access to the product is included with check marked membership level. An additional cost is associated with the use of the product and is not covered by monthly membership. For example, included with all paid membership levels is access to national RealQuest Pro. There is an charge of .10 cents per downloaded record (this is the additional cost associated with use).

** Check websites for anticipated release dates.

***This is a 12 month rolling subscription contract. You are committing to 12 months of membership.