LandAcademy’s $10K for Life

Cash Flow From Land Professional Education Program with Tools & Resources Bundle.

Hundreds of our members are buying and selling unwanted vacant rural land this week using this bundle along with our real time online community support. And that’s it. This is the only resource needed to turn vacant land into equity.

We created education at the request of our regular land buying customers at LandPin. For 20 years they asked us to share “how we purchase property inexpensively for resale or personal use.”

There is no other “add-on” or “up-sell or “2nd/ /3rd step” program to purchase. This is it. Bundled with Membership below, it’s everything you need to succeed.


What you will learn…

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction
  • Chapter 2 - Get Internet Presence Rolling
  • Chapter 3 - Identify Your First Target Market
  • Chapter 4 - Three Ways to Buy Cheap Property
  • Chapter 5 - How to Send Out Mailers that Get Results

  • Chapter 6 - Managing the inbound Flow of Accepted Offers
  • Chapter 7 - Researching Accepted Offers
  • Chapter 8 - Buy the Property/Close the Deal
  • Chapter 9 - Selling Land on the Internet. The only way!

  • Chapter 10 - Getting Paid and Conveying the Property
  • Chapter 11 - A Short Talk with Jill about Customer Service
  • Chapter 12 - The Legalities of Selling Land
  • Chapter 13 - Final Notes – We Want You to Succeed
  • Chapter 14 - Data I - Chapter Documents
  • Chapter 15 - Data II - $1,000,000 of Pictures Maps Forms (175,000 files)


Land Academy offers five (5) membership levels based your career.

Green (Free)

Get involved. See if buying undervalued real estate is for you.

Silver (Begin)

Complete a few profitable deals. Learn the basics. Capture data, send offers to owners & see what is possible.

Gold (Get Serious)

After a few deals, it’s clear how much equity can be generated. Get serious.


You’ve decided this may be your career. Get the professional tools.

Black (Invite Only)

You’ve completed tons of deals and you’re financially independent. Partner deals with us.



Five podcasts are published each week where we discuss various topics related to your real estate business.

Jack Jill Live Webinar

Very often we hold an online meeting where we answer your questions directly. Join the call and interact, or just listen.

Online Community

Get your questions answered – from peers to pros – and read amazing success stories in real time from our members buying and selling property every day. Jack and Jill regularly contribute.

LandAcademy’s $10K for Life

Cash Flow From Land Professional Education Program with Tools & Resources Bundle.

  • $10K for Life; Cash Flow From Land Online Education Program: $1,800.00
  • LandAcademy’s Tools & Resources Monthly Subscription: $250.00 (12 month minimum)
  • Each property record downloaded will be billed at the rate of $0.10 (eight cents) automatically at the end of each month.