LAB 0001: How to buy unwanted rural land for $100.00 per parcel!

Since 1999, we have purchased and sold more than 15,000 properties and generated tens of millions of dollars. Over the years, one of the most frequent questions we have answered is “how do you guys buy quality property so inexpensively?”

In fact, this question led me to create years ago. LandAcademy is an environment for people to learn how to purchase and sell rural land and establish a passive income stream.

There are many ways to purchase inexpensive land. They all center around a single concept; finding owners who are no longer interested in owning their property. My favorite way to accomplish this is through direct mail. For many years, we have been sending out letters to property owners requesting to purchase their property for amounts as low as $100. Every week multiple sellers write back ready to complete the transaction. Nearly all of the owners we purchase property from are simply not interested in owning the property any longer.

There are many reasons that an owner chooses to sell their property fast and cheap vs. slower for more money. They may have inherited the land and do not want it, just received a property tax bill and don’t plan to pay it, or they simply need the money. No matter the reason, they would rather get a check, versus continue to write checks to the county to pay the annual property tax.

It’s a simple three step process.

  1. Catch the attention of the owner when they are ready to sell.
  2. Make it easy for them to get their money quickly.
  3. Record the property in your name inexpensively. is the sister company to It’s the real estate company that actually purchases and sells properties alongside Land Academy.

There is a 200 page partial list of completed transactions at The chart shows the purchase and sale amounts of tens of thousands of transactions. I’ve included this information to show our students that its very possible and likely to execute a mailing campaign that yields incredible results.

You are not alone in your real estate ambition. We are here to help you. Please take a look around the site, listen to a podcast or two, take in an episode of LA TV and download the eBook. It’s all free.

When you are ready to turn your ambition into action, we have made comprehensive education tools available to guide you.

Please feel free to contact me at with any questions you may have.

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