LAB 0002: I just received maybe the best compliment ever.

Here it is:  “The hallmark of someone who knows what they are talking about is the ability to explain complex subjects simply and clearly.”

It came from a guy who was apparently poking around our web site and found the content intriguing.

But what this really reminded me of, is how important it is to be really good at what you do for a living.  I’ll give an example: I have a really good buddy named Frank.  He is the general manager at a restaurant here in Phoenix called Steak44.  Every single time I’m there, he goes way out of his way to make sure that everything is perfect.  I’m not plugging this restaurant, I have no affiliation with it.

It’s usually packed.  Which reminds me of a Yogi Berra quote “No one goes there anymore, it’s too crowed”.  Anyway the last time we went, I really paid attention to what he was doing during everyone’s meal.  And he was making sure that everyone feels the same way about the restaurant as we do.  So after dinner, I ask him over.  And we had a brief conversation and it went like this: Frank, what’s your secret?  How can you keep this place packed every single night of the week?  He told me that he tries to make everyone feel super special.  He and his top staff have the cell phone number of every single one of their repeat customers.  He said he is constantly answering the phone 24/7 even when he is at home.

I know for a fact that this restaurant generates more than $1,000,000 a year for its owners (net).  I also know the owners are planning to take Frank on as a partner and open several more steakhouses in prominent cities on the West Coast, namely in California.  What I took from this conversation, is that Frank is willing to do whatever it takes to be at the top of his game.

On top of it all, Frank makes running that restaurant look incredibly easy.  Like the compliment I just received, Frank takes something that’s very complicated and detail oriented and makes it look and sound easy.

I sincerely hope that most or all of my students understand that buying and selling land and turning it into an income stream can be relatively simple with the right systems in place and a good attitude.

Happy land acquisitions..

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