LAB 0007 How to double your money in 45 days with raw land.

LAB 0007:  How to double your money in 45 days with raw land.  Step by step instructions.

Here at, we teach every aspect of purchasing unwanted rural land for pennies on the dollar and selling it on the Internet for much much more.

In this short blog, I share with you the 6 steps it takes to double your money in our business with specific instructions (in fact it’s much more than doubling your money but I can’t put that in the title because people don’t believe me):

1) Locate the most rural county in your area (the one with the cheapest raw land).

2) Contact the county treasurer and ask them for a list of property owners who have not paid their taxes.

3) Send a letter or post card to the owners of those properties using expressing your interest in buying their property for $100.00. In the letter, explain that it seems clear to you that they have no intention of paying the back taxes and if they’d like to make a little side-money, you will purchase their property for $100 and make the whole problem go away.  It’s going to go back to the county for nonpayment anyway, why not get some money out of it right now? Several land owners will take you up on your offer.

4) Buy the property.

5) Take pictures of the property, put some really good maps together, and gather some basic information about the land like zoning, acreage and any other attribute that you think may help you sell the property on the Internet. For example, adjacent to the freeway or on the way to the Grand Canyon or next to a functioning ranch or beautiful views.. ect.

6) Sell the property on the internet on eBay.


We’ve been in this business of this since 1999.  I started this company with $500.  And we have generated more than $20,000,000 since then.

If you are interested in learning more about how to buy super in-expense a property, in selling it for a lot more drop us a line at

And make sure you download but are free eBook.  It covers these topics in pretty good detail, and lets you know what you can expect from the self-study course.

Here’s the audio version of this blog (like a book-on-tape) with my commentary (like the director’s cut of a DVD movie):