LAB 0008: The Truth about Real Estate Mailer Data

LandAcademy has exactly two competitors and our customers tell us that they are both providing the wrong information about data.

Good data is essential to succeed in any type of real estate acquisition effort. Real estate professionals who buy apartment buildings, strip malls, SFR houses (house flippers), office buildings, and Donald Trump all know this secret: HOW TO GET PERFECT DATA from the County Assessor.

Here is what you need to know:

  • There are exactly two places to get data from which you can contact landowners who just want to get rid of their property.
  • The county Assessor
  • A third-party data company who specializes in this field.

I know this because over the years I have ordered data from all corners of the Internet.

Let’s take a look at the First option, The County Assessor:

  • Super fresh, complete Tax Roll data is provided by most counties as “public information” for free or for a small fee. It’s the exact same data they use to send out annual tax bills to property owners.  What they send you will look like this:

Tax Roll green bar paper

  • Or this:


If you email me at, I will send you the actual data I have received from a county a few years ago as an example.  Why the heck would I do this?  Because you need to know the truth about what you will get from most counties.  It’s nearly impossible for real estate investors who are not formally trained in data scrubbing to make sense of it and hiring someone who is a data person usually leads to disappointment.  Good data guys don’t understand real estate and vice versa (real estate pros know what they want but have trouble manipulating the data and getting it in the mail without help).

Lucky for you, we understand all points of this topic at and we teach it properly to those who are interested.  We have purchased and sold more than 15,000 properties since 1999.

Let’s look at the second option, a third party data company:

Current data in clean rows with precision specific sort criteria. The data originates from the Assessor who feeds it to this company for a fee.  The data company does all the heavy lifting and delivers it to you in a format you can understand so you can get it in the mail on any given Sunday afternoon. It looks like this after you learn from us (this is one of the actual data files we teach in our programs):


If you want to buy vacant land, then any parcels from the TAX ROLL that have structures on them (House, apartment building, mobile home etc.) need to be removed from the list.  You don’t want to spend money on a stamp or for paper on

ly to send letters to the wrong property owners.  You have to scrub the data so it works for the landowner you reach and make the mailer you send look like a personal invitation to sell his property to you.

We teach this from start to finish in our education programs.  9000+ happy customers can’t be wrong.

Here is an example of the mailer we use:

Mailer Mailer1

Land Academy is founded by Millionaire Mentors.  We are buying and selling land right alongside our students every week.  Contact my Partner Jill at or

(I would give you my address but she asked me to stop talking to our customers because I give away too much free stuff).

And That is the Truth About Real Estate Mailer Data.

Don’t make a decade of mistakes like I did.  Learn the trade the right way the first time out…