How to Break into the Real Estate Business Overnight:

Break into the Real Estate Business Overnight:

Image this…

There is a very special apartment building for sale in the area where you live. It is only for sale to you. No one else knows about this deal.

– It’s a 100 unit apartment building

– It’s for sale for $500.00 per unit (not $50,000 but $500)

– You can buy each unit individually. That means each month (or when you can afford it) you spend $500.00 to buy a unit.

– You get a deed in the mail, you own each unit, and you rent it for $200.00 a month to someone forever.

– Your renter is not a normal tenant. You have the best one on the planet. They never complain and you never hear from them. They pay on the 1st of the month, every single month because they are on credit card auto-pay. They do this because they are so happy that the rent is so cheap and the building is beautiful. Once in a while your renter moves. You rent the apartment out again just like before to someone else.

– The next month, the same thing. Now you have two units.

– Before long you have 10 units. And eventually you buy all 100 units.

Now your monthly income is $20,000.00 ($200 in rent x 100 units).

You wake up after several months and you have a few hundred thousand dollars in your bank account and quit your job and start looking for another apartment building like the first one.

This financial life style is what you are headed for.

This example can be a reality. We started with $500.00. The only difference is that the apartment building was unwanted rural vacant land.

One parcel at a time, we turned unwanted vacant land into Monthly Cash Flow.

Every seasoned successful real estate professional has a story like this one.

It all starts with one deal.

There are hundreds of thousands of property owners in this county who no longer want to own their property.

You job is to find these owners and solve their problem.

  • 1) Identify & locate these owners (hint: there is a list at the county)
  • 2) Contact them with a written offer (hint: the county has their contact information)
  • 3) Buy the property and sell it for more on the internet.

It’s that simple to break into the real estate business overnight.

You are Not Alone in Your Real Estate Ambition.