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Episode Zero All My Friends Think I'm a Drug Dealer

Episode Zero All My Friends Think I’m a Drug Dealer (CFFL 0000)

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Episode Zero All My Friends Think I’m a Drug Dealer (CFFL 0000)

Jack Butala:                   Welcome to Land Academy. This is the cash flow from Landshow, where we show you how to buy unwanted, vacant land, and sell it for more on the internet. I’m Jack Butala.

Jill DeWit:                            I’m Jill DeWit. We are your hosts.

Jack Butala:                   We are your hosts. With over 15 thousand completed transactions, we are the experts in this niche, land flipping business.

Jill DeWit:                            Whether you are looking to buy your dream property for half price, start your own real estate business, or create a passive income so you can enjoy the life-style you’ve always dreamed about, you have found the right place.

Jack Butala:                   By the way, we hold a drawing for a free property every single month. Enter to win the land by rating this show on iTunes, and downloading our free e-book at Landacademy.com.

Jill DeWit:                            All right. Let’s get this thing started.

Jack Butala:                   Hey, welcome to episode zero of Land Academy podcast. I’m Jack Butala, the host of your show. You know, most people don’t know you can buy unwanted rural land for as little as $100. Pretty consistently around the country. What? I’ll get to that in a minute or two. Episode zero of a podcast is supposed to be an informative, memorable experience. Mine isn’t any different. Well, I added entertainment to the list. Hey, if it’s not entertaining you’re not going to listen. I wouldn’t. See, the guys that produce my show say, Steve, please complete your episode zero show, everyone’s gotta do one, but no horsing around. Tell us a little bit about yourself and don’t brag. Let your listeners know why you’re qualified to talk about buying and selling unwanted rural land for next to nothing, and then flipping it on the internet for thousands of bucks more. Almost immediately. Listen, don’t oversell yourself about it. Talk about how you’ve completed more than 15 thousand deals since the 90s, but try to be humble and believable. Tell your listeners that this podcast is about your company Landacademy.com, it’s really not about you as an individual. Then they actually said, tell your listeners, that they’re not alone in their real estate ambition.

We really like that slogan, you should use it as much as you can. Here’s episode zero of the Landacademy podcast. At the end, I’m going to tell you a short story called, All of my Friends think I’m a Drug Dealer. I started Landacademy.com and now this podcast as a request, at the request of thousands of my customers, my regular land-buying customers. I purchased this all tens of thousands of properties since the 90s and tons of our land buyers wanted to know, how we sell land to them so inexpensively, and we still stay in business. I think what they’re really asking me is, what’s the secret? How do you buy so cheap? This podcast is about buying unwanted, rural, vacant land for next to nothing, and selling it for more on the internet for a lot more. I’m super excited about this, because it’s my chance to answer questions, and discuss topics to help people to be successful in front of the whole world, this time, instead of just one email at a time, like I’ve been doing for a lot of years. I’ll be producing a 30 minute episode every day, where I speak with three types of people in the business.

One, our customers, because they probably have some of the same questions and thoughts that you might have. Number two, our super-successful colleagues. People in the business who are now earning a living full-time in real estate investment or a related field. Number three, my partner Jill, because she’s on the front lines every day, right alongside her students, talking with land sellers, and land buyers, and new students and old students, whether they’re having a good day or not. We often share her phone conversations or the conversations that her staff has, because I really think that you can learn something about it, and frankly, it’s pretty entertaining. Jill and I started a really rough version of this podcast a little less than a year ago, and I frankly didn’t think it would amount to much. It got pretty successful, pretty quickly. This is our crack at making a real podcast, and I’m recording our producers, a real one. Each of these episodes has a specific structure, and it was meant to inform and entertain you. If my team and I are doing our jobs, you’ll join us for the next episode.

That’s what it’s all about, and that’s really my hope. I’ll ask my guests questions about where they’ve triumphed, and where they’ve experienced tragedy. What deals they wish they could replicate, as well as the ones that they really probably never told their spouses about. Hey, it’s all in the name of helping us get where we want to go as private investors working for ourselves. I produce the Land Academy podcast with the following in mind. It’s why you should subscribe. Every day, people reach out to us, because they want to make themselves better. Passive income from real estate is a good way to do that, especially when you’re taking advise from a guy, who’s got 15 thousand deals under his belt, and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Some people are interested in becoming full or part-time real estate [inaudible 00:05:16] but they don’t know exactly where to start.

Most people don’t know that you can buy unwanted land for as little as $100 pretty consistently around the country like I mentioned in the beginning. That’s what this podcast is all about. Some people are interested in bettering their financial situation, maybe they want to make an extra 50 thousand bucks a year, or they want to work every other Sunday. We have members accomplishing that, and everything in between. Maybe they’re committed to making ten thousand dollars a month for the rest of their life in passive income, or maybe they want to buy a cabin lot upstate for their family, for less than five grand, and leave it to their kids. Or maybe they’re like Jill and I, they bought and sold a few properties, tasted the victory, and then they just can’t stop making money doing it. They’re all good reasons, but don’t take my word for it. Go to Landacademy.com. It’s packed with free information on this topic, including some thoughtful compliments from our students, and our customers, and our members.

There’s a free ebook there, as well as a number of other free resources. My whole business model is outlined in that ebook, and people must like it because it’s been downloaded several thousand times this year, alone. Now, for that story. All my Friends Think I’m a Drug Dealer. Several years ago, I quit my job. I was working at an investment bank, in Phoenix, making pretty good money. Actually, really good money. It was the kind of job that I wanted my whole life, great pay, easy hours, lots of fun. I was working with good people, and I was really good at it. But something was missing, and I know now what it was. I wasn’t my own private investor. Said another way, I wasn’t my own boss, I wasn’t working for myself. Well, about a year before I quit, I started buying and selling land on the side. I started a business selling properties on the side, and selling them on the internet. It got so big during that year, that it allowed me to quit. What did I do? I bought a couple of expensive sports cars, and a big house in North Scottsdale. I didn’t get another job.

I kind of worked from home, and never really took on an office outside of that environment until a couple of years later. A few years later, the guys that I was working with, and a couple of other buddies that I had, asked me to join them for a beer. I got there, and they were concerned. It was kind of like an intervention situation. They were all concerned about me. They wanted to know, what was I really doing for a living. Well, in the end, after I got it out of them they wanted to know if I was dealing drugs. They wanted to know if I was a drug dealer. Of course, not. That was my response, we had a good laugh about it, and then they said, No, really. Are you a drug dealer, Steve? Of course not, and I’ll tell you what. After that, they had a thousand questions about buying and selling land. You know why? Because they all wanted to quit their jobs as bad as I did. Nobody really talked about it. They wanted to work for themselves. I guess that was actually the real beginning of Land Academy, and since that time, between now and back then, my company, Landstay, that’s the real estate company that I own, that buys and sells property even to this day, right alongside Landacademy. Well, we purchased into tens of thousands of properties, and you probably already know that by now.

There’s no looking back. We’re having a blast doing it, I hope you enjoy this podcast, too. Now, Land Academy, and specifically this podcast, is my way of giving back. It’s a no-stones unturned, approach to kick-starting your career in real estate. Or simply adding some good, passive income to what you already have going on right now. You know those buddies that I was talking about, that thought I was a drug dealer? One of those guys is a multi-millionaire now, his name’s Mark. He buys land and sells it on the internet, just a couple miles from here, in Scottsdale. From me, here in Scottsdale, Arizona. He was my first student. I did it. This is Land Academy podcast, episode zero. Join me the next episode where I talk with my partner Jill about how to buy property for a hundred bucks, total cost, consistently, every week. Thanks.

If you have a question about how to buy property super cheap and sell it for more, let us know at 888-735-5045. Jill and I will try to get your message on the air. Every single month we give away a property for free, no strings, no funny business, it’s super simple to qualify. Two simple steps. Leave us your feedback for this podcast on iTunes, and number two, get the free ebook at Landacademy.com. You don’t even have to read it. Now go buy some property.

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