Class Clown High School Experience (CLLF 0079)

Class Clown High School Experience

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Jack Butala:                   Jack Butala here for Land Academy. Welcome to our cash flow from land show and this episode talks about being the class clown in high school and what we generally got out of that experience. Jill, I think this is going to be one of those shows that we don’t talk to much about real estate. My favorite kind. Well, sort of.

Before we get into this class clown business, let’s take a question. What do you say?

Jill DeWit:                            Okay. Jackie from Wisconsin called in and asked this question, which this comes up. I love it. How do I find GPS coordinates for the land that I am buying?

Steven, I know you did a youtube video. I went back and found it from May.

Jack Butala:                   I did?

Jill DeWit:                            You did! A youtube video, May of 2015. It was pretty easy to search and find what I was looking for us. I had to put in Land Academy but it popped right up.

Jack Butala:                   What did I say? Did you watch it?

Jill DeWit:                            I started to. I remember it. You get into … I remember the video very well.

Jack Butala:                   Okay. Good. I thought the thirty second attention span just kicked in and you probably watched what, twenty or thirty seconds of it?

Jill DeWit:                            I remember it. Thank you.

Jack Butala:                   So how do you do it?

Jill DeWit:                            I’m asking you! You did the video. You did the video, you do it.

Jack Butala:                   Okay, so the old school way is you get a plat map from the county where you buy the property. You find out what the meets and bounds coordinates are and blah blah blah. That’s the old school way to do it. The new school way is to very simply type in the APN or the Assessors parcel number, which is how the county keeps track of taxes and sending tax bills, assessing the value of the properties, so the actual value of the taxes. Type that into Google Earth Pro and then it pops right up for you, but somebody told me recently, and I haven’t confirmed this that one of our members told us that Google Earth Pro is discontinuing that. Do you know anything about that?

Jill DeWit:                            Mm-mm (negative) I haven’t looked it up yet either.

Jack Butala:                   If that’s the case, the world has progressed since the world of plat maps. Since the age of plat maps, so nine times out of ten you’re going to go to the county wherever the property it and you’re going to type in … you are going to go to what is called a GIS map. Most counties have them, almost all of them now I guess. A few of the rural ones don’t. You can either type the APN in there or you can look at it if it’s got a street address you can find it. It’s not something typically that happens in just a few seconds, even for seasoned people like us, but you will find it. If you can’t, if you’re really struggling with it reach out to us and we’ll help you or go into success plant and ask how to do it because there are a lot of people there who …

Jill DeWit:                            Are doing it.

Jack Butala:                   We all go through the same things. All of us here at Land Academy, so any question like this that is very technical, you’re going to get a very quick response and success plan.

Jill DeWit:                            Mm-hmm (affirmative) A lot of help. What’s interesting too is some of the counties are so progressed that I’ve had them where you can put in the APN, you can put in the street address if there is one, you can even put in owner information.

Jack Butala:                   Yeah. Owner information, that’s right Jill.

Jill DeWit:                            The owner name and it will even pull up our property. It’s so cool. I am not worried at all. The thing is, you just maybe have to do a little bit of digging. It might take a teaspoon full of effort. I love that Seth Williams quote. That’s like I should put that on my wall here. Don’t give up. Sometimes I think people are like I can’t find it, I can’t find it. I’m like, did you spend some time even trying? It’s not that hard. Just take some time and look around. You’ll find it.

Jack Butala:                   Hey, you know what’s great about that too is you’re going to learn a lot more than just where the property is. You’re going to learn about the county, stuff that you never imagined. Every county, especially some of the rural ones and the ones out west here, and certainly the ones out east, they are rich in history and you find out celebrities were born there and all kinds of crazy stuff that you can actually include …

Jill DeWit:                            In your description.

Jack Butala:                   Yeah, when you go to sell the property. It’s a good reason to go to the country website and start rooting around and finding out what’s really going on in that area if you are buying propety there.

Jill DeWit:                            Mm-hmm (affirmative) Once you get to know that county, if you are doing what we teach and coach and recommend, you are buying a bunch of properties or reaching out to a bunch of oweners in that area in that county, you’re going to get to know that county and that mapping system really easy. Once you get it, that’s it. You’re done because you are going to spend a lot of time in that county probably …

Jack Butala:                   That’s right.

Jill DeWit:                            Buying who knows how many properties. That’s one thing that’s true when we talk about our mailers and the data. You’re not sending one here, one here, one here. You’re canvassing a whole area.

Jack Butala:                   If you are lucky enough to get ten or twenty or fifteen or some number of properties all in one county, in one area, that are close to each other, it just makes it that much easier to do the research and put the maps together.

Jill DeWit:                            Mm-hmm (affirmative) Especially when, I love it, when they have buyers that they own five in row. Talk about easy!

Jack Butala:                   Jill and I are in the process of putting together a virtual assistant program. I don’t know what we are going to call it. Where we take all the work out of this for you. We are all doing the same things together so eventually, and it’s not going to happen overnight, but we will have a program where you can use our people, and the service is certainly not free, but you can use our people to get pictures done and to actually close the deal, do the deal analysis and do what we call the engineering phase of it. We can help with that too at some point. Some people just don’t want to do that and I really get that actually. They just want to spend their time making deals.

Jill DeWit:                            Just want to be the money people?

Jack Butala:                   Yeah.

Do you think we answered that?

Jill DeWit:                            Yeah. I think that was great. Basically, we can’t go into showing you how to do it right now obviously on a podcast, but I can tell you about our search our, Google our YouTube video on it. You can really see Steven doing it, you know, screen shots. It’s really great and …

Jack Butala:                   What are the keywords, just Land Academy GPS?

Jill DeWit:                            I think I put in How to find property … I think I just put in How to find a property Land Academy.

Jack Butala:                   Oh, good. Okay.

Jill DeWit:                            In youtube. It was really that easy. I searched for that and it popped right up. It was like the fourth thing. I’m like, Okay. It’s right there, cause then I cut and pasted it to the people who reached out too. It was in success plant that they were talking about this. A few of them were kinda, so I helped them out and said here’s the link.

Jack Butala:                   Excellent.

Jill DeWit:                            Really good.

Jack Butala:                   What’s this class clown business?

Jill DeWit:                            You brought that up! I don’t know. You were, Steven, you are way more of a class clown than I did, so I think that’s kind of funny that you are throwing it at me because we all know the truth about that.

Jack Butala:                   No we don’t.

Jill DeWit:                            Yes we … well, I’m telling you now.

Jack Butala:                   On an earlier show that we recorded you said, oh yeah, I was a class clown.

Jill DeWit:                            Well, in some areas yeas, but I wasn’t a fundamental four year all four years as class president class clown like you were.

Jack Butala:                   Oh then you’re going to bring all that up too.

Jill DeWit:                            Yes.

Jack Butala:                   What did you get out of high school in general? How was that whole experience? What’s it like to go to high school …

Jill DeWit:                            In southern California.

Jack Butala:                   A couple hundred yards from Disneyland, literally.

Jill DeWit:                            I had a blast. You know our senior party was at Disneyland, of course. I had a blast.

We would go there for fun. We would go there to go dancing and meet guys. It was really fun.

Jack Butala:                   Did you go surfing when you were a kid?

Jill DeWit:                            You know the waters kind of cold. I body surf. The only time I really surfed surfed, I tried it in Hawaii and said yeah, I’m okay.

Jack Butala:                   I guess what I’m getting at here, Jill, you had the childhood that everybody dreams of.

Jill DeWit:                            Thank you.

Jack Butala:                   In southern California like right in the movies. All the way from the Mouseketeers whatever, bonfires on the beach and stuff.

Jill DeWit:                            Yeah, it was really fun. I could get up with my girlfriends and back before we could drive, it was very safe. We would take the public bus and go straight down beach boulevard and head to the beach and spend the day by ourselves at the beach if we wanted to. My mom would take us all the time thought. She loved the beach so I was there virtually every weekend anyway. Loved it.

Jack Butala:                   Give us a good story.

Jill DeWit:                            Okay. I remember riding the bus one time. Riding the bus to the beach and longing to be able to drive. I remember sitting, it was at Balboa Island in Newport. We went down there and we were sitting at the bus stop and we’re watching all these cool cars pass us. I’m thinking someday…

Jack Butala:                   Cruising?

Jill DeWit:                            Yeah. I’m going to be able to drive myself. I couldn’t drive back then. I’m sitting at the bus stop with my girlfriend just waiting and it was funny cause later on, a year a half later when I got my first licence and I got my first car, I remember driving by that exact bus bench, pausing and looking and remembering that time. I had arrived. It was funny. What was really funny was I was driving a red mustang convertible.

Jack Butala:                   What?

Jill DeWit:                            That’s the other thing. It wasn’t mine, but I got to rent it. I talked my dad into renting cars. I would save up money and I would talk him into renting me really cool cars and he’d let me do it. I got to drive in it.

Jack Butala:                   This is why you are such a happy well adjusted person.

Jill DeWit:                            Yeah. I remember driving this red mustang convertible right by that stupid bus stop and looking at the two girls who were sitting on the bus stop in our place at that time. It was really fun.

Jack Butala:                   Maybe the weren’t really there. Maybe they were really you and your friend.

Jill DeWit:                            That’s right. It was a vision. That was us. That could be. I loved it. You know me and I love the beach and I love getting out there and I love the people and the attitude and it’s good stuff.

Jack Butala:                   Did you ever sneak out of your window at night when you were that age?

Jill DeWit:                            No, but I snuck people in.

Jack Butala:                   What? What was that all about?

Jill DeWit:                            I snuck a guy in once.

Jack Butala:                   Oh my gosh, Jill!

Jill DeWit:                            I did do that. It wasn’t an overnight thing, but he snuck in for a little while so no, I didn’t sneak out.

Jack Butala:                   Gosh. The stuff I learn about you on this show.

Jill DeWit:                            Let’s talk about you now, Steven.

Jack Butala:                   Don’t want to! This is all about you!

Jill DeWit:                            No, what was your childhood like? Tell us a good high school story about you.

Jack Butala:                   Oh, man. I was … I don’t know. I was a class president all four years I think.

Jill DeWit:                            Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Jack Butala:                   I was involved in that somehow all four years. What it did was it got me access to the principal and the vice principal. I was on really good terms with them so I could just pull shenanigans and get away with it. I had access to keys and data an all sorts of stuff that I should never have had access to at that age.

Jill DeWit:                            Great.

Jack Butala:                   I used it for stuff. You can only imagine how I used it.

Jill DeWit:                            I can imagine how you used it. Was there a financial benefit or was there a girl benefit?

Jack Butala:                   No, it was just pranks and silly stuff like that. It wasn’t, no. The stuff that went on in high school is, I can’t talk about it on the air.

Jill DeWit:                            Okay, let me ask this. Were the teachers all cool with it? Like, yeah, well, it’s just Steven. Or were they like, oh, no, Steven’s doing something again. Were you untouchable in a cool way or were they ticked cause you were in with the right people.

Jack Butala:                   I was never disrespectful and I think that’s the big difference between some stuff that goes on probably throughout your life. I was always respectful for all of that. At least right in front of them, I was very respectful. It wasn’t insincere, it was just … I don’t know. I got to do what I wanted.

Jill DeWit:                            You still are that way. You make that happen which is a good thing though. It’s really good. You still walk around pretty much doing whatever you want all the time.

Jack Butala:                   Oh, my gosh. That sounds awful.

Jill DeWit:                            No! In a good way, I mean that. It’s a positive thing.

Jack Butala:                   That’s what’s hard for working for other people. If that’s in your blood to do things like that, you eventually have to have your own company.

Jill DeWit:                            That’s makes sense.

Jack Butala:                   Or the right partners and all of that.

Jill DeWit:                            That’s a good point.

Jack Butala:                   Yes, I was a class clown, actually.

Jill DeWit:                            I’m waiting. Give us one g-rated story, please.

Jack Butala:                   Oh, man.

Jill DeWit:                            I gave you one.

Jack Butala:                   I didn’t know I had to come up with stories on the show.

Jill DeWit:                            I gave you one. Think of one that’s not going to come back, that no one is going to come back and go I knew it was you!

Jack Butala:                   I look back on that and we didn’t ever really do anything super bad, but I’ll tell you what. If our kids pulled this, I don’t think I’d be real happy about it, but there was just a lot of drinking in my high school.

Jill DeWit:                            Ah. Got it.

Jack Butala:                   All the time there was drinking.

Jill DeWit:                            You guys had a lot of access to a lot of … you were growing up in high school, a pretty affluential environment and you guys had access to a lot of stuff it sounds like and the parent’s were traveling a lot, so there was a lot of free time.

Jack Butala:                   All right. I’ll tell a couple stories. Detroit is set up geographically just north, believe it or not, of Windsor, Canada. You can take the bridge, you still can, take the bridge or the tunnel over there. This was obviously way before 9-11 so there was really no security at all and the drinking age was seventeen or eighteen years old then. That was a frequent thing for us to do. You could just go over there and everybody knew that we were doing it. Las Angeles isn’t close enough to Mexico do to that frequently.

Jill DeWit:                            No, not like that. I mean, you could.

Jack Butala:                   Plus, you don’t really wan to go to Tiajuana anyway.

Jill DeWit:                            We would go down. It would be an event if we go down there, but we’d do that.

Jack Butala:                   My buddy had an uncle who lived in Canada and he would frequently supply us with what stuff we needed. At times, we would resell it for profit. I mean, we thought about doing that, we didnt’ actually do it.

Jill DeWit:                            We’re just going to say that. Got it. But you are providing a service!

Jack Butala:                   Yeah, Right. No. About that, I’ve had multiple friends where I never met their parents. I think I mentioned that to you or someone else recently, in high school. They lived with their grandparents, but I never met them. There as a lot of just, it was a free for all.

Jill DeWit:                            That’s funny.

Jack Butala:                   I guess if we had different personalities, we would have really, I’m sure, gotten in a lot of trouble, but I still keep in touch with a lot of those guys. They all went out and did some real good. Without exception, every single one of them.

Jill DeWit:                            You know what was kind of cool back then too. I’m sure you had this also. We couldn’t really get into a whole lot of trouble. We didn’t have access to a lot of stuff, at least in my little world I didn’t. There are times that yeah, the authorities or maybe someone getting … all right, we’re going to get everybody home now. Even if you’re having a party at your house it was kind of a okay, let’s calm it down everybody. Let’s stay inside. Nobody’s going anywhere. It was a much more … it was a different world and I liked that. I appreciate that.

I hear stories of people in small towns where they would be picked up and they would just be dropped off at their house in those times and that was good.

Jack Butala:                   I say this to the kids all the time. You’ve heard me say it, Jill. Our kids. These kids today, they have so much more responsibility then we do.

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