How Much Money Do You Need to Start (CFFL 0243)

How Much Money Do You Need to Start

Jack Butala: How Much Money Do You Need to Start. Every Single month we give away a property for free. It’s super simple to qualify. Two simple steps. Leave us your feedback for this podcast on iTunes and number two, get the free ebook at, you don’t even have to read it. Thanks for listening.

Jack Butala: Jack Butala with Jill DeWit.

Jill DeWit: Hello.

Jack Butala: Welcome to our show. In this episode, Jill and I talk about how much money does it really take, how much money do you need to start? Good show today, Jill? Not a great show, maybe a good show? Maybe great …

Jill DeWit: [Yeah 00:00:13].

Jack Butala: … let’s make it great, but first, let’s take a question posted by one of our members on, our free online community.

Jill DeWit: Okay. Ben asked, “I got a call on a 2.5 acre property in the middle of a wind farm.”

Jack Butala: Oh, I love these.

Jill DeWit: “The parcel is vacant, but it has a windmill in an enjoining parcel. I guess I could sell it as a relaxing space, sit in a lawn chair and watch the windmill turn.” I love it.

Jack Butala: Who’s Ben? Do you know Ben?

Jill DeWit: I do know Ben.

Jack Butala: This is hilarious.

Jill DeWit: I do know Ben. What’s really fun is, this is a question he asked a while back, and I found it, and I thought it was hilarious too, so yeah, I put it here, and then B, I sent Ben a little note saying, “Hey, listen to this show, because we answered it,” so Ben, hopefully you’re listening.

Jack Butala: That’s hilarious. Do you know all our members? There’s a lot of them.

Jill DeWit: I know a lot of them. Ben’s been with us for a while, that’s why I know Ben.

Jack Butala: Buy that piece of property. Here’s why. If you’re a regular listener, you know we gauged all these properties that come back after we send mailers out, we gauged all these properties back with the 4 As, right? Acreage, more is better. Affordability, cheaper’s better. Access, should always have some version of access. Then number 4 is attributes. Well, what a great attribute this is. I bought some property a long time ago. It was an accident. I bought it, it was under … It was a property under those power lines that come all across from the power plant, and I said, “Oh, no, what’s going to happen,” so I put it up, and man, I sold it for a ton of money, and it became an agricultural situation, because it was in California, so it is in California, and they used it as like a nursery slash … Something. It was in a small town, power lines are going right through it.

Jill DeWit: Well, clearly, then there’s access.

Jack Butala: Just like this.

Jill DeWit: There’s great access, because they have to get to the towers, right?

Jack Butala: Yeah, this wind farm thing, all you got to do … Well, look, this isn’t 100% sure, but if you get property like this, call the people who own the wind farm properties and stuff. They’ll lead, they’ll probably lease to you for … Lease it from you forever, just for the easement alone, to … Because all those windmills need maintenance and stuff, so that’s a good, a fantastic attribute, in my opinion. It sets it apart from a lot of different … The description writes itself, if you wanted to sell it. It’s all … I mean, you’re not going to going to put a cabin on it, that’s not how you’d sell this, but it’s got a great attribute.

Jill DeWit: Cabin with a beautiful windmill next to it.

Jack Butala: Yeah, and this relaxing thing’s funny, but it’s not.

Jill DeWit: I love it.

Jack Butala: If you have a question or you want to be on the show, call 800-725-8816. How much money do you need to start in this type of real estate investment business? This is the meat of the show. Jill, how much money?

Jill DeWit: A dollar. Just kidding. This comes up often. That’s why-

Jack Butala: All the time.

Jill DeWit: That’s why I’m glad that you did this.

Jack Butala: This is going to shock you.

Jill DeWit: This is really important. This is really good to know.

Jack Butala: This is going to shock you, but you need money to start in the real estate business. You don’t need your own money, but it takes money to start stuff. All you every hear on late-night TV is, “No money down! You don’t need any money.” It’s all not true. You need a little bit of money. Do you need $40 million in the bank? No. Do you need to have access to somebody who’s got a ton of money and just wants to invest with you? Maybe, if you don’t have your own money. If you started with 5 grand, could you turn it into a ton of money, like I did? Yeah, absolutely. It depends on you, but can you start with 0.00? No.

Jill DeWit: Thank you. It’s important …

Jack Butala: Is that the whole show?

Jill DeWit: … to know. That’s the whole … Well, no, and I’m really glad that we’re talking about this, and it’s realistic. That’s the part I want everybody to know. Like you said, people, unfortunately, they have this, [maybe because of 00:04:15] late-night shows and things like that, they have this vision of, “Oh, it’s all going to come free, and whatever,” and no, you have to start with something. You need an education. You need access to the tools. You need to send out mailers.

Jack Butala: Yeah.

Jill DeWit: I mean, there’s little things that go into this. You, and you … This is where I talk to people a lot about, you have to budget and plan for this, and I urge people, “Do not do this until you can safely and securely do it, and budget and plan, and so what? If it takes 6 months to get to that, that’s fine. Don’t go backwards. Don’t take it out of your credit card.” That’s my big …

Jack Butala: I’ve heard-

Jill DeWit: … pet peeve, so don’t do that. Do it right, and just sit tight and wait, get in a plan for it, get a budget, and then when the time’s right, then go for it.

Jack Butala: I’ve heard Jill talk people out of buying our program, when I’m like around our office. I have gone in there a couple of times, just listening to you say, “You know what? You’re not ready for this. If this is the last part of your credit card, you’re going to fill your credit card up with this, that’s just not … You need the 6 months to just take care of … ”

Jill DeWit: Chill out.

Jack Butala: ” … some other stuff.” I’ve also seen you process refunds after you say that to somebody, and then they go do it anyway. I’ve seen you refund their money without them asking. I have. I’ve seen it 1 time. It’s probably happened more than once.

Jill DeWit: Yeah. It doesn’t happen very often, but yeah. I mean, because I really try to urge people ahead of time to make sure it’s right, and the time is right, and budget for it.

Jack Butala: Our best members, our most successful members, are methodical about this. It’s not … This isn’t just an impulse purchase or an impulse career. Do a bunch of research on the internet, take a look at other people who are doing this, look at the names on LandWatch, the seller names, see if this is, it’s something that you want to do. Listen to a bunch of shows that are, doesn’t cost anything. Call our 2 land competitors, I don’t think they’re competitors, but call these 2 people and see what … Call the members that they have, and see what it’s all about. Do a bunch of research. If it’s for you, then jump in with both feet. It costs a little bit of money.

Jill DeWit: It does.

Jack Butala: If I had to put a dollar amount on it, I mean, I would say, I don’t know, 5 grand, 2 grand? Some number like that.

Jill DeWit: Well, I’ve done that. I’ve actually worked with people and kind of … Right now, kind of a little bit of a budget like, “All right,” and all the information’s out there, so anyone can do this off of our website. You can go on our website, and you can quickly look up and see, “Okay, that’s how much I need for the education. Got it. Okay, now, if I want to get the tools, and I want to have access to all this stuff, okay, got it. Now, okay, I can see how much a mailer costs, and I know Jack says I need to send out at least 1,500 … ”

Jack Butala: To start out.

Jill DeWit: “To get a test going. Okay, so okay, I know how much that’s going to cost, and how much it’s going to cost to get the … ” You can, and then the last piece is really, and probably one of the most important, too, is your acquisition budget, because I tell everybody, too, “You need to plan for those things,” but then you also got to say, you have to plan, “What am I going to buy,” and you want a detail, you want a … This is where you said, Jack, 2,000 or 5,000 or 10,000, whatever your budget is, this is where you can kind of tweak it, because when you’re doing the [process 00:07:28], you can target, “I’m only going to buy properties in the X price range. I’m going to buy properties for $500,” or, “I’m going to buy a property for $5,000.” That’s where you can tweak it to whatever your budget is.

Jack Butala: … or 100 grand. We’ve got members who specifically get involved, because they want to buy $100,000 properties and sell them for 190, or 150. One guy in Florida’s just killing it, doing this in one specific place. He had it all worked out in his head long before he got into our program, in the whole thing, so yeah, do some planning. The members that are most successful do planning.

Jill DeWit: Mm-hmm (affirmative). My point to this is, everything, be realistic, we’re being very upfront and honest, because that’s who we are, and plan and budget, and don’t go into anything crazy, and anybody asks you to up your credit card or something silly like that, don’t do that. That doesn’t make any sense. I mean, one thing that Jack and I really feel very strong about is, the way we operate, I mean, our education isn’t … There’s no, “Oh, you got the first half of it. Now you need the second half. You got to pay X.” Uh-uh (negative). You get the whole thing upfront, this is everything that there is, and our whole program. “Here are the tools to do it, now go do it,” kind of thing …

Jack Butala: There’s no upselling in our company. We don’t have a $12,000 product …

Jill DeWit: … or 30 or 50.

Jack Butala: … and then a $50,000.

Jill DeWit: Oh, no.

Jack Butala: You get everything in the whole, upfront, and then we provide the tools on a subscription basis, and that’s it.

Jill DeWit: That’s it. You need to go do it. Because you know why? Because we want you to use your money for your acquisitions. That’s now what you should be doing.

Jack Butala: This is not a commercial. This is just how we set up the company. We didn’t need to do this. We did it at the request of a ton of people who were buying our properties, so it’s just as straightforward as that.

Jill DeWit: Exactly. That’s true. We didn’t set out to be Land Academy. We were 16 years doing our thing, doing just fine.

Jack Butala: Yeah, I mean, we don’t sell T-shirts or mugs or any of that stuff.

Jill DeWit: No.

Jack Butala: Yeah. We have a product that Jill constantly marks down.

Jill DeWit: I know. I’m helping more people, I’m helping more people.

Jack Butala: Multiple people sign up, probably almost a day now, to have access to the tools, [worth 00:09:44] a huge value. Our Data to Doorstep … This is not a commercial, but our Data to Doorstep product costs $200 a month right now, and you get about … Between $1,500 and $1,900 a month worth of stuff, like if you just started in ways to sell property, it’s all property-related, so I mean, if you went up off the street and started signing up on the internet for all these tools, it would cost $1,900, while we charge $200.

Jill DeWit: Exactly.

Jack Butala: All the stuff that you get for free on top of that, like Success Plant’s a great example, where you’re asking … As you’re going and making mistakes, if you’re doing it right, you’re making mistakes. Yeah, I said that right. If you’re doing it right, you’re making a bunch of mistakes …

Jill DeWit: It’s true.

Jack Butala: … and you’re asking other people who just went through it, right out of Success Plant, in real time, how to solve it. How much is that worth?

Jill DeWit: Right? That’s the best … I mean, that’s a … You know what? Jack just brought up one nice little thing. Even if, because we talk about this often, I wish I had me when I was getting rolling. Even if I didn’t have me, so that I could follow, like a blueprint, if I just had somebody I could pick up the phone, or gosh, message them, I’m talking about Success Plant, if I had a place like Success Plant where I could just go and ask this question, I would have saved me so much time, and so much trouble, and so much money, but that’s …

Jack Butala: The short of it is-

Jill DeWit: We’re here now. We got here as fast as we could.

Jack Butala: You need a little bit of money to start, all right?

Jill DeWit: Yeah.

Jack Butala: Let’s just cut to the chase.

Jill DeWit: Me too.

Jack Butala: If somebody’s asking for you to increase the amount on your credit card, don’t do it. It’s just, just use common sense. There’s no secrets here. There’s no secret counties. There’s no … The inside track is this. You need to have access to great data, which we provide. World-class data, the same data that First American Title uses, and many, many, other agencies. Government uses it for a lot of stuff.

Jill DeWit: I-

Jack Butala: That’s the big secret right there, and then the other secret, and it’s not a secret if you listen to even one episode of this show, is to send people unsolicited offers and wait for the stuff to come back. There’s your secrets. You don’t want to spend a dollar, that’s how you do this. That’s how Donald Trump does it, or his organization. I don’t care what you think about Trump, I don’t care at all. I’m not advocating it or not. It’s not a political thing. That’s how he made a ton of money in commercial real estate, by sending unsolicited offers to people who owned commercial property, and filling it up.

Jill DeWit: Right. I love it, and you’re right, having access to that is just amazing, and what I tell people, too, is, we’re not going anywhere. That’s my …

Jack Butala: Oh, yeah, I never thought about that.

Jill DeWit: … thing, too. I’m not … I say that all the time …

Jack Butala: That’s great, Jill. I never thought about that.

Jill DeWit: … so what if you’re going [to be 00:12:25] telling me, “Okay, and do yours, I’m going to be able to do this.” Great, I’ll be here.

Jack Butala: That’s great, Jill.

Jill DeWit: Seriously. I’m not going anywhere, so then I’m like, “Okay.”

Jack Butala: It’s nice to talk to you.

Jill DeWit: Thank you. I’m not going anywhere.

Jack Butala: Seriously, like the … We’re on the show, and that’s when I talk to you every day.

Jill DeWit: It’s true. We get to hear about what each person’s doing …

Jack Butala: [I know 00:12:46].

Jill DeWit: … and what’s going on in your world, and what’s going on in my world, and this is what … This comes up a lot in my world, so thank you, Jack, I’m glad that we covered this today, and I hope this helps a lot of people.

Jack Butala: This is the Technical 2, 2 minutes of property investment advice from our 15-year, 15,000-plus transaction experience. Plan before you spend. Like anything, please plan it out, do a bunch of research, put some money into a different bank account if you need to, to manage it all out, plan it from a time standpoint when you’re going to actually learn, and from the videos, and practice with the data that we have, and if it’s 4 hours on Sunday, but just put a plan together. Don’t just get the stuff and think it’s going to magically jump out at the screen, or out of the box at you, and dance around, and it’s going to work. You have to plan. Somebody told me a long time ago, they used this analogy, and it just stuck in my head forever. If you want to find somebody to have a romantic relationship with, you can’t just sit in a chair by yourself in your living room and have them just fall out of the ceiling. You got to go do some stuff.

Jill DeWit: I have not seen that website. Maybe that should be on there. They come up with all these, that would be really funny. Sitting on my couch,

Jack Butala: Yeah, and it falls out of the ceiling? Uh-uh (negative).

Jill DeWit: Yeah, I know.

Jack Butala: No, you got to go out there, and you know what? You’re going to fail. It’s going to suck.

Jill DeWit: That’s true.

Jack Butala: Not suck, but you’re going to fail at it, and then eventually if you do everything right, maybe it might work.

Jill DeWit: Maybe.

Jack Butala: Real estate, there’s probably a higher percentage chance, there’s a much higher percentage chance to succeed in real estate investing than there is to …

Jill DeWit: Oh, no, you can’t … Oh, no.

Jack Butala: … have a romantic relationship that lasts longer than 4 weeks.

Jill DeWit: Oh, no.

Jack Butala: I’ll bet you a dollar that’s the case.

Jill DeWit: That’s hilarious. This is going to be our … This is our new ad campaign, everyone. It’s going to show Land Academy success rate and dating success rate, or something like that.

Jack Butala: Exactly.

Jill DeWit: First date, to … That’s hilarious.

Jack Butala: Hey, that’s enough of that. No, it’s not. Dating is harder than making tons of money in real estate. I’m not joking.

Jill DeWit: Yes. It is.

Jack Butala: Don’t you think?

Jill DeWit: Yes, it is, but you know what? I have something to add, that the same analogy applies to both, which is: Up your numbers.

Jack Butala: Yeah, oh, let’s hear about that, Jill. I love this.

Jill DeWit: Yeah, I think I’ve shared this a little bit before, but just like our property thing, in dating you need to up your numbers. You need to have a lot to choose from. Right? Like the …

Jack Butala: Yeah.

Jill DeWit: … property, so I have a lot to choose from, and that’s the thing, once you get rolling in this, and people go, “What?” I’m like, “Yeah. You have so many acquisitions, you can just pick the 5, 10, 15, whatever you want to buy, pick the best ones. You’ve got enough to choose from.”

Jack Butala: Exactly.

Jill DeWit: Like men.

Jack Butala: Yeah.

Jill DeWit: Just kidding. Just kidding!

Jack Butala: No, no, that’s fine. I get it. I just keep coming back to that radio commercial from a lot of years ago in Chicago.

Jill DeWit: Which one?

Jack Butala: A guy was like just … He was, imagine, in a bar, going down bar stool to bar stool to bar stool, that’s, all those bar stools have women, and he’s like, “Hi, buy you a drink?” First woman’s like, “Get away from me, creep.” Second one’s, “Hi, buy you a drink,” and she says, “You’re an idiot.” “Hi, buy you a drink?” “You’re a creep!” Then at the last bar stool, he says, “Hi, buy you a drink?” She says, “Oh, yeah, my name’s Sally,” and that’s just how dating goes. That’s up your numbers.

Jill DeWit: Got it. Yeah.

Jack Butala: Yeah.

Jill DeWit: Yeah.

Jack Butala: It’s really 9, it’s probably 9, you’re going to find 1 out of 10 that, you do the most outrageous stuff that you could possibly do to get a date, 1 out of 10 people probably are going to fall for it.

Jill DeWit: It’s funny when people-

Jack Butala: We tested this in college. You want to hear about it?

Jill DeWit: Yeah.

Jack Butala: We were, had this huge house party, this was like when I was a junior, and almost done, and I knew everything was going to be okay, and me and one of my housemates, there’s like 10 guys living in a house, there’s a visual for you, and this one guy was nuts, and he sat on this, sat on a stoop and said the most outrageous stuff to women as they were walking into this party, and we calculated it all, and it was 9 women were just like basically spit on him, and then there was also, what, 10%, 1 out of 10, where they were like, “Oh, hi.” It worked.

Jill DeWit: I mean, was it funny? Was it like, did it make them laugh?

Jack Butala: I don’t know. He was just trying outrageous stuff. Stuff that I can’t … It was just outrageous stuff.

Jill DeWit: Like pickup line stuff?

Jack Butala: Yeah, like just anything, like there’s 10% of … You can say anything to 10%, and it’s not a gender-specific dating thing. I just think that there was a good 90-10 rule. 10% of the people are going to, they just …

Jill DeWit: You could apply that to a lot of things.

Jack Butala: I think there’s … 10% of the women that went to that party just wanted to talk to a guy, who was reasonably …

Jill DeWit: I think 90% of the women that went to that party wanted to talk to a guy, they wouldn’t have been there otherwise.

Jack Butala: Oh, really?

Jill DeWit: Yes!

Jack Butala: They just don’t want the free beer?

Jill DeWit: Yeah … Well, yeah, because women go to parties for free beer.

Jack Butala: Wow, we’re upsetting Jill.

Jill DeWit: What the heck?

Jack Butala: We’re upsetting Jill today.

Jill DeWit: We don’t go to parties for free beer.

Jack Butala: Wow, you just got a little snippy.

Jill DeWit: Oh, my goodness. No, if anything … If …

Jack Butala: See how disgusted?

Jill DeWit: Yes.

Jack Butala: Even at my age, I have no idea …

Jill DeWit: Oh, you have no …

Jack Butala: … what women … At all.

Jill DeWit: … idea. No [idea 00:18:18].

Jack Butala: All right, so explain it to us then.

Jill DeWit: No. If anything, college girls are hungry, and they will be there for the free snacks, so, because yes, we were just-

Jack Butala: There’s no snacks.

Jill DeWit: We were just talking about that with my friends the other day, we were talking about college days, and we were remembering … Remember, we used to go to XYZ nightclub, and it was like, the happy hour was all about the food, so we would go there because it was dinner kind of thing. You’d have a drink or 2, and that’s all you had to pay for, and you got … There’s enough nachos, and they put out a whole Mexican spread, and that was dinner. We were there for the food. We were really kind of hungry, so, because we didn’t have a lot of money, because we’re in college, so there you go. For the free beer … They wouldn’t be there for that anyway. They’re there to meet guys.

Jack Butala: It’s amazing that men and women even talk to each other or get together at all as a species in this planet.

Jill DeWit: Silly.

Jack Butala: What motivates men, and stuff like that, it’s just completely different.

Jill DeWit: Okay, give me the reverse. You go to a sorority party.

Jack Butala: You don’t go to a sorority party.

Jill DeWit: Oh.

Jack Butala: Nobody in their … They only do that if you’re in a fraternity, and it’s … Because …

Jill DeWit: You have to …

Jack Butala: … it’s expected, yeah, or it’s some kind of tradition.

Jill DeWit: … or it’s a girlfriend.

Jack Butala: You don’t go there to like … Yeah, exactly.

Jill DeWit: You don’t go there for the free beer?

Jack Butala: You just don’t go there to have any fun. It’s like a … I don’t know, your wife makes you go to a thing. It’s that. You just do it because it’s like, “If I don’t do this, it’s going to be way worse than if I do.”

Jill DeWit: Boy, did we get off-topic. How am I going to get into the inspiration after that?

Jack Butala: [It’s 00:19:57] stuff that never changes now. There’s guy stuff to do, and girl stuff to do.

Jill DeWit: Totally.

Jack Butala: I have to say, I have a blast. We, you and I, do a lot of stuff, fun stuff, together, the vast majority, but there’s this [stuff 00:20:09] …

Jill DeWit: I thought you liked it. Now I’m questioning it.

Jack Butala: There’s some stuff, and you know exactly what it is, that I don’t invite you to, and you don’t want to come …

Jill DeWit: That’s true.

Jack Butala: … and it’s vice-versa, like I’m not going to go to a musical, I’m just not, with you.

Jill DeWit: Do you know what’s really nice about it? It’s now I get it, and I know it, and it’s okay to say, “No, I did not buy you a ticket. It’s XYZ,” and you’re like, “Thank goodness,” and like, “You’re welcome.”

Jack Butala: Yeah. Yeah. Exactly.

Jill DeWit: I’ll see you later.

Jack Butala: I’m going to get up tomorrow morning and, probably way before the sun gets up, and put a wet suit on, go out in the ocean with paddle boards with a couple of our kids and their friends, and I’m extremely … I didn’t even invite you, probably don’t even know we’re going to do this.

Jill DeWit: No, I will show up a couple of hours later with coffee on the beach.

Jack Butala: Yes. That’s my point.

Jill DeWit: That’s my role.

Jack Butala: That’s why you don’t even know we’re doing it. I’ll leave you a little sticky note on …

Jill DeWit: Do the coffee order …

Jack Butala: … your forehead while you’re sleeping.

Jill DeWit: … and I’ll show up with that later, absolutely, and I get the house to myself. Thank you.

Jack Butala: That’s what I’m saying.

Jill DeWit: Yeah.

Jack Butala: I’m just shaking your hand over the studio table.

Jill DeWit: Thank you.

Jack Butala: If you have a question, or you want to get sidetracked by listening to this show, call 800-725-8816. Jill, inspire us.

Jill DeWit: Do you believe in yourself?

Jack Butala: Oh, I love how you just kind of … It’s so simple, but man, you really need to think about that once in a while. Yes, I do, if you’re … I don’t know if you’re talking to me or the listeners, but yes, I do believe in myself.

Jill DeWit: I’ll take either.

Jack Butala: Do you believe in yourself?

Jill DeWit: I do.

Jack Butala: I believe in you.

Jill DeWit: Thank you. It’s …

Jack Butala: I do not believe in your ability to make the best cookie in the planet, but I think you’re maybe one of the best salespeople on the planet, and I’m not exaggerating.

Jill DeWit: What? You don’t like my cookies? That’s one of my things that I like.

Jack Butala: No, no, that’s not what I said.

Jill DeWit: My kids like my cookies.

Jack Butala: You’re good at cookies, but …

Jill DeWit: Okay, wait a minute.

Jack Butala: Not the best in the world.

Jill DeWit: Well, all right.

Jack Butala: I think you’re close to the best in the world salesperson.

Jill DeWit: Okay. Got it. Got a little defensive there, sorry. Because I really feel good at … Say pastry chef or something. Give me some credit. Cookies are my thing.

Jack Butala: Oh, all right.

Jill DeWit: Cookies and sandwiches are my thing.

Jack Butala: Meatloaf, sorry.

Jill DeWit: Yeah, it’s fine. All right, so my thoughts are, it’s easy to walk around and say you believe in yourself when you really don’t believe in yourself, and you really need to take a moment and sit back, and if you don’t believe in yourself, maybe try to figure out why, what went sideways, and get yourself back on track. If you’re not walking around, believing in yourself, confident in what you’re doing, and the decisions you’re making, then you might need to make some changes.

Jack Butala: Yeah, and I would really take a … This is not group psychology here, but I would take a look at why that is, and my guess is, somebody in your life, either now or before, was telling you you suck. If somebody in your life is telling you you suck, get out of there, because you don’t suck. Trust me.

Jill DeWit: No. Well, and I even … For me, it’s totally internal. I like to think I do an okay job of not letting other people’s stuff rattle me. Sure, it does, but at times, I can remove myself and go, “Okay, that person’s crazy. I’m not … No.” Like you just said, and I turned around myself, but it’s more just internal, not just external. This is where I’m going with this one. A lot of us are going through the motions every day, and we’re going … We think we’re going where we want to go, we think we’re doing, but when you take a step back and, it’s just important to make sure that you’re really true to yourself, and you believe in yourself, and you’re taking care of yourself and following through, and that’s …

Jack Butala: You know what I see sometimes a lot with our, especially with our younger members, they struggle, or right in the beginning, they might … Not struggle, but they kind of fumble the ball. Just on the real estate piece, like, “Oh, man, I think I may be … I sent this mailer out and I think I overpaid. What should I do?” Then they internalize it and say, “I suck at this.” Really, this is not about, again, I’ve said it for the 5 millionth time, this is not so much about buying real estate and selling it and making money. That part’s easy. What’s hard, or not hard but what takes a lot of effort, is being organized, so don’t … You don’t suck. Take a deep breath, get organized, put a plan together, get a system together, know where the money’s coming from. Don’t fly by the seat of your pants on a lot of this stuff, and then all of the deals will happen, for sure. None of it’s going to happen if you don’t believe in yourself, Jill, you’re right.

Jill DeWit: Exactly. It’s funny that, what you just brought up about some of our members, because I’ve had a few members that I’ve had a chat with that, it’s a situation like you just described, they’re thinking, “Oh, I screwed up. I did something wrong. I’m,” whatever, and then when I say, “Hold on a moment. You’re killing it! I mean, look what you just learned. I mean, yeah, big deal, you lost $200. Who flipping … Who cares?”

Jack Butala: Who loses $200, by the way?

Jill DeWit: You’re going to, but you know what I mean? You think … You know what? Here’s what usually happens, is that, “I only made X, when I should have made Y.”

Jack Butala: I know. That’s what I hear.

Jill DeWit: “That’s what happened,” and I’m like, “All right.”

Jack Butala: “I could have made 5 grand on this, and I only made 3.”

Jill DeWit: “What?”

Jack Butala: I hear that all the time.

Jill DeWit: “I sold it to that guy, and then the next day somebody else called me, and I was so impatient … ”

Jack Butala: Right. How is that failing?

Jill DeWit: ” … and I screwed up,” I know that’s my big one, and I …

Jack Butala: You know what, [Joe 00:25:24]? You just nailed this.

Jill DeWit: All I have to do is, I have to say, “What are you talking about?”

Jack Butala: That’s a confidence thing.

Jill DeWit: Sometimes you just need it from somebody else, and [they 00:25:32] tell me doing everything right, and then it … It does up their … “God, yeah, I do believe in myself.” I’m like, “Yeah, you are doing everything right,” so it’s funny how that comes up.

Jack Butala: I love it. Believe in yourself.

Jill DeWit: Thank you.

Jack Butala: Have some confidence. It’s awesome. That doesn’t happen overnight, I guess, either. Hey, join us in another episode where Jack and Jill discuss how to use information, that’s me …

Jill DeWit: Inspiration, that’s me.

Jack Butala: … to get just about anything you want.

Jill DeWit: We use it every day to buy property for half of what it’s worth, and sell it immediately.

Jack Butala: You are not alone in your real estate ambition. Good talk, Jill.

Jill DeWit: Thank you, I’m glad you liked that.

Jack Butala: Information and inspiration to buy undervalued property.

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