Top 10 Places to Sell Property Online

Steven (Butala) and I have, combined, over 25 years of experience selling property. The result is more than 15,000 completed transactions – all online.

Back in the 90s when Steven first conceived this concept, there were not nearly as many tools and resources available at one’s fingertips. Maps had to be ordered and mailed from the county, Google Earth did not exist, and eBay was just tapping into international markets.

Today the process is much easier, faster, and sellers can operate from anywhere in the world. Buyers can do their due diligence online and when ready, add property to their check-out cart and pay with their credit card.

With a cell phone and GPS coordinates, anyone can display a map and accurately preview a property. Steven and I buy and sell numerous properties every week without technically ever visiting the property.


Selling is the easy part.

By creating appealing postings that include; gorgeous photos, detailed descriptions, maps, directions, GPS coordinates, and below market sales prices, sales are never an issue.

For each “for sale” property, we gather 5-7 images of property, the surrounding area and plat map, write an attractive description sharing all the benefits the area has to offer, and post with the pertinent property details available.

Where to post? ALL of the places below. As long as the property is priced right, then the only detail is “reach”-ing the right buyer.


Here is our current list of the Top 10 Places to Sell Property Online:

10. – Online Real Estate Auctions/County Tax Sales.  Good place to sell property, although we use this more as a place to purchase tax foreclosed property being auctioned for sale on behalf of counties. Auction-style sales that require pre-registration and offers advance email alert notification.

9. – Multiple listing service portal for Realtors and realty professionals. This site does require being listed by a licensed “agent” therefore is best used for higher priced transactions where a worthwhile commission is collected by realtors.

8. – Great substitute for formerly used (Postlets was bought by Zillow in 2016 and now it’s Zillow Rental Manager.) Realshout syndicates property listings on: Zillow, Trulia, AOL real estate, Craigslist, and more.

7. – With a dedicated real estate section within states/counties/cities, that can be further defined by housing type (i.e. land), this is still a great free place to post for sale property.

6. – Once a free online marketing environment, LandWatch is a good sales venue, plus resource to determine sales prices based on comparable properties. 30-day free trial available for up to 30 listings then reverts to monthly fee of $49.99.

5. LandAndFarm – Similar to LandWatch with thousands of listings and good exposure. Basic subscription is $29.95 per month for up to 10 listings and $34.95 per month for up to 30 listings.

4. – Once our top selling venue, eBay is still a great place to advertise and gather buyers and drive them to your dedicated selling website. Cost to post property for a 30-day auction style sale, is a $50 insertion fee with a $35 notice fee when the auction ends. Other sale types are “buy-it-now”, which is a fixed price type with same fee structure. Think of eBay as; $50 per month worth of advertising to reach potential sellers.

3. Social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Believe it or not, these are all viable options to post properties and find buyers. Goal is to build up personal social media accounts so buyers see real and reputable sellers. Don’t miss the opportunity to create attached accounts for future business listings.

*NOTE* Facebook Marketplace now even easier to use! Post houses, properties, services. Fantastic tool!

2. (or your own website) – Drive traffic from all over the internet to an individual business website where buyers can purchase and easily “check out” online is the ultimate goal.

1. Personal buyer’s list. Since 1999, real estate investors from all over the world have opted-in to our list and receive weekly emails of our entire inventory, wholesale priced. Properties are offered to our Platinum Buyer’s List first and often sold before we even have time to create listings and post to the rest of the selling venues.

We now include our “pro” LandAcademy member’s properties on as a selling benefit, with no commissions paid to us.

Happy Selling!