Get into the High Margin Land Flipping Business This Weekend For FREE

Get into the High Margin Land Flipping Business This Weekend For FREE

I get many questions like this every week:

Hi Steven,

I am looking to get into land investing. I was reading a forum post you wrote about finding tax delinquent land owners before they go to tax sale…

Ryan H.

PS What is the best piece of advice you would give a newbie to the raw land business?

We are always experts at helping new investors who are searching for their niche. Here is my advice:

1) Get the free eBook I wrote on this topic. (My whole business model is in there.) There are exercises in the book that are all free and get you into business in the area of your choice to see if the niche is for you.

2) Email me for one time access to our weekly Member Ambition Call, where we all talk about the deals we are doing.  (You are welcome to join the call if you send over your email address or I will use the one you have linked to if we are colleagues.) Our weekly call is full of people who were in your shoes a month or two ago and are beginning to experience some consistent revenue by flipping land transactions.

3) Join  It’s our community site for members to talk about the land deals they are completing.  You can see “real time” how successful this can be with relatively little money or effort. It’s like a small Bigger Pockets for our land flipping niche. (This is currently FREE for everyone.)

I strongly recommend that you do not start with back tax properties. I cover it in my material because although it is an important part of a sustained real estate investment career, it’s not the best “first” step.  Many of our members started out on their own and struggled with trying to do back tax deals. They later purchased my program and shared with me that they wished they would not have chosen that as a first step (I can arrange a call you if you would like to hear it directly from them).

I have a better way using direct mail. And happy to share more about the other pieces to the puzzle that are not obvious to most new investors. To succeed it needs to be done right, from the beginning, so you can make sure you are able to SELL the property quickly after you buy it.

Let me know how I can help.  Thanks and good luck…