Why Would Anyone Want Property Way Out There?

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What is better: A Treasurer’s Deed or a Warranty Deed?
A Treasurer’s Deed is a document stating that title/ownership was transferred via a sale from the county treasurer to the buyer. Should you “pass” on those? We don’t. We love them.
By the time a property gets to the point of being owned by the county, many years and many things have happened. The county has attempted to contact the seller each year by mail with tax statements. After several years, the taxing authority takes back the property for nonpayment of taxes and resells it to get it back on the tax rolls. These procedures are statutory and vary from state to state.
We believe this results in the best type of title insurance possible. Ironically, a Treasurer’s Deed may be more valid than a Warranty Deed.
How to transfer title from a Treasurer’s Deed? Simply deed as normal. Since you are not a treasurer you will never be creating those types of deeds. Use our own DeedPerfect and create a new Special Warranty/Grant Deed and you are all set!
One Reason About Why We Are All Here
By Jill DeWit
As I was recently perusing our Cash Flow From Land Program, I was reminded one reason “why we are all here”.
It came to me while reading a question Jack answered in our program’s content:
Why would anyone want that type of rural property?  

I’ve heard commercial real estate guys call it junk land or junk lots.  Sometimes they are called a paper subdivisions. Here’s my answer:  I guess I generated more than twenty million dollars of “junk properties” to more than ten thousand happy customers.  All kidding aside, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  Here’s a great example: We recently sold a 10-acre property in Northern Arizona off of I-10 to a truck driver.  He is paying us $100 a month for the next several years.  He couldn’t be happier. This is his retirement plan. So, when people start telling you why the property you are buying way out in the sticks is “useless”,  tell the truck driver story. Or better yet, make your own great customer stories after you begin collecting money every month. Everyone has opinions about what successful people do.  My experience has been that the more successful you get, the more opinions you get from people.

I recall answering this question years ago for my family & friends. They were confused and extremely curious about what Jack and I were doing and how we could afford so much free time. (We still make sure to always set aside fun time!)
As I would attempt to explain this concept I realized that most individuals think we must dosomething to a property or somehow improve it to make it more valuable. As our members know, that is not the case.
We simply buy it right. And we are helping people (sellers) get rid of their unwanted asset. Or providing funds for them to use for something more important. Our sellers know I am going to mark it up and make a profit. They don’t want spend the time to create and advertisement and market their property themselves.
And they thank us all the time.
Read about it in our online community HERE.
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Sincerely, Jill DeWit
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