The “Bottom 20% Thing” Explained

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The “Bottom 20% Thing” Explained
You ask. We listen. 
Today on our weekly member call, several attendees asked Jack for more insight into the whole “bottom 20%” concept and how to manipulate data and strategically use assessed value.
Here is Jack’s explanation:
Assessed Value 20% Thing
Step 1: In RealQuest in your chosen county, select acreage range.  Let’s say 5 acres for this example but you may choose a range like 4.99 -5.01.
Step 2: Peruse the data until you feel like you have an idea of where top and bottom are of the assessed values dataset.
All 5 Acre Properties in Mohave County, AZ.
Top Assessed Value = $100,000 / 100%
Bottom Assessed Value = $1,000 / 0%
Step 3: Fill in values between the top and bottom assessed values
$100,000 / 100%
$90,000 / 90%
$80,000 / 80%
$70,000 / 70%
$60,000 / 60%
$50,000 / 50%
$40,000 / 40%
$30,000 / 30%
$20,000 / 20%
$10,000 / 10%
$0 / 0%
Step 4: Calculate the assessed value “cap” for this mailer. Here it’s $20,000. Now you say to yourself, “Every owner who has property in this data-set with an assessment value of X (here it’s $20,000) or less gets an offer. “
Note: You may calculate the bottom 30% or 50% or choose to send every single owner an offer regardless of assessed value. It’s been my experience that the highest mailer yield comes from the bottom 20% of assessed value and the best acquisitions come from sending every single owner an offer (which also generates the most Haight).
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Land Pin: What it is and what it will soon be.
Owners (and agents) of land have two or three industry specific choices about where to offer it for sale on the internet. (also called landsofamerica) “LF”, “LW”, and Sites like Zillow, Trulia, eBay, Craigslist,, Redfin, and the MLS are other real estate posting options that are not land specific.
Serious land buyers use LW and LF. Experienced sellers know that these two sites produce consistent sales (especially when properties are featured or sold through elevated credentials like “Signature” status on LW). Each of these sites report about 4 million visits per month.
Neither LW or LF is run by experienced “land” professionals like us. They were created and are managed by a team of sales and IT staff. aims to provide a third alternative for serious land sellers and consume a substantial chunk of the market share in this space. How? By creating a feature full website experience unique to the needs of land investors.
As of today, neither LW or LF have:
  1. mapping functionality
  2. bulk upload functionality
  3. ability to process sales/down payments via credit cards for sellers
  4. support community or learning environment
  5. services associated with completing a real estate deal
Yet, posting fees and subscription charges for these sites are embarrassingly high in cost.
The only service LF and LW provide is allowing a potential buyer the ability to forwards his “interest” to a seller via email.
A lot of money is being left on the table and these sites need organic competition to bring them back in line.
What Land Pin is
We believe “sales” should be automatic and nearly all your time as a land investor should be focused on acquisitions. Land Pin provides this environment.
Land Pin solves the “first 10 properties” problem for Land Academy members. It’s an environment where new investors with 10 properties or less can establish a “completed sales” track record by riding on the coat tails of Jack and Jill’s 15,000+ property transaction experience and completed sales.
Organically, thousands of new visitors access Land Pin each day and review properties for sale. Every early adopter from Land Academy reported sales from the beta version of the site. Hundreds of thousands will go there each day when we begin advertising.
What Land Pin will be
Land Pin currently offers (or will soon provide) the services mentioned above, where LF and LW fall short.
  1. Jaw dropping mapping functionality that holds buyer’s attention.
  2. Bulk upload capability (post thousands of properties at a time from a spread sheet)
  3. Vendors (sellers) will be able to accept credit cards.
  4. 24/7 Support community (SuccessPlant) where buyers chat with sellers (available now)
  5. Services like escrow and notary to help complete transactions
With subscription fees that are extremely affordable and not on a “per property” basis.  Currently it’s free for Land Academy subscription members.
All this adds up to easy posting, great presentation, and convenient, frequent sales.
We are excited to deliver this solution for land investors internationally.
Check it out HERE
Current Member Updates
1. New Printer Information coming 1/13/17. That’s tomorrow! All members/Data2DoorStep/monthly subscribers will get an email tomorrow with instructions and a link to access our new printer, Letterstream. And the best part? ALL MAILERS COST ONLY 49 CENTS! Whether it’s 100 or 10,000 sent, still $0.49 each. Includes: paper, printing, envelopes, postage, mail merge, previews, and more. And fast (sometimes within 24 hours) submission to mailing turnaround.
2. Land Pin Approval Time. Most postings are approved same day when submitted during business hours. Postings submitted after business hours are traditionally approved before noon the following business day. Postings in “draft” mode are awaiting changes from the vendor/seller. Postings in “pending approval” mode are awaiting Land Pin administrator approval. Questions? Email
3. DealBoard Protocol. The DealBoard is a great venue for partnering with other members, getting possible investors, giving deals to other members, and taking advantage of deals that Land Academy is going to pass on. It is not for selling your property. Property can be sold through the Platinum Sellers Club list or on LandPin. Any postings submitted to the HootBoard containing land for sale will not be approved. Also, please follow the instructions within the postings on how to best contact each member for more information.
4. Message Center and FAQ. Please make sure you are utilizing the Message Center and theFAQ prior to emailing Land Academy. The Message Center will have all updates on new products and release dates, changes in the member call, and any other important announcements. The FAQ is being constantly expanded, and has a wealth of information on many topics that pertain to you.

5. Funny “Hate” Calls. We all get a kick out of some of the crazy responses received from our offers and thought it might be funny to share transcriptions (edited for ratings, of course – ha ha). Please feel free to send your funny ones to and we will share some in upcoming newsletters. And please let us know if you ended up buying from the seller because we all know that happens!

Tip of the week: GREAT headlines sell property. If a buyer is not intrigued with your headline describing your For Sale property, they will scroll down to another posting. Make your headline/title great! (Help on this coming in next week’s newsletter.)
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