How to Make Land Selling Fun (LA 1102)

How to Make Land Selling Fun (LA 1102)


Steve Butala:                      Steve and Jill here.

Jill Dewitt:                           Hi.

Steve Butala:                      Welcome to the Land Academy Show, entertaining land investment talk. I’m Steven Jack Butala.

Jill Dewitt:                           And I’m Jill Dewitt, broadcasting from sunny Southern California.

Steve Butala:                      Today, Jill and I talk about how to make land selling fun.

Jill Dewitt:                           Doesn’t this sound hilarious? Is that possible? Who does that?

Steve Butala:                      Is there a fun metric?

Jill Dewitt:                           I’m trying to think of another product that someone say, “How to make selling toilet paper fun?” And actually, by the way, they did that. Remember those funny ads where they send you in the bathroom and you come out. They send you in with those wipes for your bathroom and you come… Do you remember this?

Steve Butala:                      Everything I’ve ever read about being in front of a camera or a microphone says you’re either going to be one of those people who does that toilet humor or you’re not.

Jill Dewitt:                           Oh, I didn’t even think about it. I’m just saying like, yeah, we are G rated. We’re not E, explicit. But I’m just laughing about we can make anything… You can make anything fun, you know, including selling lands. I was going to talk a little bit about, let’s get in a happy place everyone, and then we’ll talk about how it applies to what you’re doing.

Steve Butala:                      I have a lot to say about this.

Jill Dewitt:                           I’m sure you do. There’s always one.

Steve Butala:                      Before we get into it… Yeah, there’s always one, and there’s only two of us.

Jill Dewitt:                           Yep.

Steve Butala:                      Before we get into it, let’s take a question posted by one of our members on the online community. It’s free.

Jill Dewitt:                           Bryan asks: so I got my first mailer out. Yay. And I got a return email today from a realtor who was apparently a trustee to an estate of one of the mailers I sent out. He said that he actually has four parcels and interested in making an offer… And I would be interested in making an offer on all four of these in the estate. So I offered about $2,100 on a 5.5 acre parcel. He also has a 5.45 acres, a six acre, and a 10.6 acre parcel. I was trying to come with a plan for a full offer on all four parcels. He’s interested at $385 an acre. I love that. Whatever. So I was thinking about coming in at 223 or 250 for all 27 acres.

Steve Butala:                      Oh, good. A plus.

Jill Dewitt:                           Any thoughts or suggestions? I emailed them back to see what ballpark he was in. So I will see if he jumps off first on an offer. But in the meantime I wanted to get my price together.

Jill Dewitt:                           One thing I have to say is I do… Not to pick on this community but it seems like a lot of people in that line of business… Not our line of business. The person that… Your seller’s line of business. I was going to read that in a second.

Steve Butala:                      We don’t need to. I’m just going over..

Jill Dewitt:                           Oh okay.

Steve Butala:                      Because you’re covering it. You’re doing a perfect job.

Jill Dewitt:                           All right. They have a different mindset. They want to reset the market. They want to get max pro dollar because they get, you know, which makes sense. Your a realtor. You want me to sell your house. I’m pretty sure you’re coming to me for help to make it look good, staged right. So you get the best price and the most money out of it. That’s kind of my way of thinking. Well that’s not our way of thinking. You know? And I honestly, I wish realtors would come to me and asked me that. I wish the realtor would say, look, do you want to sell tomorrow and get a good price? You want to sit for six months and I’ll get a better price? Because you know what? I think everybody would answer that differently and go, oh, thank you. Thank you for saying that.

Jill Dewitt:                           So that’s my first thought is this may not go very far at all because if you’re off by $100 an acre, that could kill the deal for them. And that is fine. But I would come out back with just whatever you think is good, put together what you think. Like here’s what I think, what I like to do. I like to put together a price for the property. I think that one, I can sell it for this. I think this one, I can sell it for that. And then lump them all together, and shave a little bit off of it even, and then give them that big round number. And let them divide it up however they want to divide it up. And then if they like it, great, move on. If they don’t like it, say okay, hey I wish you all the best. That’s my highest and best offer and if you change your mind in 30 days, I’m still going to be here. Let me know.

Jill Dewitt:                           And that’s how I would-

Steve Butala:                      I have a couple of points. Number one, the good news is that they responded really quickly to your letter and it seems to me that they’re interested in doing a transaction with you based on convenience and not price. So I would… If this exact situation happened to me, this is what I would do. Take the offer, see if I want to buy that piece of property for 385, if it looks okay, it’s an in place… Well,, you already kind of sent letters out and sit in that place because you want to buy property there anyway. Good. Look up the other four properties on parcel fact really quickly, three or four properties, and decide whether or not they have access or that they’re interested in that.

Steve Butala:                      And then very, very quickly, again, I wouldn’t spend more than 15 minutes on this whole thing. Maybe 10. Come up with a price per acre, let’s say three 85 for all the properties combined and probably cut to close two in a half. Not maybe so much and half. Closer to 200 to 250 and give them a price. So if that ends up being $20,000 to $22,000 if my math is right, it’s 22,000 bucks and then I would call the person back really quickly and say, it seems to me that you’re really interested in doing a transaction with us out of convenience, not so much out of maximizing price. It’s a trustee sale. Congratulations. That’s how we do business, too. We can put this thing whole thing together for you in three days.

Jill Dewitt:                           Love it.

Steve Butala:                      And Jill’s exactly right. What she said was real estate… She said it in a very nice way, but I’ll clarify. Real estate agents, lawyers and trustee people, they all want to go back and forth and they want this to have a big transaction and maximize price, whether it’s up or down, and that’s just not… It’s going to really slow you down in your career. Congratulations. By the way, your first mailer worked.

Jill Dewitt:                           Exactly. And then you know what, Bryan don’t, don’t spend a lot of stress… Don’t stress over. If they say no, move on. Who cares? And you’d be surprised, she might come back. It might be two days from now, it might be two weeks from now and might be two months from now.

Steve Butala:                      It’s hard for new people to understand. They’re not going to sell you these properties because… They’re not going to choose to sell or not sell these properties based on price. They’re going to either, you know, and this is why Jill does so well in this environment. They just love doing business with her. So price just ends up being secondary. Jill’s a world-class salesperson, and it has nothing to do with the a hundred dollars an acre. It doesn’t matter. They just it when they know it’s her on the phone and they see that she’s calling, they want to talk to her. And it’s so it becomes… And Jill makes, number two, Jill makes it very convenient. And quite honestly, so do I. You know, I’m convenience. And Jill’s like the star when it comes to these real estate deals and between those two talents, you know, they’re going to sell you the property, or they’re not. And if they’re not, it’s because they’re actually… Their price? They’re going to sell on price. And that’s not how we do it.

Jill Dewitt:                           And they might die with it. Seriously, that happens. You know, I hate to say it, but, there you go.

Steve Butala:                      Today’s topic: how to make land selling fun. This is the meat of the show.

Jill Dewitt:                           That reminds me something funny. Speaking of dying with it, years ago, you and I went after a website. Remember we were trying to get… We have right? We were trying to get Well, turns out there’s this woman, because I reached out and talked to her. We had emailed back and forth transactions trying to make an offer to get Jack and Jill.

Steve Butala:                      There’s this woman-

Jill Dewitt:                           Right?

Steve Butala:                      How many times have we all said that?

Jill Dewitt:                           She’s clearly stuck on the price and it’s so funny because she wouldn’t budge. She wants like $65,000 for this website and all I could think is, well, I hope it’s in will. We’ll pass that down to your kids because it’s probably going to… You’re going to still have it when you pass on. You’re not going to get $65,000 for it. And I was making a good offer. I’m not going to pay $65,000. I don’t want that bad. And then the other thing was do not let that expire. You know, you better stay on your renewal.

Steve Butala:                      That’s what’ll end up happening.

Jill Dewitt:                           Yeah. Somebody’s going to grab it and then I’ll buy it for them for $10. So, if we still want it. But it was just so funny. People just hang on to things. It’s their… They’re really not here to sell. They’re here to… It’s their… Prove a point, you know, stubbornness and it’s kind of-

Steve Butala:                      It’s ingrained in our culture and it’s not just the American culture. If you really look all over the world, negotiation and price maximization in sales is ingrained in everything.

Jill Dewitt:                           Isn’t that true.

Steve Butala:                      And I choose to stay out of it.

Jill Dewitt:                           Well not only that, it’s funny you say that. This ties into this, too, about selling and land and buying things. It’s not just people want to sell it for the highest price. People want to say, I bought it for that. You know, I’ve heard people say, I spent X amount on that car. Who wants to walk around? Right? Isn’t that funny? I spent X on that watch. Think about it. And it’s true. I’m like I said, I don’t understand that way. You know-

Steve Butala:                      We’ve all met people like that. All of us.

Jill Dewitt:                           I think that’s true.

Steve Butala:                      Some of us have married people like that.

Jill Dewitt:                           Exactly.

Steve Butala:                      I’m not one of them.

Jill Dewitt:                           Okay. All right. So I wanted to talk about… I think this is a funny topic. I hope you think this is a funny topic. How to make land selling fun. It’s really two parts. One is are you having fun? And number two, how it relates to selling land and everything else.

Jill Dewitt:                           So do you want to ask me some questions?

Steve Butala:                      Are you having fun buying and selling land?

Jill Dewitt:                           I am.

Steve Butala:                      After all these years, huh?

Jill Dewitt:                           You know what?

Steve Butala:                      That’s amazing to me, Jill. Honestly.

Jill Dewitt:                           That’s one thing-

Steve Butala:                      It’s a huge compliment.

Jill Dewitt:                           Thank you. Well, you know, I got to tell you something just happened yesterday. I was in the office, a call came in from someone who just got our House Academy ebook yesterday. I looked him up. He said he found us back in 2017, was thinking about land, but he’s been flipping houses. And he said the reason it’s come to us now, two years later, is because he’s having trouble. He’s like finding houses his way is drying up. It’s like I’m having a hard time. Like we can help you. He said, I know you can. So anyway, I was walking by and you would think I would be tired of this, but I’m not.

Jill Dewitt:                           I’m like, I hear somebody new on the phone and all of a sudden it gets me excited. I’m like, Amy, give me the phone. She’s like, hold on, there’s somebody here. Right? And I just get right on the phone and it was really cool to talk to this guy. It’s like, oh my gosh, I’ve been listening to you guys for a long time. I’m like, well, we’re still here. Welcome back, kind of thing. But it’s still fun for me and I think it’s because, you know what? It’s my mindset, and I’m going to talk a little bit about that.

Jill Dewitt:                           So I’m reading this book and I think it’s so flipping funny. It’s written by a girl, for girls. So I’m not here. I don’t know her. I just picked it up. The title cracked me up. It’s called Bitch, Don’t Kill my Vibe.

Steve Butala:                      There goes our rated G rating.

Jill Dewitt:                           Sorry. Okay. B-blank-T-C-H. Sorry.

Steve Butala:                      I’m just joking.

Jill Dewitt:                           Is that bad?

Steve Butala:                      No. It’s okay. It’s totally fine.

Jill Dewitt:                           I’m sorry. Anyway-

Steve Butala:                      This is a show number 1100 and something and it’s the first word that we’ve said that possibly can be construed as negative. So, no. You’re good.

Jill Dewitt:                           I think we’re okay. But anyway, I picked up this book because, I don’t know why. I just caught my eye on like, oh this is funny. Whoever wrote this book. And it’s not a real thick book, which made me happy too. I’m like, oh this is going to be a quick like afternoon read. So I’m like, I want to see what this person has to say. I think it’s kind of funny. And I got in this book, I’m like, you know what, this is good stuff for all of us to hear and all this to be reminded of. And the very first chapter starts out talking about… You know, it’s important to me because I talk to a lot of people, I do a lot of consulting calls, and a lot of people are mentally stuck. It’s not anything about how to buy the land, how to send out mailers, how to price it, how to pick a county, answering the phone, setting up my website. That’s traditionally not a lot of what’s going on right now, that’s holding people back. It’s their mental mindset and just getting going and making that shift. So I thought all right, this is important. I want to talk about this.

Jill Dewitt:                           Like you’re just sitting there smiling. You’re so very cute. You can interject anytime and ask me questions.

Steve Butala:                      No, I think that you’re doing a great job. I have a ton of to say about this and and about having fun at work.

Jill Dewitt:                           Okay. Well-

Steve Butala:                      I was raised in the Midwest and you were raised in California and I’m going to counterbalance this when it’s appropriate.

Jill Dewitt:                           Okay. Well this is good. A lot of this is…. The first part of the book talks about biology and I don’t know if I’m saying it correctly, how everybody says it, but synapse.

Steve Butala:                      Yes. Synapse.

Jill Dewitt:                           Okay, thank you. And it really talks about your brain is going to naturally structure itself to go to the lazy path. For example, let’s call a spade a spade. We are hardwired to be a little bit pessimistic and a little bit reserved and cautious back to caveman time. Otherwise, if we didn’t walk out of the cave and worry that a lion might eat us.

Steve Butala:                      Or a tetradactyly.

Jill Dewitt:                           Exactly.

Steve Butala:                      I prefer a tetradactyly.

Jill Dewitt:                           All right. You want to say a tetradactyly. Whatever.

Jill Dewitt:                           So if we weren’t programed, that we wouldn’t survive as a species. Check. All right, we can all wrap our heads around that one.

Jill Dewitt:                           Now this is funny because our windows are getting washed right now. You’re going to see it’s hilarious. So that’s what’s going on.

Steve Butala:                      So if you’re `not interested in what we’re saying-

Jill Dewitt:                           It’ll be funny in a minute.

Steve Butala:                      … It’ll be interesting to watch window washing.

Jill Dewitt:                           What’s going on behind us. So, yeah, you can just tune out to every word I’m saying right now.

Jill Dewitt:                           All right, back to this. But our brain is naturally lazy and it’s triggered… Basically it goes to the easiest thought. And we’re naturally go to these negative thoughts. I’ll fast forward because I can tell them losing your here. So anyway, if you are having negative thoughts and you find yourself having more and more frequently negative thoughts, it’s totally normal. You’re not crazy. It is going to happen. Your brain just does that. And then… Well, that’s great, Jill. How do I fix it? Well, it takes time.

Jill Dewitt:                           You know, and we joke about this because I do wake up happy. I am having a good time. I do think selling land is fun, but you know, has it always been this way? Probably. Has it always been… Did I ever have to not work at this? No. I have to work at it, too. I have to wake up every day and there’s a little part of me… I mean I just like you, I can wake up and be pissed off at life, or I can wake up and be happy at life. My mom would say that. You can laugh about it or cry about it. I choose to laugh about it. Period. And that’s how I roll. And I think that has triggered something in me. And that’s why I walk around always looking for the bright side of things. Even though I’m sure it makes everybody throw up half the time.

Jill Dewitt:                           But that’s just the way I am. And you know what, my life’s a little bit easier and I handle a little bit more fun. And I can use that to my work, and use it to selling land. I’m sure no one will disagree that you will write your land descriptions and you will do your work and everything that you do differently based on your outlook that day, or your mindset. If you’re really pissed off, you’re going to sit down at your desk and go, oh my God, I haven’t sold anything in three weeks. I have 10 more I just bought. I must be stupid. Why did I buy these? And now you’re going to write horrible, probably crappy if I, you know, descriptions of the properties. Yeah. It’s way out there. I know. Who would want to live there, too, instead of a positive thing like, isn’t this great? Isn’t this wonderful? Just based on your mindset that day.

Jill Dewitt:                           I can tell you have some questions.

Steve Butala:                      Well, do you think that buying and selling land is equally as fun as buying and selling houses?

Jill Dewitt:                           Yes.

Steve Butala:                      Do you think those two things are equally as fun as going to dinner?

Jill Dewitt:                           Yes.

Steve Butala:                      Okay. So here’s the difference-

Jill Dewitt:                           Well, no.

Steve Butala:                      … between you-

Jill Dewitt:                           [crosstalk 00:16:20] but, yes, it can be. Yes.

Steve Butala:                      … and everybody else. Because this, I’ve suspected this for a very long time about you. There is a situation in front of you and you were going to, what I used to call skip along the top. You’re going to skip along the whole thing and make it fun and make it interesting and consequently, and there’s huge theories to support this academically forever, for all through the 20th century, that you will gather people around. If you’re having fun, they’re going to have fun, too. If you’re going to be really super cool to the seller, they’re going to be super cool to you.

Steve Butala:                      You know, these are basic sales rules and they’ve been written in by every sales author since, you know, 1920. So starting, I think, with Mary Kay. And that’s not wrong.

Jill Dewitt:                           I don’t think it’s sales. I think it’s life.

Steve Butala:                      Yeah, it’s life. So I mean it’s… But it applies to sales because sales is life and that’s just… We’re in a sales business. I don’t care what you do for a living, you’re in sales business. Here’s the thing, not all of it’s fun. You know, spreadsheeting out why you didn’t do as well last month and why you might do better this month or for whatever reason, isn’t that fun. So what she’s done, to her credit, is hook up with me. And so Jill gets to do… Now, this is to her, Not me-

Jill Dewitt:                           Oh no.

Steve Butala:                      …. all the fun stuff, according to her. You know, I don’t think it’s fun to answer the phone. I was in Jill’s office, I think it was last week. It was Monday. And the phone’s ringing. And I’m like, oh, you know, because we’re having like important conversation about some really cool stuff that we’re doing. These new things for launching. And she’s like, hold on, hold on. It’s this special number with the land, and bang, she answers the phone and there’s a deal on the other end. And she’s entirely in her moment and in her element. And I can hear the other person on the other end of the line go from, yeah, very [inaudible 00:18:11] and then one went notch up. Oh, okay. Oh, really? Just Jill turned it around and 30 or 45 seconds. That is my nightmare day.

Steve Butala:                      So I crawled back into my hole. Spreadsheet the whole thing out. Develop a new tech product product like parts of parcel fact or whatever. So is buying and selling land fund for me? No. There’s some stuff that surrounds it that I love. And I choose to do those things and they’re fun for me. So we have control over this.

Jill Dewitt:                           Well maybe you were saying the same thing. We are saying the same thing. Maybe it is fun but you don’t like that part. You like this part.

Steve Butala:                      Right. So I think is buying, selling land fun? The answer is no. Parts of it are.

Jill Dewitt:                           Hold on a moment.

Steve Butala:                      For me.

Jill Dewitt:                           Is looking at the bank balance when someone checks out, fun?

Steve Butala:                      For that moment. Yes.

Jill Dewitt:                           Okay. Is setting up a auto pay online so it happens even faster and easier. Is that fun?

Steve Butala:                      Yes.

Jill Dewitt:                           Thank you.

Steve Butala:                      We’re saying the same thing. There’s components. I don’t think it’s just… I can’t think that you can say a blank statement like… You know, I’ll give you an example. Here’s the anatomy of a career of an advanced member and how they get to be an advanced member in Land Academy. We’re going to go way over on this. Do you care?

Jill Dewitt:                           No.

Steve Butala:                      Everybody in our group who starts out does all these jobs themselves, including me. I started out doing all these jobs and so did Jill. Separately. And joined forces later in our career. And so one of the things that happened to me was I was, I hated making cold calls because that… this was before the internet. So I devised this system. If you’re a longtime listener to this show, you’ve heard this before, I devised a system of sending faxes out overnight because you couldn’t do with email and really, internet didn’t kick in. So people who own longterm care facilities in that, my whole motivation to do that was it because I didn’t like this one component.

Steve Butala:                      I loved buying and selling real estate. That’s fun. But I did not like the cold call component. And never mastered calling somebody who owns a facility, or in this case land, cold and saying, hey, you know, I really like to buy your property. You know, you’re going to get destroyed if you do that. I think maybe Jill’s not. I don’t know. Maybe Jill can make a hundred cold phone calls to a rural property owners and buy three or four properties.

Jill Dewitt:                           We’re doing it right now.

Steve Butala:                      Right. So, well, we’re making the mail work for us. So my whole component… Here’s the thing, all I’m saying… We can talk about this for a really long time. Buying and selling land for me is fun cause I have the right partner.

Jill Dewitt:                           Thanks.

Steve Butala:                      That to this anatomy of everybody who was in our advanced group, we all start this stuff. We’re a one man show and we all learn very, very quickly. It’s like, wow, I don’t want to do deeds anymore. So I’m going to get somebody that’s real fun for me to hire somebody to do deeds out at $35 a unit or whatever. So I think it’s really important not to just say “happy day”. It’s so fun and I love doing it. When in reality, there’s no way you love every component of this. You might love 80% of the components and sub out 20%. In my case, you might love fit 50% of it and bring a partner in who loves the other 50%. Our advance dance group is packed full of team members who do this for each other. I could talk about this for quite some time. And this is a Jack and Jill show thing because I’m not, you know, Mr. Happy Pants all the time.

Jill Dewitt:                           I wouldn’t know that based on this conversation. Really?

Steve Butala:                      Something happened to us like a week ago and Jill said, Oh, that’s great Mr. Poopy Pants. Thanks.

Jill Dewitt:                           I’m over it. No, but you know, I want to say though, you look at it your way, I’ll look at it my way. And I want to end it on this. You can change it. If you’re walking around right now, if you’re a little more Eyore and you want to be more Tigger, I know it sounds crazy. You can. You just have to really work at it. It takes some time. And as funny as this little silly book is, it actually has a lot of good points in there.

Steve Butala:                      I think it’s great.

Jill Dewitt:                           I don’t know who they are. Nobody paid me anything. I just think I found it on Amazon. I’m like, throw that in the cart. Let’s see what this is.

Steve Butala:                      Let me ask you this. Are you happy with how you walk around-

Jill Dewitt:                           Yes.

Steve Butala:                      … and how you project to other people and-

Jill Dewitt:                           Yes.

Steve Butala:                      … all that? Okay.

Jill Dewitt:                           Well, should I do more?.

Steve Butala:                      No, I’m asking. If you’re happy, that’s all that matters.

Jill Dewitt:                           You know why? Because of the feedback that I get. You know what? If I got feedback from people saying, oh my God, she is like cranky and mean nobody likes her. Here she comes. Don’t be around that person. I would make some changes immediately.

Steve Butala:                      So would I, by the way.

Jill Dewitt:                           Okay. Good.

Steve Butala:                      Because I’m really happy at how I’m walking around like 98% of the time, but I don’t think anything’s 100%. I think if you skip along the top and have a happy face too much, you’re going to lose credibility. There’s a lot of shows. You have, you know, you have a a ton of, you the listener or the watcher, you have a ton of options for what to listen to or watch right now. And our numbers are pretty good. So you must think that there’s some credibility in all this based on our membership and what we provided and these conversations. Because I think there are a lot of shows and a lot of people out there that just skip along the top of everything and there’s just, there’s no meat to anything. I think that.

Jill Dewitt:                           Okay.

Steve Butala:                      I know you’ve been doing a lot of research for the Jack and Jill show. Do you know what? This is a good time to talk about this.

Jill Dewitt:                           I’m not sure. You know what, Steven, right now, sometimes, this is the Jack and Jill show. You know, and I just talked to Erin about that a little while ago. I said I’m struggling with the Jack and Jill show. I think this is a Jack and Jill show, and she’s like, I think so too.

Steve Butala:                      Just the land.

Jill Dewitt:                           It might be. I don’t know.

Steve Butala:                      It’s very… That’s not, not so wrong.

Jill Dewitt:                           I know. I mean, we really just had a conversation about this like before I sat down. I said, I’m doing all this research. I’m watching other people’s shows. I’m coming up with the things that we do great, which is most of it, what we do great. I’m finding a lot of shows that are like, this is so boring. I can’t even tell you. They’re reading a story from a script and they’re narrated. I’m like, I don’t understand.

Steve Butala:                      It’s like a book on tape.

Jill Dewitt:                           Exactly.

Steve Butala:                      But a bad one.

Jill Dewitt:                           Exactly. I know, and it’s like supposed to be about relationships. I’m like, oh, this could this be even more boring? I’m hearing about someone’s date narrated that it went wrong. Sheesh. That won’t make me feel good, for starters. That makes me feel good? Baby. That’s the goal.

Steve Butala:                      I could fill volumes with that.

Jill Dewitt:                           But so I don’t know. Maybe this-

Steve Butala:                      So what if… Let me throw this out. The title of this show right now for Land Academy is how to make selling land fun.

Jill Dewitt:                           Right?

Steve Butala:                      So the Jack and Jill title might be, are you having enough fun in your life?

Jill Dewitt:                           Could be.

Steve Butala:                      And then we talk about, yeah, I have fun at work. I have fun here. I don’t have so much fun over here. How can we make it better? Maybe it’s never going to change. That could be a Jack and Jill topic.

Jill Dewitt:                           That could be, too. I agree.

Steve Butala:                      We should try it.

Jill Dewitt:                           Okay.

Steve Butala:                      Want to do it right now?

Jill Dewitt:                           No.

Steve Butala:                      I do.

Jill Dewitt:                           All right. You want to go away?

Steve Butala:                      I don’t care if it goes over.

Jill Dewitt:                           Okay. All right. Okay.

Steve Butala:                      Everybody’s stopped listening by now anyway.

Jill Dewitt:                           All right. Go. Now you’re the lead. I did that show you do this show.

Steve Butala:                      So what’s the title? Are you having enough fun? Are you having enough fun in your life and your work?

Jill Dewitt:                           Am I?

Steve Butala:                      Yeah, that’s the title of the show. Because I’ll forget it if I don’t write it down.

Jill Dewitt:                           All right, so you’re asking me, Jill, am I having enough fun? You know what? If my answer is yes and if it’s not, if I’m not having a fun, you know what, who’s fault it is? My own.

Steve Butala:                      So this is how I see, honestly, see the Jack and Jill show going. So it’s not so much about land. It’s about work and relationships and partnerships and what we did last weekend and, you know, things like that. So while this centers around land, I mean this show centers around land, Land Academy show. It’s a real easy… You could just take the word out of, “land” out of every title, and really kind of talk about what we would do anyway, which is managing a staff, managing each other in a relationship. The great, fantastic partnerships that we have created starting with the you and I setting an example for-

Jill Dewitt:                           Aren’t we already-

Steve Butala:                      … so many people.

Jill Dewitt:                           … every hour we’re doing this?

Steve Butala:                      …a hundred thousand listeners. Yeah. It’s just all wrapped up under land.

Jill Dewitt:                           I’m still okay with that. We can talk more.

Steve Butala:                      Yeah. I don’t know why you’re kind of pushing back on this?

Jill Dewitt:                           Because I think we’re already doing it. I really do.

Steve Butala:                      And you think that focus should be land?

Jill Dewitt:                           Well, you know it’s-

Steve Butala:                      It should be in the title of everything?

Jill Dewitt:                           I don’t know. Well let’s talk more. I have to think on it. You know what? I’m the kind of person that can’t make a decision right now and I can’t… I have to think on it and-

Steve Butala:                      Well, you can see my point, right?

Jill Dewitt:                           I do absolutely.

Steve Butala:                      Join us next time for an episode called Do Low Offers really Work.

Jill Dewitt:                           And we’ll answer your questions posted on our online community, It is free.

Steve Butala:                      You are not alone in your real estate ambition.

Jill Dewitt:                           Wow. That was a long show.

Steve Butala:                      Yeah.

Jill Dewitt:                           Feel kind of bad. Sorry. I’m sorry for those of you driving somewhere and you’re still sitting in the car. For those three of you that are still listening and still sitting in the car…

Steve Butala:                      It doesn’t-

Jill Dewitt:                           It’s ending.

Steve Butala:                      Half of the… I get a lot of email about the show. And half the people say I wish the show is a little longer because I could really use more advice about X. Or they say, I wish you guys could do two questions instead of one. it Would save me more time. They never say like, the show is too long. I’ve never heard anyone say that.

Jill Dewitt:                           Good. Cool. The Land Academy Daily Show remains commercial free for you, our loyal listener. So wherever you are watching or wherever you’re listening, please subscribe and rate us. There we are Steve and Jill-

Steve Butala:                      information-

Jill Dewitt:                           and inspiration to buy undervalued property.


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