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… and we’re BACK with the seventh installment of our newsletter.

We don’t know about you, but we’ve had a lot going on lately. Live events, new podcasts, and deals deals deals.

We can’t wait to share with you what we’ve been working on, and we want to hear what you’ve got going on too! Feel free to reply to this email and let us know how it’s going so we can celebrate with you. Better yet – post it in LandInvestors or our Facebook Groups (LAND) (HOUSES) so we can ALL celebrate with you!

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Steven Butala’s Notes from the Live Event

As you know, the Land Academy Live Event took place on October 4-6 this year.

Never have I been more proud to host a continuing education event. Every person with whom I spoke expressed “getting what they came for” in their own way.

and I walked away with the notion that based on what we learned (at our
own event), we need to make changes in our land sales operation. For
me, that is the true test of the quality of a live event.

Most of us, in our professional career, attend continuing education events. We either seem to leave saying, “wow, we are way ahead of this group; no need to go to that again” (us after the last podcaster event), or “wow, we need to really up our game. I didn’t know that was possible; we need to go to this event again next year” (for us it was the Tax Lien Foreclosure event).

Academy Live 2019 was themed “what is possible in land investment.” I
believe all of us achieved this together and took away how and why to
accomplish it in 2019-2020.

Jill and I hope to see you next year.

Check out a snippet of our Q&A with the advanced members HERE.

Offers2Owners had an extremely successful month. We mailed 310,000+ letters which paved the way for Real Estate Investors nationwide to purchase land and houses for well below market value, which means Direct Mail Marketing is still dominating the market and we are seeing a better response rate than ever before.

With our support and the most competitive rates in the industry, you can get started with your mailing campaign today.

We also published a brand new blog. Check it out!

Since we have discussed all things direct mail in most of the previous blogs, today we will be talking about a different type of marketing. We will be discussing a form of marketing that is known by almost everyone who has a working email address. That is correct – we will be talking about Email Marketing.

At some point you are bound to log in to your account, check your inbox, and be greeted… (Read More)

This month’s question came from Kyler over on LandInvestors.

“Does anyone have experience with quiet titling a property in Texas? There are no other persons claiming ownership. There’s just a cloud in th title because the property was owned in a DBA. Debt Doing Business As of a husband that is deceased. The title company instructed us to quite title the property into the wife’s name. Never done this before and would love specific input and steps on how to take the process.”

Check out Steven and Jill’s answer HERE.

This month, our member spotlight is on Nick Sliger.

Nick is both a Land and House Academy member and he is – to be blunt – killing it!

He has been a member since 2016, and we love having him in our groups. We learned so much from him during his interview and during the live event and loved hearing about how he’s putting his own spin on things.

Don’t miss him talking about his backyard Arizona farm! We love it!

Watch his interview HERE.

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week only we are offering an additional 10% off this week’s list until
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You Can’t Start Marketing a Property Too Early!

From our parents selling their home to real estate agents we know, we have been the concept of finding a deal, then closing the deal, then marketing and then waiting. Its universal because no one has taught them anything else.

When you open escrow, you have equitable title in this property and there’s lots of things that you can do with it. The day that you open escrow is the day that you have equitable title. Meaning that you have an interest in the real estate now because you signed the purchase agreement and you opened escrow.

This is what Jill would do:

“So what you should be doing is instead of waiting and waiting for it to close, “I know I’m going to own it on the 10th. On the 10th I’m going to look up and I’m going to market it and get my pictures done and everything like that.” That’s not how it should go. What really should go is you should have a schedule, and I was thinking about it like this…T-minus seven should be this, T-minus six should be this, T-minus five should be this, T-minus four … and those days are up until closing date. And just to give you an example, T-minus seven would be something like we need to email a blast to all our buyers’ list with this property included and all the property that we own. And people love the off-market deal. You can say off market deal because it really is. They’ll love that…

T-minus six, all right, now I need to start to create my posting and get the verbiage down how I’m going to post it and start building the outline.

T-minus five, I got to order the, or have done and in my possession now actually, all the images. If I’m going to do a drone video, I should have that already done. T-minus four, now I’m starting to put it out there. I’m putting it on my website and plastering on social media. You’re getting the point. T-minus three, two, one. And then in a perfect world how it should go is close day should equal sold day. “

House Wholesaling for Dummies

By Erin Spence

We’ve found that there is so much conflicting information out there about what wholesaling is, how it works, and everything in between that we wanted to take a few minutes and make it SUPER easy. After all, that’s what we’re for. Buckle in, here’s your crash course on house wholesaling.

House Academy Logo

you start out by putting banner ads everywhere, putting signs up in a
neighborhood, “driving for dumpsters” (NOT DOLLARS), or sending out a
bunch of mail (our way). However it is that you’re going to establish a
potential lead pipeline – you do that.

From there, you contact the seller. You establish that the seller does want to sell you their house (nice!) for $150,000. You know that it’s worth $200,000 (even nicer!) so you’re ready to move forward. Now you have three choices, or the three types is businesses that I want to talk about here that technically fall under house wholesaling.

The first one is called an assignment.

What you’re going to do is mark it up by $10,000 and sell it to people in the market who are going to turn around and do something with it. These are the “HGTV type people.” They’re going to clean it up, renovate it, stage it, and sell it. When they sell, they’re going to sell it at retail price (read: takes a while) with a realtor. In this instance, you’re getting paid out of escrow. This is because you’re getting a purchase agreement (PA) and “assigning” it to this HGTV type person. They’ll pay you $10,000 on the buy side, and you’ll be on your merry way since you aren’t representing anyone.

Option number two is to buy the house.

There isn’t much seller contact here, you just tell the buyer “I’m going to buy your house for $150,000” and close on it. There is no realtor involved, so you don’t need to worry about fees, etc. As soon as your purchase the house, you turn around and sell it to someone in a group of people that you’ve already pre-established as credible, viable buyers with who are ready to purchase (with cash). They’ll likely already have their own team of inspectors, etc. ready to take on the property because they’re usually professionals in the world of real estate.

To see the other options and learn how we institutionalize it, read the rest HERE.

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Watch Jill talk to a seller about how the closing process works and explain the differences between a self-close and using a title company. You might really learn something – our team sure did!

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