Jill Friday Explained

By S. Jack Butala

Jill and I recently cancelled an acquisition of an SFR in the Phoenix area that we were planning on flipping in as is condition because of how hot the area is performing from a sales perspective. We cancelled it due-to-the-fact that we needed to perform a $30k-$50k sewer hook-up we discovered in the due diligence process. During the deal Jill befriended the listing real estate agent to the point of friendship. So when we broke the news to the agent, we did it in a very apologetic way to which the agent responded “I’m in the people business, not the real estate business.”

This was my inspiration to create “Jill Friday.” Every Friday on our podcast, Jill discusses a topic that pertains to the “people” side of buying and selling investment real estate (I counter-balance this with Steven Thursday where I talk about the data, technical, and organization part of our businesses).

When I started in the early ‘90s I all but overlooked the people part of land investment until I joined forces with Jill in 2009. It’s no surprise that our revenue quadrupled when she got involved.

The real truth is I learn a ton from Jill during those episodes as her co-cohost, like why it’s important to have at least a 15 minute call with a seller on the initial call. I’ve heard her befriend complete strangers in less than 10 minutes. They end up saying stuff like this to her: “I’ve received a few offers for the property in the last year, but I like working with you. If we can get together on the price, I’m happy to sell to you.”

There are even certain people schedule calls with her or “look forward” to speaking with her at the next stage of the deal.”

Jill’s approach to the people side of this business has became an irreplaceable tool in our arsenal to buy and resell property profitably. Join us each Friday anywhere you listen or watch podcasts on the Land Academy Show.