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Top Performing Members are Outsourcing to Concierge Mailer - Land Academy

By S. Jack Butala

November 14, 2021

Most of the time our staff come to us and say a certain number of requests have come in for a particular service and we create a product that meets that need. This product, Concierge Mailer, happens to be one of my ideas. Concierge Data, Concierge Mailer, Concierge Pricing, they are all the same things. So, what exactly is this product and who should use the service?  

If you follow us at all, you know we are big fans of outsourcing what you can without sacrificing quality to make your work and personal life more efficient. We really want you to focus on the stuff that makes you good at what you do, which is making decisions about buying property and how much you should sell it for. The big picture stuff without all the mechanics.  

Sure, you can pull all the data, analyze it, scrub it, and ultimately price it, while making sure you are picking the right county, or you could have Concierge Mailer do all of that for you. 

 I started using Concierge Mailer long before it had an official title. It was just me and one of our employees. I’d let him know I’d completed the red, green, and yellow test and ask him to pull all the data for a particular county. I told him what I wanted him to scrub out and then he’d do the best he could from a pricing standpoint, and I’d check it when he was done. He’d give me notes about areas to watch out for or things he noticed while scrubbing the data.  

That’s Concierge Mailer. You put your order in, it’s all custom and at the end you will receive a default pricing scenario. All of the work is done for you, quickly, and you don’t have to wonder if the work you’ve done is correct.   

We were surprised to find that several of our top producing members are now using Concierge Data. I had originally developed this product to help our members that were struggling with the data part, but it turns out the convenience of it has really become popular. We’ve got seasoned pros who can do this with their eyes closed and they are still choosing to outsource. It is all about being more efficient and focusing more on the tasks you can’t or don’t want to outsource.  

I enjoy running the red, green, yellow test myself but once I find a county or a zip code, I send it to Concierge Data and they do the rest with a quick turnaround, usually one or two days. Once I get it back, I’ll check for flaws and test for reason and maybe reprice it or certain sections of it.  

Every project has the “grunt work” that takes forever, and Concierge Mailer removes that for you. No matter how you look at it, it’s faster, better, and cheaper.  

Do you have other product ideas or areas that are slowing you down? There is a section in Discord called “Resource Sharing” and another called “Topic Requests” for existing members. That is where I get a lot of ideas for podcast and blog material, and it is where this topic originated. We’d love to hear what ideas you have for future outsourcing possibilities.  

Join our online community at landinvestors.com, it’s free! And if you’re a Land Academy member, please join us on Discord.  

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