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Top 8 Mistakes New Land Investors Make

Top 8 Mistakes New Land Investors Make

There’s no better way to success than through the mistakes of others and Jill and I have certainly made our fair share. That’s one of the reasons we decided to start Land Academy, to help make this process easier for others by sharing our experiences, both good and bad. There’s just something about preventing others from making the same mistakes I did that really satisfies me.  

Jill and I recently compared thoughts on mistakes new land investors make and agreed on the top 8 things we want new members to avoid.  

  1. They don’t go through the education entirely or they don’t trust the process and veer from our instructions.   
  1. They don’t send out enough mail or never get a mailer out.  
  1. They don’t seek help along the way.  
  1. They don’t make a schedule or don’t stick to their schedule.  
  1. They waste time trying to make a bad deal work.  
  1. They overanalyze picking a county or scrubbing data that results in no action.  
  1. They refuse to have a partner.  
  1. They chase something shiny and don’t focus on their acquisition goals.  

I know it seems like it will take you forever to get through all the educational modules and rewatching them as you go through the steps takes even longer, but I intentionally made the modules as short as possible so that our members can go through the education and then utilize resources like Discord and the weekly member webinar to ask questions. Trust that we know what we’re doing, we’ve proven time and time again that our methods work. If you don’t follow the processes we teach, you’ll likely not get the results you are expecting. One thing I’m sure of is that you’ll never get a deal if you don’t send out mail.  I encourage you to really consider how much mail you can afford to send and send as much as possible, as consistently as possible. The more mail you send, the more money you’ll make. It really is that simple.  

If you aren’t using all the resources available to you in your land academy membership and you aren’t seeking help from the community along the way, you’re probably overworking yourself and making poor choices that can easily be avoided. There is so much help available to you in the Land Academy community, you just have to ask. Stay active on Discord and make sure you are attending the weekly webinar and submitting your questions for Jill and I to answer.  

Creating a schedule and sticking to it is a game-changer. Or at least it was for me. Once I sat down and really committed certain days and certain hours to get the work done, I became more proficient and I’m now in control of my work/life balance. It’s equally important to make sure you are utilizing your scheduled time appropriately to get the work done. Don’t waste time on bad deals, we know it’s exciting to get that first purchase agreement, but all deals aren’t necessarily good deals. There is no perfect mailer, allow yourself a certain amount of time to select a county and scrub the data and then cut yourself off before you waste too much time, just send the mail.  

It’s also smart to consider a partner. Depending on your strengths and weaknesses or the need for funding, a partner might be exactly what you need. I’ve seen a lot of really great things come from LA members that have joined together.   

Not everyone is successful at investing in land. Your success really does depend on you and how hard you are willing to work in the beginning. As you become more familiar with land investing and establish business processes, you’ll find yourself working less and less.  

Follow what we teach and avoid the mistakes others have made and I guarantee you’ll meet whatever goals you’ve set for yourself.  

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