Bulk Mail Printing Explained (CFFL 320)

Bulk Mail Printing Explained

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Jack: Welcome to Land Academy. I’m Jack Butala.

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Jack: (both speaking)

We are Jack and Jill and this is the Jack and Jill Show 2.

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Jill : All right, lets get this show started.

Jack: Jack Butala with Jill DeWit.

Jill : Hello.

Jack: Welcome to our show today, in this episode Jill and I talk about Bulk Mill Printing explained. It’s Friday.

Jill : Happy Friday.

Jack: First lets take a question posted by one of our members on Land Academy’s free online community.

Jill : Cool. All right. Brandon, not Luke, Brandon … We have a lot of Luke’s … Brandon asked I have someone wanting to sell but is interested in maintaining the mineral rights. Before I call her back I want to be prepared. What is recommended? Try to keep mineral rights with the property if possible, or it’s no big deal and proceed with the deed stating that she retains them. Any issues trying to sell the property with no mineral rights?

Jack: Would you like to go or should I?

Jill : Go for it.

Jack: This is how mineral rights are conveyed and have been conveyed since homesteading property. Let’s say in the whole chain of title since homestead, there’s 10 people and you are number 9, the person you are going to sell it to in a month from now is number 10. Does this property have mineral rights? How do I know? What happens is, between number 1 and number 8 somebody withheld the mineral rights and they put it right on the deed.

It says “I cam conveying this property whose legal description is this, and everything involved with it except mineral rights.” How do you know if it was 2 or 3, how do you know the property still contains mineral rights? You have to go back and get all 8 documents. How realistic is that? Since back to the 1700’s or whenever it was homesteaded. Extremely unlikely, in my opinion. That’s how you know if the property has mineral rights. Best case, to answer one of these questions in here … I love when there’s like 6 questions … The best case is that the mineral rights are still with the property, but it’s going to take a lot of doing to find out. Mining companies are experts at it.

Jill : It’s funny, a lot of the deeds nowadays, the mineral rights, once they get taken out when someone’s keeping the mineral rights, most of the deeds stop putting that phrase in there because it’s just the property legal description. Mineral rights are not even discussed in the legal description, to find out you really have to go back. Which is a good thing we have access to all of that stuff we can do it ourselves. You have to go back and look at the deeds and see who got them and when. If you want to make it easy on yourself, Brandon, this is one of the things that we do. We pretty much tell our folks unless otherwise stated, please assume our properties do not have mineral rights. Because most of the time they do not.

Jack: For the scope of what’s going on here Jill, that’s outstanding. Just assume that it doesn’t have it. If you want to get in the mineral right business, and some people have done that and do that after they get involved with us, there’s a lot of different ways to do that. Assume that it doesn’t have any.

Jill : Do we have any properties selling the properties mineral rights? Not at all. That’s what we do. I’m buying property very undervalued to sell to somebody else because the want to vacation there, they want to put a cabin there, they want to fish on the lake and put their own tent and their own RV, or whatever it is, on their own property. That’s what they’re interested for. The people coming to us to buy our properties are not doing it because they want to go mining. The miners know where to look and they know the areas and they know who to reach out to.

Jack: Exactly. One of the things that happens, and I’m going to read between the lines here slightly, we are not here to maximize value in transactions. What? I thought you guys were real estate investors? I thought you want to make a lot of money? No. We do want to make a lot of money, we are real estate investors but our business model is rooted in this concept: we don’t maximize value. We maximize transactions. If you buy property for $1,000 and sell it for $3,000 forget about the mineral rights. Move on to the next 50 properties that you haven’t opened the offers yet because they came back in the mail.

Jill : You can just say hey, bring it in to copy us, go on our thing and assume there’s no mineral rights and if somebody buys a property from you and later on discovers they do have mineral rights it’s a bonus for them. Yay, congratulations, have fun with that if you end up doing anything with it. Jack, in all of these transactions have you every known anyone that actually said oh by the way thanks a lot, I picked up our property from you 10 years ago and we struck gold?

Jack: I was just going to tell that story. I was exactly going to tell that story.

Jill : Did it ever come up?

Jack: Yes.

Jill : Oh for real?

Jack: Yes. Somebody called me like that. And said yeah, thanks for the property I bought I pulled one over on you, it had mineral rights. I knew it when I bought it. I only bought it for 8 grand, or I don’t remember the numbers, this was a long time ago.

Jill : So what.

Jack: I’m mining silver on it right now. It was a property in Northern Arizona. I said congratulations, man. You paid 10 times what I paid.

Jill : Yeah.

Jack: I guess we both win.

Jill : Exactly. Love it.

Jack: No, there’s an airport situation like that too. Jill and I sold a property to somebody and … Same situation, it was a 40 acre property I think we paid 8 for it I sold it for 20, 22, some number like that and he put an airport on it and sold it for $1.2 million dollars. He sold it for like a million-two to the person who was going to put an airport on it, and they did.

Jill : Right, and that’s okay.

Jack: That’s our business model.

Jill : That’s fine, I love it.

Jack: We want our buyers to do better than us.

Jill : Because then you have a customer for life. Thank you very much.

Jack: Exactly. If you have a question or you want to be on the show reach out to either one of us on Land Academy’s free online community. Today’s topic is Bulk Mail Printing Explained. It’s sort of like a 5 day series about getting stuff out in the mail, so this is the meat of the show. Well Jill, there’s a few ways you can get a bunch of offers, lets say 1,500 offers into the mail.

Jill : Well, I can get my neighbors and we can all get out in the cul-de-sac on picnic tables and we can hand write them.

Jack: You know that’s the one that most people use.

Jill : With the holidays coming up all the family’s going to be together, maybe that’s a good one. Why did Aunt Jill sit us down with a bunch of pens and notepads and envelopes?

Jack: What a memory for the future therapist for your children. I passed out one time because daddy made me lick 6,000 stamps.

Jill : That’s so funny. I think we just said why you don’t want to do it that way, by bulk mail is better.

Jack: Here’s all they ways you can send a bunch of offers out. You can lick stamps, which is what most people do because that is how we’ve all sent letters in the past, 1,500 of them? No. You can hire somebody to lick stamps, and I’ve done that. Long story short, there’s a lot of group homes and stuff that take care of special needs people and they need something to do, and it’s free labor. They love to do it, and for years I did that.

Jill : There’s still a better way. You use the pitney bowes thing, back then it was probably like okay, I just have a pitney bowes machine where I have a whatever discount in my office and I still think I’m doing it. You’re doing it better than licking stamps, but there’s still a better way.

Jack: Right. The best way is to hire a pro, a bulk mail pro. I can explain it, and I will explain it because that’s what this show’s about. A bulk mail printer is somebody who owns a printing company, maybe a bunch of equipment, and they also own a federal government USPS issued bulk mail licence. For the rest of us, we lick a stamp and stick it on an envelope, it costs 55 cents-ish, or no, what’s the number now, Jill?

Jill : 49.

Jack: It’s 49 cents for a stamp?

Jill : Yeah. 55 is our out the door with everything.

Jack: It actually went down, it was in the 50’s, it really did. It was like 51 cents for like 6 months and then they repealed it. I don’t remember. It really did, it went up and then down.

Jill : Okay.

Jack: They get a bulk mail license and for the rest of us at 49 cents you stick it on there, but they can do it for 30. I’m over-simplifying because there’s grades and levels and where it goes matters, it can only go to one place, but let’s just say it’s about 30 cents. Because it is, really.

Jill : I was going to touch on that real quick here because I think that’s really important for everyone to know. Part of the why it’s so special and so cheap and better going through this person, they get better rates that even won’t go get. This discount is sorted and dropped a special way based on the states, and all that good stuff for the post office. So there’s a lot of work that goes into it to get the rates down that low that we don’t want to do because we’re not printers.

Jack: Yes, so the post office rewards a bulk mail organization like this with the license, they reward them by cheaper rates based on how they get it to the post office and how it’s bundled up. If you send out 600,000 letters and half of them are in one zip code and it’s bundled up properly … Do you really want to learn all this?

Jill : Exactly.

Jack: No. You want to trust somebody like us, who’s already done it all wrong to do it for you. Yes, they are very rewarded for doing it properly. Then in fact you, to make that enticing for an organization like ours, where the bulk mail printer that we have an agreement with, to make that enticing we offer lots of other services. Like, hey we’ll do you’re mail merge for you. Or, just submit it into this format and we can take care of the rest. That’s a huge, huge issue. We’re going to throw in the paper for free. We’re going to throw in the envelopes for free, and on and on and on. Go ahead.

Jill : Not only that just think of the cost of the printing. Your printer, your ink, your paper, all the things that because they’re buying in bulk-

Jack: Your time.

Jill : And your time. They’re pros. It would take us hours and days to do what they can do in an afternoon, to do thousands and thousands.

Jack: You’re a deal maker. You want to spend time doing deals, not this stuff.

Jill : It just pays to do it.

Jack: Then finally, this is a huge benefit to using a professional company … This is not a commercial. Use whatever bulk mail printer you want, just don’t do it yourself. That’s my whole point here. What happens at the end is they run your list that you’ve generated from your own data through software that’s directly tied into the USPS, the post office’s database. If there’s a mismatch you don’t spend that 40-

Jill : That 40 cents.

Jack: There’s no such thing as undelivered mail any longer. Return to sender? With software like this it does not happen. There might be one or two out of 1,500, but … I decided to do this show because I was answering some questions in Facebook and in our community and they’re getting all these letters back. I said I’m sure that you’re not a member and using our stuff because you should never be getting any … You’re saving so much money … I can’t express this enough, you’re saving so much money and time and efficiency by using a professional company. It’s cheaper.

Jill : Jack, you just touched on it. That’s the whole point. The people that you and I are talking to, you’re more on this conversation, that are getting things returned and they’re not valid, and I was way off on this … It was a to b to c, they were thinking they were saving money and they’re not.

Jack: Right.

Jill : So the energy that went into this and that, and here’s the end game. Even if you don’t look at it like I’m getting it returned at least I know, but the results are I’m getting a much lower percent of good properties to choose from. That’s the reality, I’m not messing around here. I’m here to make some money, this is not a hobby.

Jack: Yeah.

Jill : I’m not here just to have fun. I am having fun, but you know what I mean. I’m here to really make some money, not just because I’m bored I feel like writing 1,000 letters today. No.

Jack: You must be really bored.

Jill : Exactly. No. I’m here to make some money, and do it right.

Jack: Right. You’re going to pull a list out of a database anyway, you’re going to look at a basic document, the templated document that everybody wants to get. Now you’re standing there looking at these two documents, you have a choice. You can buy a printer. Go to the store and buy reams and reams of paper. You can buy some extra toner because you’re going to need it. You can buy some envelopes with the window in it, make sure they’re the right ones, make sure it’s all lined up. You can deal with printing all those out, then stuffing them in an envelope. Then you have to go get some stamps. Okay, do you want to do any of that? You should just stop it right there, right when you have that data set and a template, and send it to the pros. It’s going to be cheaper than the price of the stamp even. Forget about the paper, the toner and the time.

Jill : And your family and your neighbors will love you. Instead of assembling them in the cul-de-sac and making them go to work, you’re going to send them in the cul-de-sac and you’re going to have a party.

Jack: Right.

Jill : How’s that to wrap that up?

Jack: I made a mistake one time. We sent out a huge mailer one time, this was a lot of years ago I thought we were going to save a bunch of money, I’m going to go get a bulk mailer licence myself, get a printing thing and we’re going to save some money. When I really did the math on how heavy this would be when I was done, like weight, I needed a semi to get it to the post office. Literally, I needed a semi.

Jill : My last comment is we have one of our members who does a lot of mail and he thought he would do this himself. He really bought it and he took … Two weeks later he’s got photos for all the members anybody want to buy this printing machine off of me? He got of the special folding, big … Because we looked at that, you and I.

Jack: You’re right.

Jill : This is one more example of where you and I are saving everybody because by golly we thought about it. Jack and I have enough people in our world that we thought about “hey, maybe we’ll set up a special area in our office and we’ll put a big commercial size printing machine in here and we’ll run it though ourselves, then we’ll do that.” Then we sat and did the math and we said we much be crazy.

Jack: Yeah.

Jill : Even as much as we send out and all of our people, which are tens of thousands of offers a month, we’re not doing it.

Jack: It was 80,000 last month.

Jill : There you go.

Jack: 80,000 offers in our group went out last month all over the country.

Jill : Exactly, and we’re like we’re not doing that.

Jack: It’s not the business we’re in.

Join us in another episode where Jack and Jill discuss how to use information, that’s me.

Jill : And inspiration and keep all you’re friends, that’s me.

Jack: And keep your kids out of future therapy.

Jill : We use it everyday to buy property for half of what it’s worth and sell it immediately.

Jack: You are not alone in your real estate ambition. You’re hilarious.

Jill : Thank you. I was thinking about this morning the … Sitting there where you put us at breakfast looking out the window at the people driving by and even though it’s Friday you can just see this look on their faces as they’re commuting to work. It was like 7:30, 8 in the morning here we are sitting in a cute little dining room.

Jack: I felt guilty a little bit.

Jill : I don’t.

Jack: Well you’ve come a long way, lady.

Jill : I do. I’m over it now. I kind of did in the beginning now I’m like eh, whatever.

Jack: Really?

Jill : Yeah. You know why, Jack? Because you and I work really hard and sometimes I feel like I’m spoiled.

Jack: I’m never sad or angry at work though. Are you sad or angry?

Jill : Oh, gosh no.

Jack: I can see the sad and anger-

Jill : I get sad and angry at things going on at work but not about our work.

Jack: I just saw these people driving and it’s like, they look sad.

Jill : Yeah. They look frustrated and tried and just worn out. It was cute because we make the comment … Well it was funny is I though I wonder if we’re going to see our neighbor drive by and then you politely said oh I hope we don’t see our neighbor drive by because I don’t want her to feel bad. She might not … Ya know?

Jack: She won’t look at us in here having breakfast and talking-

Jill : And say oh how great. She might ride by and flip us off.

Jack: Exactly. Like I would duck down for that.

Jill : Exactly. Oh no, there she is, duck. Love it.

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We are Jack and Jill and this was the cash flow from land show.

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