2017 Goals

2017 Goals:
As we wrap up 2016, we want to first say THANK YOU to all our wonderful members and partners. We are looking ahead to 2017 and happy to share some of our upcoming goals and projects:
1. Landpin.com  It’s coming soon! As we prepare to become the leading website for buying & selling rural land, our former site Landstay.com will be renamed as Landpin.com. In phase 1, all current Land Academy members will be able to post their properties for FREE. Later in the year we intend to allow non-members to pay to post properties, at a fantastic, reduced rate.
What’s the big difference between Landpin and Landwatch?
As land people ourselves, we truly understand the best way to post and sell property.
There is a large, planned marketing budget to drive traffic and ensure Landpin properties reach the right people. Plus easy links to post properties on social media sites and share all over the internet. We are very excited!
2. Land Academy Dashboard. Our members will have a central location to log in and access member tools, track/post properties, launch mailers, complete engineering tasks, and much more.
3. Affiliate Program. From the dashboard, members will be able to link to personal websites, track sign ups, and monitor payment distributions.
4. Land Academy Member Cap. Once we hit 250 (expected soon), we will be closing silver level enrollment and creating a wait list. Jack and Jill are committed to keeping our group to few, elite, ambitious investors. Read our mission statement for more.
5. Land Academy Publishing. Jack and Jill have conventional books in the works.
Mission Statement
CASH FLOW FROM LAND Upcoming Podcasts
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Current Member Updates:
1. Weekly member calls: Last one for 2016! 12/22 at 3pm MST/5pm EST. No call 12/29. Have a great week!
2. FAQ & New Member Guide. Please be sure you are exhausting your resources before contacting the staff. Lots of great information, with no wait time, and frequently updated. For an updated new member guide, please email: support@landacademy.com
3. Platinum Seller’s Club. Are you remembering to post on our list that goes out or our 18 year old buyer list? This week the list had more than 1,100 available properties and our buyers love shopping right from the list.
How to Convey a Property in a Trust
Sample Trust Articles Showing Trustees
Think of a trust like an LLC, or another entity that is allowed to hold an asset like property. That means that like a company, you first need need to confirm who is legally permitted to sign for the trust, which is the “trustee”. That is the person(s) you want to be in contact when finalizing a purchase as they will be signing the deed and completing the transaction.
As illustrated in the image, some trusts have a list of trustee successors and will outline the circumstances in which they will move into trustee position.
To confirm, you will request a copy of the trust document. This does not need to be recorded with the deed. We request and retain copies of trusts for our records.
When ready to covey ownership (you are buying the property and have the trustee ready and able to sign), you will complete the new deed with the exact grantee wording from the vesting deed. (The vesting deed is the last recorded deed.) If the current grantee is The Smith Family Trust of 1988, then you will show The Smith Family Trust of 1988 as the grantor and you/your business as the grantee.
For the signature block, it will look something like this:
John R. Smith, Trustee, The Smith Family Trust of 1988
*Remember if you are unsure or anything is unclear, please either consult with an attorney or simply close through escrow. And if this is a transaction of more than $5,000 – we would be going through escrow as well.
Tip of the week:  Don’t just “option” property. Save up if you are out of acquisition funds. Strive to “option” less that 10% of your inventory and save those deals for the really big ones or special properties where you and the seller simply do not agree on the purchase price. You don’t want to spend too much time babysitting those sellers to make sure they are still in. Much easier to own the asset outright.
Note from Jill
As we wrap up 2016, I want to take a moment for some personal “thank yous”…
First I want to thank Erin, our senior manager, for her commitment and dedication to our entire staff and members. Erin’s energy and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done, has directly, positively impacted our business and all our members’ success.
To Scot, our tech/web master, I want to thank you for re-joining our team and working around the clock (some nights!) to get our websites running smoothly and lead us into the next phase of great technological schemes Jack has planned.
To our members, Jack and I would not be here without you. With your help, we have created the best, loyal, driven, group of ambitious investors and we look forward to more success alongside you. 
And to Jack, it is hard to put into words the appreciation I have for all you have taught and shared with me. I love this group, I love our business, and I love our life. Thank you.
Sincerely, Jill DeWit