Replacing Yourself by Job Description (LA 1046)

Replacing Yourself by Job Description (LA 1046)


00:00                                     Steven Butala here. Hi. Welcome to the Land Academy show, entertaining land investment talk. I’m Steven Jack Butala and Jill dewitt broadcasting from sunny southern California today. Jill and I talk about replacing yourself. Job description by job description. What real quick, what’s the very first, without thinking about job description, the job that you want to replace yourself with, like ready, go transaction coordinator. Aw. How about you? Data scrubbing. Data scrubbing. Like replacing me. Like if I did this, if I was a one man show, I would quickly say that’s not your, not your best talent. And I would sub that out. I gotta tell Ya. We’ll get into it here in a minute. That’s why we’re together. I don’t think you should sub that out. No, no. But I’d have a partner. Okay. So hold on a moment. Some questions, man, that scares me. You know why? Cause it’s, that’s my thing. I know. That’s why I have you see, it’s easy for me to say that cause I haven’t had to get that into it.

01:00                                     Before we get into it though. Let’s take a question posted by one of our members on the online community. It’s free.

01:08                                     Let me get, let me clarify by saying that doesn’t mean I’m not involved in picking the county pricing, the offers, getting into it like that. It’s just the, the meat and the potatoes. You just are, you’re, you have a Ph d in excel and you just whizzed through it and you make it look fun. You don’t want, can I change my answer? Sure. Sales. Thanks.

01:29                                     I can’t, I’m not good at that. I mean, I’m good at it. I don’t like it. I don’t want to talk to people on the phone, see if they want to buy the property or post that property on all over the Internet. Those are things that need to be outsourced, I think. And I’ll tell you, if you talk to probably most of our members, I think they’d probably say, what are you talking about? That’s the reason why I’m successful. Like our advanced members are all on the phone. And their personality is a reason that they, they’re successful. Okay.

01:54                                     So we’ll talk more about this. Nice here ongoing with that. Okay. Brian Ass. Well, I’m not exactly what you call a quickstarter. After much research and trying to figure out which course I wanted to take or if I wanted to wing it, I decided to join land academy. This is nice. This is, this is good. This is a huge first step for me. I found out about vacant land a couple months ago on a podcast. I think it was bigger pockets and I was instantly interested in it and began consuming all that I could to try and find out how to get started. I researched three other courses and while all three were less money, it didn’t feel good about them. Too salesy, too much upselling, too slimy feeling. This is so cool. But after listening to about a hundred episodes of the podcast, emails with land, Academy support and even Facebook stalking the other members for reinsurance, this is, wow, Brian.

02:55                                     I’m so happy. This is great. I ultimately decided land academy was the bass and I was going all in. If you know me, you will know. It was a tough decision to join. I inherently doubt everything too. I doubt that it work. I doubt myself doing it. I doubt I worry when I worry. I do research, but at some point you just have to stop doubting, worrying, and reading and you have to jump in. Tonight I jumped to say, I’m excited about this. This is giving me goosebumps. I’m like, whoa. I’m just say that I’m excited about. This is the understatement of the year. Pay for publicity and publicity. So good. Like I told a family member, I will either fail miserably or I will succeed far beyond my expectations. I now have a monitor. I now have a monetary motivation staring at me, at my me in the rear view to move forward with velocity and with philosophy. Right? So land happens. Wow. Right? Yeah. That’s fine. Brian Stackley. Oh, but you know where the, I always want that. That’s what I tell people. Take your time, do your research. We’re not going anywhere. You need to feel really good about it and feel good about not only us and, and our community, but this whole thing of being your own company and being your own investors, buying and selling land and

04:22                                     You have a few choices. If you’re thinking about buying and selling land from an education perspective, I’m going to name everybody who’s in this space. There’s us, Jill and I for Land Academy. There’s a guy named Mark Podolsky who takes a very, in a different non data-driven approach to this it’s much more back based and kind of a hobby approach. In fact, mark and I worked together for a long time in the 90s, and he was the first land academy member. Yup. That’s how mark learned a second year of our third year of Jack Bosh, who is a first generation American. He came from Germany. His wife is from I believe Venezuela. And they have, you know, like I like to say at the live events, you know, imagine learning a new language coming into the country, figure it all out, figuring in the real estate system.

05:11                                     So I have nothing but respect for him. But I’ll tell you his education’s very different. He takes a non data centric approach to this. So it’s all all are valuable and if, if given the choice I would get all of them, I would you know and see which ones you liked. The fact is that, oh and then there’s Seth Williams who again have total respect for, we talked to Seth regularly and he’s a great writer, great blog writer, but given a choice I’d buy all three or all four and then see which one I liked and and continue. We’re the only ones who have data subscription and subscription model and all that stuff. There’s no holes and then offers to owners we own and parcel fact and tons of support. We have a whole office full of support people to make sure you succeed. So I don’t want to make it sound like a commercial. It makes a lot of sense to get educated correctly because this will feed you forever. It will feed you and your family forever. It’s true. You’re right. That’s so good. Thanks for sharing that. Brian. Today’s topic, replacing yourself. Job description. Right? Job description. This is the meat of the show data scrubber. Okay, let me back up.

06:18                                     Think about all the different hats that you wear and all the tasks and the jobs that you play in your own business. So I’m kinda talking to this for me, this show, cause you’re talking about replacing yourself. You’re in this, you are full time. You’ve been doing this probably for a year or more and now you’re at the point where you can a come up for air and you’re making enough money. You’re feeling really good about it and, and you’re losing deals because you can’t keep up with the volume. So you have to, you have to hire help. So how do you do it? Well, the first thing is I say think about all the different tasks and all the different roles that you play from the data person to the person who goes out and does the mail and send some mailers out to the person that answers the calls and completes the acquisitions to the person that posts everything, gets it for sale.

07:14                                     You know, all the different, there’s many different roles, right? And then I want you to start by creating systems as best that you can and creating training. Cause you won’t even think about not just replacing you, but as you grow that person hiring and training other people’s, right. So you want to do videos. Thank you. You want to write some manuals? And, and we do that right? Even like right now we are in a position where we’re growing our transaction coordinator community and getting more, not just one, but more times with product type. And so we’re creating systems, we’re using air table, we’re creating our own videos and procedures and checklists and not even for us, but even for like an our deal funding for the managers. Everybody has real clear expectations about all the steps that need to be tackled in the process.

08:09                                     So do that. So we’ve got that all done. You’re kind of ready now then. What do you do? I want you to hire based on the hardest or most time consuming jobs that you complete. Nevermind, you’re good at sales, but it takes you to, you know, it takes you three times as long to get the phone calls done and get caught up and that kind of a thing. You know that there’s someone out there that will do it faster and better and probably enjoy it more than you do. So that’s how I want you to do it. And then my final note is I want you to continue job by job, by job as it’s financially make sense. And we in your workspace, you know, make sense replacing everything until you are left over in an overseeing position and you’re only doing those critical owner tasks.

09:11                                     Everybody is successful in this business. When I asked him, why are you successful, there’s one thing that that they say immediately and it’s always a different thing for me. I believe that we’re incorrect. We’re so successful because of how he scrubbed data and how we put these mailers in the kitty’s mailers in the mail and how we price everything. That’s, that’s your vets. That’s my version of what do, why do you think we’re so successful? I think ours is the people part of it. Okay. So interesting. So everybody has a different different point, but let’s take a look at a deal all the way through from start to finish. So in a preop, there’s four stages to buying and selling a piece of property. There’s pre-acquisition, acquisition, engineering and sales, right? And the pre acquisition is all me. I’m looking for a county. I’m running through why we would sir specifically choose a set of counties in a state is all rural, rural, vacant land.

09:58                                     It’s completely different with houses. So this is just land. And so once I’m comfortable with these counties, I pulled the data from real quest and I scrub it off, scrub out the stuff, just like we teach in our program and I get a great dataset and price it. There’s a, and I’m, I’m skipping along the top here. Once that happens, we send it to offers to owners, which Joe and I own on the company and it gets up, goes out in the mail and I’m done. From there, it kind of falls under Jill’s group. She has an office building full of people that that implement, what am I about to say? So the things out in the mail, we started to get responses. Someone’s got to answer the phone. Your transaction coordinator is gonna answer the phone. Or in some cases if you have a service like pat live, don’t answer it.

10:42                                     Qualify the fact that somebody for real and send it to your TC and then they will close the deal. And then depending on how you close it, there’s a lot of stuff involved. While that’s happening, it’s in a system, the engineering people, which for us are in the Philippines, start to construct html. We call it html so that it can be posted all over the Internet. And that’s a lot more time consuming and harder than you think. To me. For us, that’s an easy thing to outsource cause it’s just this short little videos. Hey, you do maps here, you do this, you did five videos, a little video here.

11:17                                     It’s everything needed to post a property for sales. What we’re doing in the engineering phase.

11:21                                     The second you, the second you own it when it gets recorded at the county, you then they push the button and schedule it and s posted everywhere, right? Then you start to get sales responses. People are interested, Hey, can you get to drive up access? I’ve got a Ford Pinto. Can I get there? Whatever questions they have, get answered by our salespeople and I get that question. I used to get that question all the time. Ford Pinto, I have a two wheel drive car. Can I get there?

11:48                                     I’ve got that one by, I didn’t think I didn’t know what the three to Ford Pinto in there. That’s hilarious.

11:55                                     If you drive a Ford [inaudible] Nope, I’m not sure you’re going to afford it even though it is only a thousand dollars. Do you remember back in the day that had real problems with those cars exploding? Yes. The gas tank was in the back. That was a big deal. So how’d you remember that? With this thing? For awhile, you’re really bored. Look, go up on Google on Google and look up. Look up Ford Pinto explosion. Yeah. And then click on images. It’s a thing. Oh my God, I can’t believe you brought up Ford Pinto. Okay.

12:34                                     Then they eventually saw, they say, yeah, I want to buy it. And then our sales team and they close the deal, right. And deeded the property to them or they close through as Caro. However. So that’s the anatomy of the deal that goes through. You have to ask yourself, you know what, in that whole chain of, of of events that turn money into real estate, into more money [inaudible] cause that’s what we’re here doing. We’re converting, taking some money, converting its real estate and turning Burdick got to more money. Right. What makes you so successful? And again, so I’m coming full circle here. I think it’s the quality of the data in the mail that you get out and how it’s priced. And Jill thinks, I think, no, that’s true. Personal interaction with the customer.

13:15                                     Well, I think it’s, it’s, I think it’s a combination because you know what, there’s a lot of, there’s times that it definitely is a quality of data because it has to start with that number one because if you get the wrong letter to the wrong person, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how well it’s priced. You’ve got the wrong person. So that’s huge. And do you want to waste a lot of money on that too? So, but then when it, but there’s a lot of things that people can solve. Like if we overpriced or that not necessarily, we never really overpriced, but say it’s really at the end of the day we look it up. It’s not worth what we think it’s worth. Cause we now got some eyes on it and they called us back. The people can adjust that a little bit. I can tweak things up, I can tweak things down. I can make them fall in love with us when they’re staring with two other offers and want to sell to us. That’s true. And I can do things like that. I can also sweet talk. Maybe I need to get something accomplished at the county. Maybe I need to get something done with title work. There’s times that the human comes in Nicola, cause it’s on my side of the sheet. It’s at the later part, so I just, I think it’s, we did. It’s all valuable. How’s that?

14:19                                     No, it’s not. Oh, okay. Posting property on the Internet is not, it’s valuable. You know what, it’s right, right. It’s valuable, but some of it should be outsourced. Posting a piece of property, composing html and posting a piece of property is crazy times consuming and tedious. True and not fun. True.

14:37                                     That would probably be the first thing that I would replace to actually, no, I changed my answer to it. That would now be the first thing that I know that I really think about it. I, that would be the first thing I want to replace. I’ll write the whole content. I’ll write what goes in there. I just don’t want to sit and copy and paste it 25 times. Yeah.

14:53                                     Fortunately for us, there’s the, you know, this day and age we’ve got all these overseas help at $3 an hour or so and staff overseeing it all right. In house staff. First Person I ever hired way back in the day, long before Gel in the 90s was somebody to just kinda do it all, do whatever I tell her to do. And that worked out for well for awhile.

15:16                                     I am not touching that. There’s so many things that I could say and I’m not going to touch that.

15:21                                     Gosh, she was mouthy and terrible. I didn’t know any better. Oh Oh

15:26                                     Guess what she does for a living now? I looked her up like three years ago. What does she do? Guess? Just get say one wild guess, but who do we complain about on this show constantly. Oh she’s a real estate agent. Yep.

15:36                                     Yeah, I got it. Cause you say mouthy and complaints a lot. God

15:46                                     Red Straight out of New York got it. Had early out in New York and every stereotype there are about New Yorkers, she pepper, she chose to perpetuate. It sounds like she found her call.

15:59                                     And you know,

15:59                                     Not every stereotype about California, I happily perpetuate that anyway. What? Like a bunch of bums doing nothing. Well, no, I, I think there’s stereotypes from California are like enjoying life. Hug everyone. Sure. Yeah. Try not to work at, you know, 110 hours. Even though the most successful people I’ve ever met in my life are in Los Angeles and the happiest. Yeah. Well look with wealthiest. How could you not? I’ve never met more wealthy people than I have in these little beach communities. Yeah. And happy. Yeah. We have a pretty good life here. Yeah. So this east coast anx I don’t know. I, I grew up in all that so I can say I don’t, why don’t they just leave? It’s like they, they purposely, I don’t know. I don’t want to get, I don’t want to get in trouble. But if you’re really unhappy where you live and though you hate the weather and it just makes you a grumpy person, leave, tell your mom you’re going to get, find a dry cleaner and a dentist somewhere else. They have them in California by the way. Yeah. Cause there a lot of people say all my family’s here, I can’t leave. Yeah, you can. And there’s a thing called an airplane and a telephone and a Skype and people back there

17:12                                     Make misery a contest. I’ve, you can literally go walk into a bar and sit down and listen to what people are talking about and they get in a contest. It’s about who’s suffering more and why it’s more valuable.

17:23                                     That’s not what we do. No, no. That’s not what we do here. Like I worked an hour today like, Oh man, you did better than me.

17:30                                     I worked an hour and a half. I’m going to cut mine down tomorrow. That’s how we roll. And some more person that’s had to commute comes in and they’re that lawyer like they’re the big loser. Like why are you doing that? And they’re like, yeah, you’re right. Why am I doing that? That’s how we’re all,

17:51                                     Let me know your time’s valuable. Thanks for spending some of it with us today. Anyway, join us next time for an episode called working with your spouse and I tried to cut that down for less than an hour a day, and we answer your questions posted on our online community it is free. You are not alone in your real estate ambition. Like today long. I’m going gonna work today. It’s already a, I’ll probably be done in about an hour, hour and a half. I’m going to try to beat you. It’ll be like six, six, maybe. If not, it’ll be eight hours. Cause I got up early really, really early. I gotta, man, I got to produce all this stuff. No, I’m not gonna do that for you. I’m happy. I like when you don’t work. That actually ties into this next show everybody. We’re going to work with your spouse. Here’s a little teaser. Okay? You better make sure that that person is happy because if they’re not happy, it’s all gonna come down on you regardless of your gender. That is wherever you’re watching, wherever you’re listening, please subscribe and rate us. There we are Steven jail information, inspiration to buy undervalued property.


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