Why HouseAcademy Launch was so Successful (LA 1048)

Why HouseAcademy Launch was so Successful (LA 1048)


Speaker 1:           Steven jewel here. Hello. Welcome to the Land Academy show, entertaining land investment talk. I’m Steven Jack Butala

Speaker 2:           And I’m Jill Dewitt, broadcasting from sunny southern California

Speaker 1:           Today. Jill and I talk about why, how’s academy, why the launch was so successful? What do you think? Really quickly

Speaker 2:           I will [inaudible]

Speaker 1:           Buyer’s ready to go. That’s what I think too. Okay. That’s exactly what I think. I think people in our land academy for things and that’s people in our Atlanta Academy group. We’re just ready to expand into a different product type and add it to their business. Is that what you mean by ready to go? Yup. Awesome. Me Too.

Speaker 2:           I’ll elaborate one way. How often is it that we agree on this show? Look at us. We’ve come a long way, baby. You know what it’s like. It’s like we could read each other’s mind. Gosh. It’s like every man’s nightmare. I’m going to, next time I’m going to, next time I say oven. Yeah. I know exactly what you’re thinking. You’re going to go spoil. I hope not. Yeah.

Speaker 1:           Before we get into it. Let’s take a question posted by one of our members on the landinvestors.com online community. It’s free. Jeremy Ass.

Speaker 2:           I’m an ex. Pat. Been living around Southeast Asia for the past few years and really don’t have plans to be in the u s for a few more than a few weeks a year. Is there anyone else here that operates from outside the U s I’d love to hear what road bumps you have had due to location. This biggest ones I’m currently predicting have to do with paying for the land. The advice I hear is to send out a mobile notary with a deed and a cashier’s check, but not being the U s I’m not sure how I would actually mail the note or a cashier’s check. Thoughts on this or anything else that might be missing.

Speaker 1:           It’s interesting we had this topic yet on our Thursday call last week, Thursday webinar and Joel answer, you know, go ahead and answer it because I am Ireland. My advice, yeah, it’s going to be very shortened and at the end, indifferent.

Speaker 2:           Yeah. Yours is very different than mine. Well [inaudible] my advice was do like this person’s doing and put a note in land investors and talk to other members because we’ve had several of their members that have done this successfully. So, and the Nice thing is you can get a, you can get a mail place in the United States like a remote nail place, so your mail looks like it’s coming and going from the U S and they’ll bundle it up for you. We’ll even open it and scan it for you. So it takes a lot of that part out of it. But there are a few things like this like, okay, how am I going to get money over there real quick? I mean you could maybe wire money. It does. There’s just some tricky issues and I know everybody has different ways that they do. I’m trying to think what else I, what else did I say about it yesterday? I already for the, there’s

Speaker 1:           A lot of ways to address all the little tiny things that need to go on in the land transaction from another country. But here’s the way they address them all in my opinion. Get yourself a partner that’s in state side and who’s close to a bank branch and cut them in on the, maybe somebody that’s retired, maybe an old buddy something where you guys have a joint bank account. And he’s, you know, understands computers and how to print stuff out and, and that is easy, you know, that is the absolute best way. So I’ll tell you. So here’s an example. I mean, I see how I run these companies could be run from anywhere cause I don’t actually do any of the real work except for like the stuff that I on a computer. So I can do this from Japan easily. [inaudible] Cause I know store the bank anyway, we did that on purpose, right? So you don’t, if you’re not there yet in your career, I don’t know, just cut the person in or I don’t, I’m not sure. It go on to landinvestors.com and there’s people there that love to help you. We do this stuff all together anyway.

Speaker 2:           Well I was waiting to see to if you had any, did you put in any, the reason you didn’t put any responses here, but do you remember any of the responses to this?

Speaker 1:           You know, I didn’t read them. Oh okay. Yeah. And I did this quite some time ago. Okay. Yeah. I’m sure there’s a lot of responses in there now.

Speaker 2:           Exactly. And, and listener, if you want to read this, you can go on the online community and check this out and see what they have to say. Cause I’m sure there’s a lot of people listening right now that are in other countries and that’s why they’re here. Yeah. Cause you know, and that’s, that’s the whole point here. One of the things about buying, selling land is we can do it from anywhere we’re doing. We’re constantly buying land, you know, and four states over. I’m never going to go see it ever. And

Speaker 1:           Even the houses we buy, we don’t go see we sub sub that all out. Yeah,

Speaker 2:           Exactly. The commercial property I’m selling right now, so I’ve never seen it. Yeah,

Speaker 1:           Never. Well I haven’t been in that state since I was a kid. There you go. Today’s topic, why the House Academy product, our product, why that launch went so successfully? Well this is the meat of the show. How’s academy in my opinion was a very logical extension from land academy. But it’s very different how we buy and price property and scrub out the data and who goes and looks at it is very, very, very night and day from Land Academy. But I think the data part of it, the data-driven concept of sending out blind offers to sue owners is very, very similar. So I think it’s sang to our current land academy members really, really well.

Speaker 2:           Well, many of them. [inaudible] It was funny. There was a large, but the majority of your members did not come over to land academy to House Academy too. And I, and it, that also makes me happy cause they’re so flipping happy with land. They’re like, why bother? Why mess with the why? Why mess with this? It’s working perfect. I’m, you know, we’ve talked to members making, you know, over $100,000 a month successfully doing just fine with land. Not Houses are like, why do I bother with that? And like

Speaker 1:           I understand it’s per deal, we make more money on houses than we do on land, but we just do a lot more land deals. And I think that’s the case with just about everybody in the group who’s got both programs, who is involved in both programs

Speaker 2:           Really. So I think that,

Speaker 1:           Yeah, so the number, the, one of the reasons I think it went so great is that yeah, we had already had a group of people already to go, they were ready for it, ready for it in their careers and ready for it. Like, oh, I can’t wait to see what you guys are doing now. Yeah. Ready for it kind of thing. So if that worked out great. Also you know, it’s not our first time. You know what, I’m serious. It’s good to point out that this is not our first program and it’s almost technically our third, cause we did the cash flow from land program. Yeah. And then we circled back around, did a revision and we added in philosophy and now house academy. So it’s really kind of the third if you will big program that we put together. So that wasn’t crazy.

Speaker 1:           And also we know how to do a solid, I’m just going to, when I say we, I’m gonna say, you know how to do a solid product, man. You thank you. You really put everything you can in everything that you can think of into our program so people really know what to do. And, and, and from the data to running their business to, you know, setting goals. You know, we have a deal funding product for houses. If you go into either land academy or land investors, you can submit a deal and we’ll buy it and split it with you when it’s sold. As long as you do all the work. And we have one for House Academy. We don’t talk about it too much. Nope. And the properties that are, we’re getting through our staggering, right. We’re buying some properties in Texas that will net each party involved 50,000 bucks.

Speaker 1:           So you know, the project really works the way that we price this. It really, really, really works. We’re buying a ton of property in Arizona right now. I think like more than 10 houses right now. And it went with a net of between 20 and 50 grand each and we’ll never see those houses and happily split it with the boots on the ground there and it’s, you know, I’m really happy about it. If you haven’t checked it out, check out our house academy show. It’s just like this. But with the actual boots on the ground where we directly talk about the deals that we’re doing.

Speaker 2:           Exactly. What else do you think that was so successful?

Speaker 1:           Was it a real logical extension of Land Academy? I really attributed to that. Like if there’s a band that you love and you buy the album, you know you’re going to buy the second one. And I think that’s a lot, has a lot to do with it.

Speaker 2:           Yeah. I think it’s so funny. As we were, we were, we were quietly doing house deals before we were going to do house academy, which is funny too. We just did because it was an extension. It was just natural for us. Right. So is there going to be a commercial academy? I don’t know. We’ll see. I’m not sure. I don’t think so. Okay, good. She’s going to be a car shadow me. Okay, good. Cause Lord knows we’ve been buying a lot of cars now how to do that. Well

Speaker 1:           We’ll launch at about three to four months from now before your end or maybe right at, you know right in January. But

Speaker 2:           That’s cool. Can we just see how that goes?

Speaker 1:           Everybody I talked about, talked to about this as like sign me up, sign me. Hey No, I’m teasing

Speaker 2:           You by the money. You know that. Yup. That’s so funny. It was fun. [inaudible] Do you have anything else? No I don’t. Yeah, I think we covered it. Let me know your time’s valuable. Thanks for spending some of it with us today. Anyway, join us next time for another interesting episode and we answer your questions posted on our online community. Found it. Landinvestors.Com it is free. You are not alone in your real estate ambition. I’m gonna say it often enough. Have a good weekend. Yeah. Shirts show. It’s Friday. It’s awesome. Wherever you’re watching, wherever you are listening, please subscribe and rate us. There we are, Steve and Jill. Information and inspiration to buy undervalued property.


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